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The Guardians Chapter 2: The Predator

The Guardians Chapter 2: The Predator

Posted July 7th, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians




            A blinding light filled my vision as the gunshot lit the rooftop. The bullet stabbed into my chest, and white-hot pain engulfed me like lava. I felt the bullet stop inside me with a shudder. The assassin laughed and swore at me as I collapsed to the rooftop.

            "You realize once you're dead I'll just shoot him anyway!" he mocked, cursing again. I smiled grimly to myself as I concentrated and the pain in my chest was immediately silenced. I stood to my feet, feeling the hole in my chest closing quickly. The man at

once stopped laughing. He raised the sniper rifle to take another shot, but I kicked it out   of his hand, grabbed it before it could hit the ground, and swung it at his head. The weapon smashed on contact with the helmet.

            The assassin grunted as he fell to the ground. Fractures and two small gaps now decorated his helmet. He tried to get to his feet, but collapsed. And this time he was down to the count. I turned and looked at the scene unfolding down in the park. The Senator and his guards had obviously seen the gunshot. They were hurrying the politician into his limo whilst the crowd dispersed, screaming loudly.

            I watched grimly from my position on top of the building before turning back to the unconscious assassin. I knelt down and felt the side of his helmet until I found a small button disguised as part of the helmet. Pressing it, the helmet's visor opened, revealing the bloody face of the assassin.

            "Scum," I muttered. The man I was looking at had probably ended the lives of dozens, if not hundreds, of targets wanted by the Black Hand. I glanced at my pistol lying a few yards away, my teeth clenched in anger. But I didn't kill him.

            If I did, would I be any better than the criminals and terrorists I fought nearly every day? Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of fighting one bit. And I won't hesitate to take out someone who tries to put an end to me in the middle of a fight. But I never kill anyone who is defenseless, like the man lying before me, even what he had did was ghastly.

            I knew the police would be here soon to investigate where they had seen the gunshot. I took a small dart from a dart gun holstered to my other leg, bent down, and pricked him with it. That should keep him from regaining consciousness until the police get here, I thought.

            Standing back up, I picked up my pistol and retrieved my grabbler rifle. Then, I pressed a button on a tiny device on my wrist. I looked out across the eclipsed horizon and immediately pinpointed a pair of lights coming toward me. They grew brighter and soon a dark shape was partially visible in the darkness, hovering over me. My ride. The rooftop was faintly illuminated by a light coming from a hatch in the bottom of the gunship that had just opened. A strong steel rope with notched grooves for grip dropped automatically through the hatchway. I grabbed it firmly and with a jerk the rope shot up back into the shape flitting above the roof of the building.

            Inside, the rope shot up into a large reel right above a hatch I had just come through. I pressed a button on the floor next to the opening with my steel-toe boot and the hatch swung closed. I looked around at the inside of my mobile home. A bunk stood nailed-down to the floor in the back of the small cabin. An advanced computer system dominated one of the other walls, full of three separate screens and dozens of controls. The other wall was completely blocked from view by a massive weapons locker. The jewels of my weaponry included a flamethrower, a gun that could shoot knife blades, a minigun, and two Uzis.

            In the front of the cabin was a metal blast door leading to the cockpit of the gunship. I flicked a button, it hissed open instantly, and I stepped in and set the gunship off the auto-pilot it had been on a minute before. Sitting down and taking the controls firmly in my gloved hands, I jerked them up at a sharp angle. The gunship immediately darted up, nearly vertically, into the sky. I'd say that mission was a success. After running several scans on the computer to check for detection systems and any oncoming plane routes, I set the ship to auto-pilot and went to bed.

            Ever since the accident life had not been the kindest to me. I could still remember the rippling black explosion ripping through my town. The screams flashed in my ears as I watched the houses instantly vaporized where they stood. The swirling and crackling shock wave grew closer, until a black glow lit my vision. I will never known how long I lay there, but when I woke up I was totally fine. I was bewildered when I saw that the area had been completely stripped of life, void of the forests and streams I had always played in. There was no chance anyone else had survived.

            And then they came for me. The man in black, asking me to come with him, that I would be safe with him. I knew he was lying. But they took me anyway. I can still remember flying in a black plane through a ferocious snow storm. The wind whipped the plane and all I could through the tiny window from where I was restrained was a fury of white against the glass.

            I didn't see the outside of the building where they held me captive, but I remember everything about the room they held me in. It was round and domed, sort of like a gladiator arena. The walls were made of bulletproof glass, and I could see them watching me through it, working at computers and staring at me constantly as if I was some exhibit at a zoo. They all wore long white coats and snow-white masks. Giant machines covered in blinking dials and glowing readings were everywhere, visible through the glass. They hummed constantly, until I thought it was going to drive me insane. I had wondered if I already was insane. Maybe this is what happened to crazy people.

            But I soon figured out what had happened back at my town. They must have thought I couldn't hear them, but somehow I could hear then through the thick glass. A new kind of bomb, powerful enough to destroy meteorites before they could threaten cities on earth, had been hijacked by terrorists. A hacker had gotten into the system and launched one of the bombs. A fusion bomb. And it had destroyed my town.

            All of the scientists seemed amazed that I was alive. They all seemed to talk of possible genetic alterations caused by darkmatter. At the time, I had no idea what darkmatter was. But now I knew. The scientists working at that government facility had figured out how to harness the invisible mass making up parts of space and that is highly concentrated in the form of black holes. They had figured out how to ignite it, and the resulting explosion was hundreds of times more lethal than a nuclear bomb.

            While I was there, they performed countless excruciating tests on me. The scientists forced me to run around the dome as fast as I could for hours, to lift gigantic objects sometimes larger than me, and sometimes they kept me awake all night for countless weeks, shocking me with electricity whenever I fell asleep. If I refused to comply, they took away my food and water for three days or so, sometimes a week. The most frequent test they performed was cutting me with knives over and over again or shooting me in the foot or arm with a pistol several times. They were always amazed when I healed myself quickly, and did not cry from the pain that must have come.

            I learned quickly that I was not like others. All of my senses were heightened compared to the average human my age. I could hear much better and run almost twice as fast as a normal boy. I could lift objects twice as heavy as myself. But even more inhuman was my ability to regenerate amounts of my body so quickly it seemed to just. And by concentrating, I could shut down pain receptors in parts of my body to be immune to pain until I chose to turn them back on.

            All the time in that laboratory blended together as a nightmare of torture. I hated my tormentors with every drop of my sweat and blood I poured out for them. And then came the night when I escaped the laboratory. I remembered the guard's shooting at me; their bullets shredding my skin. And I remember the screams of the scientists, so similar to the screams of my family as the bomb went off. I remember shredding the chains and shattering the glass. And I escaped in the stolen prototype gunship I called home today, the blood of those demons still on my hands.

            After that, I've always been running from the government. They have always been stalking the boy who caused billions of dollars of damages at their top-secret facility, and caused the death of their most brilliant scientists. But mostly, they want to cover up their accident that took hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. And now, whenever a threat arises, I will strike from the shadows to protect the innocent, as I once was before those years being trapped in the lab like a freak to be studied. I have brought down several crime gangs and drug lords all by myself. No one will tortue and kill the innocent if I still am alive to stop them. And I'm pretty hard to kill.




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Name: (remember that this

Name: (remember that this super hero represents you, choose accordingly): Sky Skimmer (I'll probably change this lol)

Real Name: (the real name of your character): Hazel Penrose

Power(s): (this can just be skills, like Hawkeye, or superhuman powers): Can flip gravity. It's stronger when Hazel localizes it and weaker when it spreads across a large area. By doing this she can technically fly as well as make other people fly.

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Backstory: (how did you get your super powers?): A special wristwatch she has on her right hand lets her flip gravity. Nobody really knows where it came from and Hazel spends hours on end researching it to try and find where it came from. She simply found it on the streets one day and she doesn't want it to turn against her or do anything similar.

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