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THE GUARDIANS / Chapter 22: Superhumans Part 2

THE GUARDIANS / Chapter 22: Superhumans Part 2

Posted August 15th, 2017 by Codename-X12

by pensword
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Chapter 22

Shane Corvo




(Part 2)


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Nodding briefly, I reached for the mouse. As I brought my finger down on the left click, the next picture appeared on screen. I began carefully scanning the rows of letters.


Name: Unknown

Superhuman Alias: Unknown

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, possibly over eighteen years


The full extend and capabilities of this superhuman’s abilities are unknown. During reported combat engagements, she appeared to be able to summon incredibly powerful phantom-like forms made out of a yet unknown energy force, possibly psionic energy. In one report, this superhuman was witnessed conjuring a massive snake-like creature. The massive construct was reported as viciously attacking this superhuman’s enemies, vaporizing them instantaneously upon contact and eliminating the entire group in a matter of seconds.

The construct also seemed able to resist gravity, becoming airborne at certain periods of the confrontation. It was even described as appearing to act upon its own sentience, which under the known properties of psionic energy should be impossible. She seems able to conjure various other constructs, most resembling similarly otherworldly life-forms. These constructs are unusually powerful for being created with psionic energy, and it should be known that they may possess the same properties as the creature above.

Other weapons:

Whereas her psionic constructs are much more effective than any personal weapons, this inhuman also carries dual curved daggers, the blades almost completing a full circle. In confrontations, these weapons appeared more effective than their design warranted, and were able to dispatch armored crime gang members. The blades also appeared able to deflect bullets.

Combat Style:

In the few sightings of this superhuman, she conjured powerful psionic constructs to dispatch and distract enemies while she eliminated other threats at close range with her melee weapons. Her psionic constructs appeared to protect her and aid her like a sort of combat partner


Exact height unknown, but she is probably over five feet tall and has pale skin and bright blue eyes. Her hair is dark brown, reaches her waist, and has several small silver blades tied back into it. In all sightings she was seen wearing a black bodysuit and a form fitting green leather shirt with the top half of this shirt made of black leather.

Also seen wearing steel shin guards and green gauntlets. She also wears black gloves, dark boots, and a green and black pauldron around her waist. Above her gauntlets, she also has pads covering her upper arms, from which needle-like spines protruded. Most reports also say she has worn a black bandana across her eyes, and one uncertain report even stated that her eyes were seen glowing emerald green through this bandana. However, the sources of this report are sketchy.   


Exact location unknown, possibly Maryland state area

Danger Level:

High (this unnamed superhuman’s constructs are incredibly dangerous, invulnerable, and can easily defeat even large groups of enemies. If under attack by her, it is not recommended to stay and fight, as she is combat proficient even with constructs)

Defeat Strategy:

While sending most of your team to divert the attention of her psionic constructs, send a small number of gunmen or snipers to eliminate this superhuman. She is less proficient at ranged combat, but still maybe be able to deflect bullets with her Shaolin blades. However, automatic weaponry should counter this.


"That's pretty cool!" Brandon exclaimed. “We could use someone on our team who could summon energy creatures to eat the Vespers!”

“She sounds like a lot harder to find than that Mirage person,” I replied. “Searching the whole state of Maryland for one person sounds like a pretty big headache.”

“How could you miss a giant snake flying around?”

“They don’t even know her real name,” I pointed out. “Or any nicknames.”

“By the way, what’s psionic energy?” Brandon wanted to know. “I think I’ve heard about it before but I’m not really sure where.”

“Actually, I’m not really sure. I’ve heard about it too,” I told him. “All I know is that is has something to do with some sort of mental energy or something. I’m pretty sure its even more mysterious than darkmatter.”

“Sounds pretty crazy to me,” Brandon said.

“Well, the scientist’s are probably working on cracking that one now,” I smirked. “After discovering their darkmatter theory was true they needed something to do, right?”

“I guess so.”

        "Yeah. Well, I think she's worth looking into," I replied. "I have a few more here." I tapped the computer mouse and the screen switched to show another file.


Name: Lila Arendt

Superhuman Alias: Pyra

Gender: Female

Age: 18 years, 2 months


Pyra's body is suspected to be immune to flames or extreme heat. It also appears that she has the ability to directly control fire and heat, causing it to move and shape itself as she wills. As observed in all known confrontations, she can create limited amounts of flame through a process yet unknown. She can amplify the energy, size, and heat of existing flames as well as her own. Her flames have reached recorded temperatures of over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, upon which they are extremely dangerous and can easily melt through metals.

Pyra appears to increase in energy and physical strength and endurance when in the presence of heat or flames, and this benefit is more effective the more fire there is. She has been observed superheating parts of her body, granting her the ability to punch or kick through solid steel or stone. The full extent of her abilities are yet unknown, as are any negative effects these abilities may have on her.

Other weapons:

Pyra has been consistently sighted wielding dual, semi-automatic handguns and has also previously used throwing knives in combat. She usually resorts to using her flames as a weapon.

Combat Style:

Pyra's combat style is deceptive and highly mobile. She has also been observed surrounding targets with a wall of flame, then raising the heat of the flames so high that the victims died quickly or were rendered unconscious and mortally burned. Other strategies observed include directing attention of her targets on her while she commands flames to engulf them from behind or on the sides. She can also kill targets extremely quickly with blasts of flame or superheated melee attacks.


5 foot, 7 inches, slender, slightly tanned skin, waist length light brown hair with the ends dyed blond, also has a thick red streak of red in her hair, bright green eyes. When not performing superhuman activities, Lila Arendt's career is as a supermodel, and very few know of her abilities.

Current Location:

Unknown. Even with her high profile, Lila Arendt covers up her actual location and superhuman activities well, with the aid of suspected bribery. The last known location she was at was a fashion event in Washington D.C several weeks ago, but since then she has not been seen undercover or otherwise.

Danger Level:

High (Pyra can combat almost any strategy or team setup, and can eliminate targets frighteningly fast with an inhumane lack of mercy)

Defeat Strategy:

A comical idea would be the use of water during a fight, but Pyra's flames can grow so hot they evaporate water almost instantly. She can also create more flames easily. Ranged weapons and explosives would be most effective, and a fight out in the open would be less of her advantage. Assign one member of your squad to keep an eye out for any possible traps or tricks.


        "I think I actually ran into her a few years back," I said slowly. "I was on a mission once and it turned out she was after the same target, on a bounty, I think. We took her down pretty easily but she got away."

Brandon was silent for a moment. "Wait, 'we'? You mean those superhero allies you were talking about before?" he asked, confused.

"Yeah. Them," I replied sadly. "I was on a team with them once."

        "Well, your team must have been pretty good to beat her," Brandon remarked. I stared back with a pained expression.

He had no idea.

        "We were effective at what we did, all right. But I can't say we were good," I replied, each word full of regret.

Brandon looked puzzled for a moment, then quickly said, "Oh, I forgot that they betrayed you. I'm sorry." He managed a crooked grin. “I've got your back, bro. We're a team, remember? We’ll take down those Vespers."

        I forced myself to nod as I suddenly realized something now. What Brandon had just said forced a suppressed memory into my mind. I remembered when someone else had said just the same thing. "We're a team, remember?"

Someone who then left me for dead.

      This whole thing was seeming eerily familiar.

        Frantic, deceptive thoughts flitted through my brain like ghosts from my past life. Beings touched by darkmatter. A team that would bring justice and peace from terrorists. An abrupt wash of crippling doubt lingered over me for a moment. How had I not realized this before?

        Then I shook it off. No way was this whole endeavor going to end up like the last time. When I was betrayed and left for dead. It was just the fading grip of their influence on me. I couldn't let it sow a seed of doubt in my mind now. I couldn't afford the luxury of uncertainty. Not anymore.

        Brandon was looking at me anxiously, eyebrows furrowed. "Are you okay?" he asked. He seemed more annoyed than worried.

        I made myself nod once more, and said, "Yep. Of course. The important thing is that I know she has twisted motives. Can't be trusted." Each word pained me to utter, because it just so torturously ironic that I of all people was saying them. Brandon’s words still stung at me like viper poison. They’re heartless murderers. They don’t deserve a second chance.

        "Well, if you think so," Brandon replied, still eyeing me strangely.

        "I guess I don't like to talk about my past," I replied. Would he just click the button to pull up the next picture and stop looking at me like that already? "Okay?" I heard my voice raise, gain an edge of menace.

        "No problems here," he muttered severely, placing his hand on the computer mouse. The next image popped up onscreen.


Name: Katalia Veris

Superhuman Alias: Nightingale

Gender: Female

Age: 17 years, 10 months


Nightingale possesses an altered and extremely heightened psionic field that is so powerful it projects into physical superhuman abilities. This psionic field can stimulate supercharged cellular regeneration in damaged cell structures, allowing her to perform almost instantaneous healing procedures. It is unknown whether this ability allows her to heal herself, but this has not been seen in combat.

She can also project her psionic abilities in semi-physical psio-spikes. These are like tiny whips of concentrated energy that are extremely dangerous in close range and can move so fast they can melt bullets in midair. This psionic field would degenerate rapidly is exposed to the physical environment, so it is theorized that this field has the strange ability to absorb nearby bio-electric pulses to regenerate her psionic field.

Other weapons:

Nightingale has not been observed using other weapons besides her abilities.

Combat Style:

These records are outdated but still may be consistent with her strategies today. Nightingale is observed in all encounters as a highly mobile melee attacker. Using her ebony raven wings, one strategy she employs is propelling herself at high speeds toward attackers, deflecting bullets with her psio-spikes. She can also swoop up high into the air to avoid melee attacks and some ranged ones, and has been observed destroying a helicopter unaided. She has often used her psionic healing ability to revive wounded civilians.


All records of Nightingale are highly outdated and unlikely to be useful in the current. However, one factor in identifying Nightingale which cannot be missed are her large raven wings (likely the product of psionic alterations). This wingspan is over ten feet across and these wings are easily capable of granting Nightingale bird-like flight abilities. She is 5 feet, 2 inches, has shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes, a slender figure. Was last seen four years ago, and in the report was described as wearing a black leather jacket and leather leggings.


Unknown (Nightingale has not been seen for many years and leads are scarce)

Danger Level:

High (Katalia Veris excels in both melee and ranged weapon fights due to her psio-spike deflecting technique and untouchable mobility. Her ability to fly makes her a threat both on the ground and in the air. Challenging her is not recommended)

Defeat Strategy:

Unknown (Nightingale has not been sighted being defeated so far. She is able to counteract most known strategies alone, and with allies will prove to be a much more dangerous challenge to take down)


“She didn’t seem that tough of a challenge,” Brandon snorted.

“Don’t forget that me and you working together are sort of freakin’ awesome working together,” I smirked. But behind the grin I was remembering the confrontation a few days ago. Those large black wings, however freaky they were, still seemed majestic and beautiful to me. Too bad she was with the Vespers now. Or maybe...

“Hey Brandon, you think we could turn the Vespers to our side somehow?”

Brandon stared coldly at me for a second before answering, “No way. They’re heartless murderers. They killed my best friend and probably one of my only other friends. They don’t deserve a second chance. They should pay.”

“They could be doing it against their will. It might not be their fault.” Was I really arguing this for the sake of Katalia Veris, or was it for my own sake? Doubt burned inside me like toxic acid melting my heart. I knew I could never escape my past life. Even if I tried, I knew it would haunt and plague me forever.

“Well, they still did it,” Brandon said angrily. “Everyone has a choice, and everyone should be paid back according to what they choose.”

“You really believe that?” I muttered. “How many people have you killed?”

“But...I’m doing it for the greater good,” Brandon sighed. “What we all do this for...to make the world a safer, better place for the innocent.”

“How many people will you have to kill before the world is perfect? The world is always screwed up, and nothing we can do can change that.”

“I know that, but then why are you even doing this?”

“I know why I fight, but you need to come up with that answer for yourself,” I said, calmly tapping the mouse so that the screen instantly changed once more.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Brandon sigh miserably and put on hand to his forehead as if it hurt to think. He noticed me watching, and I quickly flicked my eyes to face the screen.



End of chapter twenty-two


Stayed tuned for the next chapter on Friday!



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