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The Guardians Chapter 4: Unleashed (EPIC FIGHTING SCENE!)

The Guardians Chapter 4: Unleashed (EPIC FIGHTING SCENE!)

Posted July 8th, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians

I'm going on vacation for a few days so expect more chapters next week! :)




           "Where is it!" I could hear one of them yell. My dad was shaking in terror.

            "I c-can't tell you," he managed to get out. I gritted my teeth as I watched one of them smack Devon with the butt of his sniper rifle.

            "Next time it'll be worse," he snarled. Devon didn't reply.

            "You get the hint!?" the other one, his face masked with a hood, shouted. He was also wearing a black leather jacket with a bulletproof vest over it. My father shook slightly but didn't say anything. The first terrorist growled with rage. He pulled a handheld device from his utility belt.

            "Hate to have to use this," he cackled sarcastically. He waited, but got nothing out of my father. Then he turned it on and I could hear the buzz from where I watched, hidden from behind the railing of the walkway. He jabbed Devon with it and he screamed and fell to the ground. He tried to get up but he was shoved down by the second thug. I snarled in anger and leapt from behind the railing.

            I could tell my dad had spotted me but he didn't say anything that would alert his oppressors. I crept up behind the one who had shocked my dad and swung Claw at him. He shrieked in pain and fell to the ground. I grinned, enjoying it. The second whipped around and in a second a machete was in his hand. His wounded ally tossed him the electric device so that he held a weapon in each hand.

            "I've heard a lot about you, you little chunk of scum," he hissed, turning up the shocker until the buzz was really loud. "Been a lot of trouble for some of my buddies lately." A blissful memory of me punching someone in the face flitted through my mind.

            "Oh, those morons were with you?" I asked, remembering the night raid on my family's cruise ship a few weeks ago. I glanced at the other gunmen, who had seen the standoff and were charging from their previous posts at the entrances. One had a riot shield and they all held menacing machine guns and rifles. They make a semicircle behind the man, guns pointed at me. I knew I could easily take all of them in a fight. I raised my sword and snarled.

            I darted for a nearby pile of couches and potted plants that now served as cover, and sprang off it into the air. A shrieking blaze of bullets flew towards me and I slashed through the attack with Claw. I landed on one of the men, kicking in the face with my boot as I did, and then sliced another. I noticed that the bullets I had deflected mid-air had apparently killed two of the thugs and wounded three more.

            One of the men turned his rifle on me and I swiped out at the weapon with my boot. It flew out of the man's hand, still firing madly. I deflected one of the bullets with my sword and watched in satisfaction as more of my opponents collapsed to the ground, moaning. Only nine of them were left. I dived under a stream of bullets that shredded a nearby couch.

            Jumping to my feet I slashed my attacker twice and surged toward the next three who hadn't retreated a few steps back when they saw me going ham with my blade. I dispatched them without them even being able to react. Five left.

            As I vaulted towards them I saw one of them trying to load a canister of napalm into a flamethrower. I slashed down two of them in quick succession, but then the goon with the riot shield swung the shield at me. I leapt over it but he raised it up to protect himself as I came down upon him I chopped it twice before realizing that the thing was made pretty well. A quick slice to the feet with my cape took care of him, but by then the gunman with the flamethrower had gotten it loaded.

            I grabbed my cape again and whipped it in front of me just as the terrorist opened fire. A wall of raging blue flames engulfed me, flowing over the fireproof cape. The heat was unbearable even when protected by the cape. I had to to get out of there. I arched up into the air and behind the man. A quick hack of Claw ended that problem.

            I turned to face the only one left, the hooded man with the shocker device. It still crackled dangerously and every once and a while a spark would spring off it.

            "So I see you're as annoying as I've heard, you little piece of crap," he chuckled wickedly.

            "I take that as a compliment, coming from someone I'm about to beat up," I replied,my eyes darting to my father, who stood cowering behind a couch a few yards away. He was fine. My eyes flicked back to the man standing in front of me. He was going to pay.

            "Of course, it'd be more fun for me if you got blown the-". He said something that made my dad cringe. "-up! But although it was fun to beat up your old man, I didn't actually need him for anything."

             How did he know my secret identity? But it didn't matter, that little bit of info would die with him in less than a second. "On that lovely night a few weeks ago while you were "enjoying" the raid on your cruise my distraction allowed somebody by the codename of Vesper to sneak in here and take what you're dad was working on."

            "Here comes the monologue," I gritted my teeth.

            "Never told you what it does? Well then, why should I ruin the surprise?" He pulled down the black sleeve of his leather jacket, revealing a complicated device strapped to his arm. It was about a foot long and the top of it was devoted entirely to a control pad full of tiny red buttons. I could hear Devon gasp from where I stood. "Wasn't it called the pyro-atomizer, Devon!?" he roared savagely. My dad looked completely stricken. "I knew you'd show up to save your dad, so it this would be pefect place to screw you over."

            Then he held up his arm, fist clenched, the device's pulsating barrel pointed directly at me.






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Ya!! another great chaprter!

Ya!! another great chaprter!

Posted by Sally on Fri, 07/08/2016 - 11:05
It's a little late, but mind

It's a little late, but mind if I join in?


Name: Viper

Real Name: Ben Sands

Power(s): Invisibility, Ability to create poisons and manipulate how they are used, proficient in a clubbed staff with a knife like blade at the end, wielded from the middle and easily reversable to either point (Skill)

Looks: Black and dark green cloak over thick leather armor / Exactly six foot, lean, short brown hair, and dark brown eyes

Personality: Tactical, charismatic, 

Backstory: Mentally scarred after being witness to a shooting, VIper trained himself to forget emotion. He succeded to a point, and now cannot feel fear, sadness, envy, or trust

Posted by Charlie on Fri, 07/08/2016 - 14:18
Great chapter! Also if

Great chapter! Also if anyone has to bail me out I'll insist I don't need help. XD

Please read: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/colors-chapter-one-2047144754

Posted by adventure of a ... on Fri, 07/08/2016 - 18:55
Is it okay if I join? I

Is it okay if I join? I really like it so far.

Name: Shadow

Real Name: Amber Smith

Powers: Nobody really knows what Shadow's power is- its a form of necromancy, sort of. Shadow controls, well, the shadows, and can form the shadows into weapons, use the shadows to hide in the darkness and use them to sense any death that has occured around her. She can also inflict nightmares into people's heads as the shadows/necromancy are all about feeding on fear. Her regular skills include being able to sneak around really well, she is good at running-parkour and is good at manipulation.

Looks: Shadow loves to wear black and it conveniently aids her when hiding in her shadows. She is tall and ghostly pale, and usually wears black leather jackets with black skinny jeans and combat boots. She carries around several daggers in a belt and a crossbow on her wrist. Her hair is a very deep red, almost a rich brown, which is usually tied up. Her eyes are a very dark brown and when she uses her powers they turn black.

Personality: Due to her being around a lot of death and letting her shadows feed on fear, she is used to being quite cold. But, once you get to know her, she is actually quite warm and has a good sense of humour (which usually includes dirty jokes and sarcasm). She doesn't like to open up about her feelings but she is very emotional. She will fight to the death and beyond for those she loves, but can be unforgiving to those who have hurt her. She likes working by herself and if she has to, with one other person, but hates working in groups.

Backstory: When Shadow was little, she watched her parents die in a house fire while she was rescued by firemen. That caused her to sink into a dark depression. When she was 13 and ready to jump off a building to save herself from the sadness she was experiencing, the shadows reached out to her and she jumped at the opportunity to take control of them and in a way, take control of death. She felt like by controlling these shadows she could feel better about her parents' death.



"If music be the food of love; play on." - Shakespeare



"If music be the food of love; play on." - Shakespeare

Posted by Misanthropy (Ruby) on Fri, 07/08/2016 - 19:19
The story's great so far!

The story's great so far! Here's my entry:

Name: Mirage

Real Name: Moreen ‘Moe’ Thompson

Power(s): She uses an array of chemicals and poisons to toy with her enemies. The poisons are released using grenades of her own invention and special pods on her wrists. She releases the chemicals, into the air as a vapor or “smoke”. Some chemicals must be inhaled and cause hallucination or paralysis. Others only need to make contact with the skin to be effective, these can cause blisters, 1st degree burns, or temporary blindness. Often she just releases a harmless smoke to obscure the enemy’s vision and attacks from behind. She is practiced in martial arts. Other weapons include a metal whip, dual blades, and several daggers.

Looks: About 5’3, slender, with caramel skin. Shoulder length black hair, high cheekbones and brown almond eyes. During combat she wears a flexible body-suit, gloves and knee high boots, all made from a material that can protect her from the toxins she releases. The suit is bulletproof and holds about 30 of her custom grenades, her metal whip, and daggers on the belt. Her two swords are on sheaths on her back. On her wrists she has two metal pods that release chemicals into the air. She wears a gas mask over her head.

Personality: Moe is a perfectionist. Everything she does is calculated, she always assesses the pros and cons of every decision she makes, which is why most people come to her for advice and why she is an expert strategist. She is also very critical of herself and constantly tears herself down. She’s closed off, introverted, and hardly displays much emotion. However if you get to know her better you will find her to be very empathetic. Moe dreams of traveling the world.

Backstory: Her father was a criminal who terrorized the city with toxins and poisons. He also ran a large company that manufactured weapons. So, using his own tech against him, Moe defeated her father and vowed to clean up the streets to make amends for his mistakes. She creates all compounds and gadgets on her own.

You should probably put on your bandit hat now. Personally, I don’t have one, but I modified this tube sock. -Ash, Fantastic Mister Fox

Posted by Moe on Sat, 07/09/2016 - 16:47



Become a super hero and join the Guardians (COMING SOON!!)

Posted by Predator-6 on Sun, 07/10/2016 - 12:38
thanks for all the amazing

thanks for all the amazing comments!


Become a super hero and join the Guardians (COMING SOON!!)

Posted by Predator-6 on Sun, 07/10/2016 - 12:41

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