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The Guardians Chapter 3: The Fox (NEW CHARACTER!)

The Guardians Chapter 3: The Fox (NEW CHARACTER!)

Posted July 7th, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians




            I took a long sip from my Diet Coke as I flipped rapidly through the TV channels. Of course nothing good was on when you were bored out of your mind. Normally I would be doing something outside, but I glanced out the window once again at the sheets of rain slapping noisily against the expanse of the front lawn. I considered just turning on Netflix, but the TV screen changed to show a helicopter shot of a familiar-looking building that looked like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie.

            "Dad's work!" I exclaimed aloud. My dad, Devon Palamara, owns this enormous technology company which is named PalaTech after him. We have a lot of money because of it. His building is supposed to look all modern with its outer layer of glass, but if you ask me it just looks like a ridiculously large Rubik's cube without all the colors. My eyes immediately shot to the headline visible on the screen, ignoring the droning reporter. 'Terrorists After PalaTech Technology'. I gasped aloud. Of course Dad had decided to get some extra work done on the weekend! Normally he would be home, and safe.

            I leapt from the couch, sprinted to my room and grabbed my purse, then darted outside to my Porsche parked in our six-car garage. I hopped inside, jammed in my keys, and took off down our driveway. Some of our gardeners working alongside the driveway trimming our hedges and trees waved at me as I sped by, but today, I ignored them.

            I knew the trip to PalaTech by heart. When I arrived there, I parked a block away andopened my purse. I pulled out my orange titanium-plated helmet that is shaped so that it looks like it has fox ears. Yeah, a fox is sort of my spirit animal, I guess. I put the helmet on. It's really light but still holds up in a fight. And I don't really worry about having armor that can survive a nuke or whatever. I rely on avoiding getting hit by being agile.

            I pulled an orange cape out of the purse and clipped it around my neck. Besides looking cool it is fireproof and has sharp edges I can slash people with. I know if someone grabs the cape it would be an easy way of slowing me down, so I have a button on where it goes around my neck, that if I tap it, the cape pops off. After tying a white bandana around my neck I reached under the seat of my car.

            I had something down there that was a little too big for my purse. I pullled out a lightweight, slender sword with a blade coated in titanium. The weapon was only two feet long, but I preferred it that way so it wouldn't hinder my agility. I called the sword 'Claw'.

            I stepped out of the car and ran down the stree toward the enormous Rubik's cube. At least a dozen police cars, lights blazing and sirens howling, surrounded my dad's work. Cops in riot gear and some SWAT agents were everywhere. I spotted the news copter out of the corner of my eye. Then a crackle of machine gun fire eclipsed the sirens and I ran even faster.

            I reached the first of the police cars and in one leap was on top of a police van that dwarfed the cars surrounding it. I sprang nimbly off the hood of the van over two police officers and onto a car.

            "Hey, look!" one of the cops yelled. "It's The Fox!"

            "Yep, that's me," I muttered underneath my helmet. Refocusing myself on the task at hand, I darted toward the outer brick wall of the PalaTech building. Another volley of gunfire sounded and I could see several cops in riot gear and holding assault rifles positioned behind the cover of the wall. As I watched, running closer, one of them let off a few quick shots from his AK-47.

            "What's going on in there?" I stopped to ask. The cops turned and stared at me for a second before one of them replied,

            "There are about twenty-five armed targets in there. We've downed two of them, but we've lost five. We don't really know what's going on inside. Well, scratch that." The cop who had answered me gestured to a shape buzzing closer. A police drone.

            "Time for an eye in the sky," one of the other cops muttered. I peered over the wall and saw that the courtyard was full of smoke from the gunshots and some canisters of what looked like tear gas. I pressed a button on the side of my fox helmet to filter out the smoke, then I leapt over the wall and into the cloud blocking the entrance to the building from view.

            The gunmen were obviously not expecting the riot squad to be attacking the building yet, because I caught one who was wearing a gas mask off guard. He was holding an Uzi and positioned behind another brick wall. I charged out of the cloud of tear gas and swung at him with Claw. Once I had taken care of him, I immediately turned around and saw three others armed with machine guns. As I ran at them they immediately began shooting.

            I jumped ten feet into the air and avoided all of the shots. I raised the sword defensively and deflected three bullets as I landed. Then I lunged and slashed one of the thug's machine gun in half. He raised a knife, but I booted another one of the goon's aside and slashed him in the chest. I spun around just in time to slice the last one with my razor-sharp cape edge. I saw that the other gunman had knocked his head hard against the sidewalk and was unconscious.

            Springing up and smashing through an office on the second floor of the PalaTech building to avoid any more hit men guarding the entrances, I gripped my sword tighter, ready to take out anyone in the room. It was empty. I didn't let down my guard, however, as I sprinted out into the hall. I cut down a thug armed with just a pistol as I came up on him from behind.

            All the offices in the Rubik's cube are designed around a shaft in the middle of the square, sort of like a mall. And each story of the building has a a walkway around it that connects all the offices. I could see most of the remaining twenty-one terrorists guarding the entrances from behind counches and other objects that had been pushed over to be used as cover.

            I muffled a gasp as I spotted two gunmen marching my father along at gunpoint.




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This is really cool! Thanks

This is really cool! Thanks for putting me in the story! :) I liked the first two chapters as well!

Please read: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/colors-chapter-one-2047144754

Posted by adventure of a ... on Thu, 07/07/2016 - 10:52
thanks i'm glad you like it


i'm glad you like it smiley


Become a super hero and join the Guardians (COMING SOON!!)

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Posted by Sally on Thu, 07/07/2016 - 15:42

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