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THE GUARDIANS Chapter 17: Raiders Part 1 (THE FOX'S POV!)

THE GUARDIANS Chapter 17: Raiders Part 1 (THE FOX'S POV!)

Posted September 4th, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians

Sorry the chapter is so short. I'm on vacation right now and I've been really busy. But i hope you enjoy! Also, I'm working on a new Grimoire chapter out soon!!



Luna Palamara (The Fox)


                I gasped as I was dragged viciously from the frigid water. Desperately sucking air into my panicked lungs, I dared once again to open my bloodshot eyes. Uncertain images blurred past them like I was still under the icy surface of the tank and looking up out of it.

                I shivered convulsively, allowing my beaten body to dangle weakly from the chain that wrapped in a death grip around my legs. I could feel my heartbeat throbbing inside my head as I hung upside-down, blood collecting in my head.

                I was so old. I could barely breathe air into my frozen chest and my shredded and soaked outfit was beginning to freeze onto my skin. Another seizure of shivers wracked my body, shaking me so violently the chains around my legs clinked and rattled like a demonic wind chimes.

                I was so exhausted I felt like I was staring through someone else’s eyes, a disembodied mind inside a dying body, unable to react, barely able to know I wasn’t dead.

                My gaze twisted slowly to my hands dangling past my head, only a few feet from gracing the top of the water. My hands were pale blue with cold, the veins of blue highlighted against my cold skin.

                Then a wicked mechanical voice echoed through the frosty air. I winced in pain from the horrible sound that came to my ears.

                “You will break eventually. Either that, or dead will be your only release.” I mustered some strength I hadn’t known I possessed to swivel my drained head around to stare into the inhuman face of my captor.

                My vision was greeted by an ebony steel skull mask.


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Awesome sauce!  The only CC

Awesome sauce!  The only CC I have is that it should be "or death will be your only release." instead of "or dead will be your only release."  Hope you're having a great vacation!  :)


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Thanx! LOL thats a

Thanx! LOL thats a typo!


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