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by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians


Brandon Lorensten (Boy Darkness)


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"You!" I snarled. His emotionless, black mask stared back. I gritted my teeth as inky shadows began to pulse and vibrate in my hands. I heard the clicks of two guns being drawn and saw Shane had just aimed two flare guns at the masked figure.

            Then out of the smoke, more sparks of light appeared, hovering there in the gray. But instead of red like the first, these haunting lights blazed cold purple, green like poison, and pale yellow, each pair a different color. And the fourth. There had only been three that night that...Shadow died.

            But now I was going to avenge her.

            As the three others stepped out of the smoke to join the first, I felt deadly power blazing in my palms. Cupping them together to concentrate the outburst of power, cold like ice crept up from my hands and washed over me like I had jumped into a frozen pond.

            Then a blaze of darkness leapt eagerly, hungrily, from my cupped hands toward the four like a bird swooping, talons outstretched, toward helpless prey.

            The one with the red eyes disappeared with a loud pop and reappeared out of range of the blast. It curved through the air and suddenly, as the one with the purple eyes reached out toward it with her hand, the blast began breaking up into particles. But it kept going spinning around frantically like it were trapped in a bubble, and then exploded.

            The blast sent the three near it a few feet into the air, but instead of plunging head over heels onto the broken-up pavement, they suddenly righted themselves in the air and drifted down gently.

            I gaped, but a loud pop near me warned me to duck. A machete whistled over my head, seeming to slash through the very air.

            I whirled around, still crouched, and fired off a quick blast of rippling shadows at my attacker with the red eyes. He screamed as he was blasted off his feet, but disappeared with another pop before he could hit the ground.

            Where was he? I spotted Shane firing flares at the attackers with purple, green, and yellow eyes. One of the projectiles morphed into a rock that dropped harmlessly to the ground and another exploded in midair, a safe distance from the the assassins.

            One tiny rocket lodged onto the chest of the one with yellow eye-lights. It exploded, but the terrorist just snarled and waved the smoke out of his vision. Then he leapt toward the Predator with the agility of a panther, joining his fists together as he jumped like a hammer.

            Shane jumped out of the way and slashed with the speed of a viper at the seemingly invulnerable thug. His machete ricocheted off the goon's back and he turned and swung ferociously at Shane.

            But the Predator leapt back, and with the grace of a gymnast, performed a perfect handspring that got him out of reach of another furious melee assault.

            I saw the teleporter appear with a pop behind Shane and swung at him with one of his dual machetes, but the Predator deflected it with a clang of metal and swung at the teenager's legs. But he vanished again and appeared in front of Shane.

            The Predator grinned as he flicked up one of his flare guns with lightning draw-speed and fired a hissing flare straight at Alpha Vesper's chest. Before he could teleport, it exploded, blowing Shane and the teleporter apart.

            Shane coughed as he stood up from a pile of destroyed blacktop, spitting blood out of his mouth. His cuts were alrady closing. But the other assassin wasn's so lucky.

            His armored bodysuit was ripped in many places and blood oozed out from the gashes underneath. He lay in the grass on the side of the road, smoking debris littering the grass around him. He was obviously unconscious.

            "Another one bites the dirt!" Shane cried, slipping the unloaded rotating drum out of his flare gun and clicking in a filled one. But his expression changed to anger as the remaining three attacked as one, ignoring their fallen teammate.

            The thug that had shrugged off Shane's flares and machete leapt off a large chunk of ripped-up street, jumping toward me. Bullets from Shane's submachine gun ricocheted and shredded through his bodysuit as he sprang through the air.

            He landed and swung recklessly, and I barely got out of the way.

            I heard Shane cursing and risked a glance away from the goon attacking me to see that his gun had been morphed somehow into a broom he now held in his hand. But then I whipped back toward my attacker and was met in the face with a fist like a rock.

            I staggered and collapsed onto the ground. My mouth was full of something warm and sticky. I gagged and began spitting blood onto the ground. Waves of nausea washed over me, and darkness began flooding in from the sides of my vision.

            I gasped to pull air into my desperate lungs, and hurriedly pinched myself wickedly in order to clear my head. But I couldn't feel any pain, or any sensation at all, for that matter.

            And that's when everything went black.


OriginCon 2016??


I wondered if I should do an online Guardians convention with Character Clash fav-character voting, maybe a contest, and release extensive information on upcoming books. It would be for a few hours or so and planned in advance. I would post a ton of chapters that day and other cool stuff. Comment your ideas for what I should do and if you'll go below!

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Nice chapter!!!!

Nice chapter!!!!

Posted by SuperStrawberry... on Thu, 08/11/2016 - 13:22
Thanks!   Any CC?   The



Any CC?


The epic story of the Guardians, of Grimoire, and others yet to be revealed is beginning.

Posted by Predator-6 (Jack) on Thu, 08/11/2016 - 13:24
Well, not really. All of

Well, not really. All of your chapters have been spotless. yes


Posted by Story2go (Sally) on Thu, 08/11/2016 - 13:54
i don't think so lol! but

i don't think so lol!

but thanks!



The epic story of the Guardians, of Grimoire, and others yet to be revealed is beginning.

Posted by Codename-X12 on Thu, 08/11/2016 - 16:59
Stupendous!  Another great

Stupendous!  Another great chapter!  


Please read: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/colors-chapter-one-2047144754

Posted by adventure of a ... on Thu, 08/11/2016 - 14:27
Epic as ever. I noticed in

Epic as ever. I noticed in your more recent chapters you've gotten better at grammar, that's it. Just a few misspellings or tiny errors.


Super intense NOW! Thumbs up. cool

Posted by AuthorMind(Justin) on Thu, 08/11/2016 - 19:29

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