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by pensword
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Time for POV switching lol. So anyway the introduction of ORIGIN is very important, SCROLL DOWN TO READ IT. BIG NEWS!


Shane Corvo (The Predator)


A cacophony of wailing sirens and a blaze of emergency lights greeted our eyes as we flew out of the clouds over a fleet of ambulances, squad cars, and fire trucks amassed outside St. Andrew's-Cross Cross Hospital & Emergency Room.

            I slammed one of many buttons on the expansive control panel, and the hatch hissed open and two cables dropped from the large spool hanging over the hatch. Brandon and I slid down the cables onto the roof of the hospital.

            Looking out over the sea of glaring red-and-blue lights and the disharmony of the dozens of screeching sirens seemed to sink in the knowledge that a catastrophy had happened here. I leapt down from the roof, landing a few feet away from a police officer talking quickly to a man in a business suit.

            "What happened here?" I demanded. The officer turned and glanced at me nervously, but he looked so tired that he mostly ignored my fashion choice of almost all black.

            "There was an attack here...over a hundred patients and doctors dead," he said slowly, sounding a bit shell-shocked from the experience.

            "What happened to the victims of last night's attack who were hospitalized here?" I asked quickly. Brandon walked up behind me, he was almost as pale as the cop.

            "We...haven't found their bodies," the officer replied. "We don't know if they're dead or got away or what. We don't know." Now I could have mistaken Brandon for a ghost. He looked around at the chaos enfolding around him with a look of cold fury raging across his face.

            Suddenly a blazing explosion nearby shook the very air. The shattered remains of a police car that had been hit by the flare-up tipped through the air. The officer screamed and threw himself onto the pavement and out of the path of impact. I shoved Brandon out of the way as well.

            But there wasn't enough time for me to jump to safety, so I held up my fist to meet the incoming car.


Brandon Lorensten (Boy Darkness)


I cried out in horror as the mangled shape of the wrecked car engulfed Shane. Shredded shards of razor-sharp metal flew in all directions from the impact.

            But when I dared to open my eyes to what I expected would be the bloody demise of the Predator, I was amazed to see him standing there, unharmed.

            I expected him to keel over, but he stayed standing. But when I took a closer look, I saw his hand was a bloody stump. The grotesque blooded white stick that must have been bone jutted from the severed arm.

            I gasped in disgust and terror, but Shane just turned and laughed at me.

            And as I looked on in shock, the muscle and flesh began slowly inching up the severed bone. The dismembered stump lengthened and grew longer before my very eyes. Fingers sprouted from the arm and strengthened as the bone inside them thickened to its normal size.

            I cried out in a sort of triumph and disgust, and held off the nearly irresistable urge to puke on the pavement. But the humor had faded from Shane's eyes, and he was now looked across the parking lot to see the source of the explosion.

            Several fire trucks and ambulances farther away than the police car had been tipped unceremoniously where they stood. Several shattered windows spilled grass onto the black top.

            But where the explosion had originated from, a gaping crater had eaten its way into the street. It billowed smoke like a volcano that had just erupted, and crackling flames danced around the large hole. And as I stared at it, two red pinpricks became visible in the black smoke.

            Past the doctors and police officers screaming and running for their lives away from the yawning pit, a figure came into view, walking out the smoke. The shock hit me like an electric jolt. The figure wore a black armored bodysuit and a metal, visored helmet with two blazing eye-lights attached like two burning beacons.

            A sharp, cold feeling rushed down my spine. I could feel sweat running freely down my face. It was Alpha Vesper.





So anyway I need some help because I want there to be some romance to make the Guardians a tad more interesting, but since the heroes are submitted by you guys, I can't really just start a random crush or whatever. So if you want to ship with a fellow hero (but if its a relationship you need the other person to agree) that would be really helpful!







You know how the Avengers and Justice League are part of the greater world of heroes of DC Comics and Marvel? Well, now that I'm making more characters and worlds to expand upon the Guardians, I'm making a name for the world of the heroes, and that name is Origin. Origin Productions is the full name. Expect more stories from Origin Productions soon!










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Sweet!!!!!!!!! my charecter,

Sweet!!!!!!!!! my charecter, Saffron, can be used in whatever you would want her in. yes

You can use her in any romance.

Posted by waverunner on Wed, 08/10/2016 - 11:58
You can ship the Fox with

You can ship the Fox with any guy. I actually think it would be cute. ^-^
Nice chapter, by the way! I wonder what happened to everyone...

Please read: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/colors-chapter-one-2047144754

Posted by FrostBittenKitten on Tue, 08/09/2016 - 18:41
Thanx!   Become a super



Become a super hero and join the Guardians in epic battles!

Posted by Predator-6 (Jack) on Wed, 08/10/2016 - 08:35
Nice! My character Rick had

Nice! My character Rick had a crush in college but it's up to you whether if he got over it or not. Pair him with anyone I don't mind. :)


Posted by AuthorMind(Justin) on Wed, 08/10/2016 - 16:00
Ano'i is all yours! Go ahead

Ano'i is all yours! Go ahead and do whatever you want with her. ;)


Life is tough, darling, but so are you. ~Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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Hey. Sorry for being a ghost

Hey. Sorry for being a ghost follower- I havent commented on many chapters of this series, but know that I'm following. Feel free to use my character that I submitted (To be honest I can't remember her name, but its on one of the sign up posts that you posted). Shes quite guarded so it could be cool if she had a crush on somebody, like you could make it interesting and she could be in denial, etc. And plus you havent used her yet so it could be easier but im not sure. 

Anyway, great job :) I really like the series and Its great that its still up and running. 



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