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by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians


I got back from my vaca a few days ago...enjoy this extra-long chapter!



Brandon Lorensten (Boy Darkness)


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I jumped in adrenaline-fueled horror and whirled around frantically as a blood-curdling scream burned the air. It was so pained and terrified it seemed inhuman, vocal cords twisting and warping to produce such a sound. It was exactly the sort of primal scream heard immediately before a hellish disaster.

            A buzzing tingle sparked down my spine as I whipped around to see Shane and I were alone inside the aircraft. And without looking out the cockpit window I knew clearly that were were miles above any other human being.

            I shuddered involuntarily, heart throbbing violently from the overwhelming shock, and at once Shane eased me into a chair.

            "Don't strain yourself," he ordered sternly. "That's a nasty burn." I nodded silently, shell-shocked. About a half hour earlier I had woken up in the bed with some sort of bandage wrapped around my chest.

            The part over my gouged burn was a stiff plaster cast that made it a little harder to breathe. It was strapped on by tight paracord bands that looped behind my back to rejoin to the other side of the cast. Shane had told me that this was to stabilize my heart. And what he didn't tell me, but I had guessed for myself, that this meant the remaining flesh over my heart wasn't quite enough to contain my blood pressure.

            So I kept the cast on, not wanting my chest to explode.

            But now it felt like my head was going to implode. A killer headache had come on suddenly, and I grasped my head with my hand against the furious burning inside my skull. Shane noticed, and in a few quick strides he reached the cockpit, where all the medical supplies were stored in a small cabinet.

            He returned a second later with a small pill and filled a glass of water in the sink. Gratefully I gulped down the pill and finished off the glass as water as well, hoping it would help.          

            Taking, a few deep breaths, I slowly calmed myself. No one was screaming. I reminded myself almost harshly that this wasn't new. Several times in my life I had been sure I had heard voices before when no one else was around. I didn't know exactly why it happened, but of course I couldn't explain how I could control darkness, or how Shane could heal himself. There was obviously some logical explanation out there, but I didn't care enough to look.

            But another thought came to me, one that branded a feeling of dread over my head as suddenly as a hammer striking an anvil. There was only one other time in my life that I heard heard a scream instead of ghostly voices whispering and laughing.

            It was the day Shadow had died. And not the day when she had been burned, I hadn't heard her final screams. I had heard a voice exactly like hers that night, screaming from down the deserted city alleyway I had been sleeping in. Vague memories of me jumping up and searching frantically for my friend in the middle of the night flooded my mind.

            But she wasn't there. I found no one in or near the dark alleyway. No one at all. And now that I thought harder, trying to squeeze the exact details from my brain, I remembered. The scream that I had heard was the scream of Luna Palamara.





            "What's the matter?" Shane asked, looking at me quizzically. I glanced down at my palms to see they were clutched around the armrests of my chair in a death grip, quavering vigorously and soaked with sweat. I realized that my face probably looked as pale and shocked. But I didn't want Shane to think I'd finally lost it.

            "Um...nothing," I replied. He raised an eyebrow in suspicion, and I tried to put on an admittedly shaky smile. "You know, almost died just now."

            "You're a terrible liar," he grinned.

            "Well, I haven't had much experience," I admitted. Being what in my mind was a social outcast didn't have many benefits.

            "Forget about that," Shane said. "What were you going to say about those goons when you were interrupted by the whole attack thing." It was obvious he'd been anxiously awaiting me to partially recover so he could ask this of me.

            "Oh, what I was going to say," I replied after a second, "was that the same people who attacked us today...I recognize them from when me and...my friend were attacked several years ago."

            "Wait, you have friends?" Shane teased, but a second later his voice was serious again.

            "Yeah...the only person who was ever like me," I said slowly. "But they're coming for us now. I think the attacks at the mansion might be related."

            "And when you tried to fry me," Shane laughed.

            "Okay, I'm sorry," I apologized, grinning. "But seriously, we almost died back there."

            "Yeah, they're definitely hunting us," Shane said, deep in thought. "In my experience, the best way to survive isn't to run, it's to dominate your enemies so they could never dare to rise against you."

            I didn't have anything to say to this statement. Shane's eyebrows furrowed as he thought. Suddenly the concentration cleared from his face like a dark cloud drifting away, replaced by a confident grin. But as he thought some more, the grin faded until the grim looked once again darkened his face.

            "I do have an idea, but it's risky," he said heavily. "It's not even something I would attempt by myself. Not many people know about it, but...a top-secret government agency called S.T.O.R.M. created a register of all known superpowered individuals a few years ago. I don't even know everyone who's on that list. But what I do know that there's a secret lab run by the military not far from here with an uplink to that register."

            "What are you suggesting?" I asked.

            "Well, suppose you wanted to know the identities and abilities of all known superhumans and where to find them," Shane answered. "Well, that's exactly the information we need to know."

            "What are we going to do with it?" I wondered.

            "Each and every individual like you and me, on their own, are a force to be reckoned with, but together, they will be unstoppable," Shane replied slowly. "We need a team."

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I can't wait for the next chapter! This is going to be interesting.

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How exciting! Please

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