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THE GUARDIANS Chapter 18: The Inhuman File Part 1 (repost due to error with other one)

THE GUARDIANS Chapter 18: The Inhuman File Part 1 (repost due to error with other one)

Posted December 6th, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians

I reposted this because the first one showed up as just a black screen. SORRY! I don't know if it does for you, but it did on multiple computers for me. SO IM REPOSTING IT!! xd So anyway, I'm glad to have gotten out another chapter of my novel I haven't picked up in a month or two. I'm going to finish it (unless this error continues). So I hope you enjoy. Especially if you haven't read it before (most of you probably haven't). I came on today and was amazed to see so many people! I'm glad KidPub is growing and I want to get in on the action. SO enjoy!




Brandon Lorensten (Boy Darkness)



Any CC?



 "We're gonna fly above it and parachute down past the wall," he told me as he seized the steering again and jerked them upward. The craft went into a steep ascend over the military base. Shane tapped another button and a screen in between his and my chairs lit up.

 It displayed the base below us in night vision. There was a thick outer wall with a small railing on top. Guards in black combat gear marched solemnly back and forth across the wall. They wore gas masks and had night vision goggles on, and held scary-looking M16s.

 Eventually a smal alert blinked and emitted a pinging noise, telling us we we at the desired altitude. Shane flicked two more switches and swiveled his pilot's chair around to open a drawer facing the other way. He took out two black backpacks and thrust one into my hands.

 "Parachute," he explained. "Pull this strap to open it." I nodded wordlessly and put it on, and tightened it. With my luck, it would fly off as soon as we jumped out. "Try to land on the inner balcony, and don't go out shooting death beams or whatever." He gestured to the screen which still displayed the fort below us, and I saw the inner balcony he was talking about was attached to the outside of the main building.

 Shane stood up and walked over the hatch, and stepped on the button to open it. A blast of wind whipped into the back of the plane. The winds swirled and swished Shane's hair heroically as he stood above the drop, gazing down through the sky. I walked out of the cockpit. Shane grinned at me before returning his view to the lights of the military base visible from hundreds of feet up.


 "Let's get this show on the road," Shane muttered, jumping out of the plane.



I smiled somewhat grimly and following him.

            At once furiously whipping wind slashed at me. It felt like I was jumping into the middle of a tornado. I extended my arms in the generic skydiver's position, watching the dark outline of Shane against the light of the base. He was descending only about a dozen yards below me.

            The light of the base grew closer and closer, larger and larger, but of course, so did the guards I knew were there. I realized with a jolt in my heart that Shane had already pulled the cord of his parachute. I whizzed past him and desperately scrambled for my own pull-cord.

            I found it after a few hair-raising seconds and jerked it quickly. At once my stomache felt like it had been left a few feet below my body as the parachute dragged me out of my free-fall. I twisted my head to try to catch a glimpse of the side of the parachute, but it was pitch black and invisible against the dark sky.

            The base was very near now. I could count the guards walking about in the courtyard and on the outer wall. Two dozen. All heavily armed. I also noticed something I hadn't noticed on the night vision monitor. What looked like several automated minigun turrets hung every few yards on the balconies and on top of the imposing wall.

            In a few minutes that seemed like half my life, we were only a hundred feet away. The base, which had looked like a tiny kid's toy house from up in the sky was now enormous as we descended the last yards. A grey dot from our eyes in the sky had become a hulking structure of steel and concrete. Doubt flickered in my mind for a second.

            And, softly as doves, we landed on the inner balcony. The parachutes were sucked noiselessly back into the backpacks. Now it was time for me to get us into the place without getting plugged up with bullet holes.

            I raised my hands and held them straight above my head like I was holding an axe and about to swing. With a sudden burst of concentration, I felt a cold, brooding force take root in my hands. I gritted my teeth and clenched my eyes shut.

            Then I swung my hands downward like an executioner bringing the axe down on a screaming victim. A deafening buzz of failing electronics dominated my eardrums. The lights shining into the courtyard and along the wall, the only resistance against the black, choking night, crackled and died, one by one. In a few final flickers, the wings of darkness plunged amongst the base.

            With a hiss of hydraulics, the thick, mechanical steel doors popped open from the lack of electricity. All along the balcony, the dozens of heavy blast doors slammed open with a clang that thundered down the balcony, and echoed into the night. It wasn't the only noise. The shouts of the unseen guards in the shadows sent an uncharacteristic shard of panic down my spine. Shane and I didn't wait around for them to figure out how to get the power back online.

            We rushed through the blast door and into the headquarters. Boots clicking faintly against the brick floor, we strode rapidly down the dark hallway. From other rooms came the muffled sounds of the operators like the voices of ghosts through the walls.

            Suddenly my keen eyes spotted a blur of indistinct movement at the end of the hall. Before I could even flinch, I heard the barely audible sound of something slicing through the air, a thunking sound, and a gutteral groan of agony. Then a body thumping heavily onto the floor.

            "Throwing knife," came a whisper from Shane. I nodded, even though he wouldn't be able to make it out in the almost pitch darkness.

            Then a humming roared through the air like thousands of bees swarming all around us. And, one by one, the lights crackled on. Shane swore, a pistol glimmering in his hand.

            In a sweeping motion, light after light turned on behind us in the hallway, coming closer. In a few instants we would be caught in the full glare of the patches of light.

            "In the vents!" Shane exclaimed. I turned to see his still-dim outline tugging something from the wall. He grunted with the strain and in a second p the something right out of the wall. The vent cover. He crawled into the vent and disappeared into the wall. I darted across the hall and slithered into the cold metal vent. I turned, barely able to in the cramped shaft, and stuck out a hand to grab the vent cover. I slid it back into place and then followed Shane deeper into the base. 

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been awhile hasn't it? Good

been awhile hasn't it? Good chapter though

Posted by Charlie on Thu, 12/08/2016 - 22:04
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Yeah it has


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