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THE GUARDIANS Chapter 11: Darkmatter Part 2 (SUBSCRIBE FEATURE!)

THE GUARDIANS Chapter 11: Darkmatter Part 2 (SUBSCRIBE FEATURE!)

Posted August 2nd, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians


Shane Corvo


He looked so surprised at the scientific explanation of what he though were magic powers that he didn't say anything. "I was hit by a test darkmatter bomb and gained my powers, but I'm also immune to darkmatter from getting bombed," I finished, then asked, "Do you have a name?"

            "Uh yeah, Boy Da-, I mean Brandon Lorensten," he replied.

            "Do you have any wounded?" I asked him.

            He showed me, still clutching the wooden railing, the unconscious bodies of a girl wearing a fox mask and someone who looked like her dad, clearly the victims of getting hit on the head with debris. The man wore a black labcoat and an open medical kit lay a few inches from his hand, so I knew he had been trying to help out. I could see the large swellings on their heads from several yards away.

            The girl was dressed in a lot of orange and white, which was now ripped horribly in many places. Blood decorated the spots where her chunks of her outfit had been shredded out. I grabbed the man's medical pack and found some painkiller and bandaged. A lot of it had been used already.

            Injecting it into her arm, I began bandaging up her cuts after cleaning then with an antibacterial. Once I was finished, I propped her up to a more comfortable position against the wall, and not lying in a pile of debris.

            The man was in a lot better condition, only a few cuts that I cleaned and bandaged easily without painkiller. But I was worried that they would have concussions, but I couldn't really do anything about that.

            Just as I was done tending to two security guards who had survived with only a few cuts, I heard a siren wail from outside the mansion. I groaned. Now the police were here to make everything more complicated once it had already been solved. But hopefully they had an ambulance.

            I quickly holstered the pistol. No need for them to see a guy armed and a bunch of dead guys and terminated robots all around. And if they did a security check, they might find out I was wanted by the government. Already I could see flashlight beams darting down a distant dark hall that led into the room.

            "Let's get out of here!" I whispered to Brandon.

            "But what about the wounded?" he asked.

            "They'll take them to the hospital, and we won't even need to get caught up in any of the ensuing crap," I muttered. "Believe me, it can take days, and if you're unlucky, the crime'll get pinned on you." Brandon hesitated for a moment, but when his eyes swiveled to look at the lights in the hall, growing brighter and brighter.

            "Okay," he sighed, and we bolted down the stairs and over hundreds of shards of shattered glass to the smashed window. I climbed over carefully, not wanting to get emboweled on the razor-sharp jagged pieced of glass in the window, even if I could heal myself. Brandon had to be even more careful, but made it without cutting his stomach open.

            There were a few police cars and several officers around in the front, but we dodged around the brick walls and enormous hedges in the dark and got away without any problems.

            When we had gotten far enough away from the mansion that we could hardly hear the droning sirens and couldn't see the desperate flashing of the squad car lights, we stopped in a dirty alley to plan our next move.

            "Where are we going to sleep?" Brandon asked. He said this loosely, like he was used to sleeping in alleys. But I grinned and held up my arm, where the tiny remote control was buckled on.

            I pressed the button with a faint beep to show the command had registered, and a minute later the alleyway was suddenly flooded in brilliant blue light. The roaring wind from the churning rotor's of the aircraft blew pieces of paper littering the alley up in a little tornado. Brandon had obviously not been expecting this, and when I looked over at him, he had a shimmering shadow-knife in his hand, poised to kill something.

            "Stupid lights are on full power again," I muttered, quickly turning them off with the remote control on my wrist. "Relax, it's just my ride." Brandon grinned sheepishly and the dagger in his hand disappeared in a wisp of dark purple smoke.

            I glanced around the still-empty alleyway out of habit before hitting another button and making the metal rope drop from the bottom of the vehicle. When we were inside, I manuevered the small gunship up through the alley and up into the concealment of the thick dark clouds that foretold rain. If there was any lighting, my ride could easily withstand it.

            "I don't know if I should have ditched them," Brandon said doubtfully.

            "Don't worry," I said, plopping down on the lower bunk of my bunk-bed. "We'll find where they took them and go visit them tomorrow. Why do you care though?"

            "Oh, they were really nice to me and I just didn't want to run off right away," he replied, sunk deep in his thoughts.

            "Well," I said, standing up from the bed, "Its past 2:00 in the morning, what do you say?" I climbed up onto the top bunk, carefully not to whack my head on the ceiling, and dumped a bunch of magazines, pencils, a few novels, and even a loaded clip of bullets onto the floor. "You can sleep up here."

            He nodded gratefully, yawning as he climbed up and flopped down on the bed. After double-checking the computer system, I climbed into the lower bunk and turned off the interior lights with my remote control.






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Okay so another cool thing,

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Great chapter!  This book

Great chapter!  This book is so interesting!  :D


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thanx more coming

thanx more coming soon!!


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