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THE GUARDIANS Chapter 5: Technological Terror Part 2 (BUILDING COLLAPSE!)

THE GUARDIANS Chapter 5: Technological Terror Part 2 (BUILDING COLLAPSE!)

Posted July 11th, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians

Happy birthday, Madelyn!






            The madman's iron armo was blackened and smoking. Huge flames still roared off it, but from what I could see through the flames, the suit was damaged to the pointed that huge gashes filled with molten iron decorated it from head to toe. Exposed wires sparked and crackled from gaps between the iron plates. The armored man turned and looked at me. One of the glowing eyes on the front of his helmet was flickering as if fighting to stay alive. As he looked at me, it sputtered and finally lost the fight to stay lit.

            "You!" he screamed. I got the feeling this little situation probably didn't help his questionable sanity. He glanced down at the arm where the pyro-atomizer was strapped. Unfortunately for me, it seemed the device was encased in some pretty tough stuff, because as he looked at it, all of the buttons, one by one, turned on.

            "That was a hundred percent your deal, you loser," I retorted, my body itching to dodge if he were to attack. I'd learned that if you insulted your opponent while you fought, he tended to get angry, and then made more mistakes in combat. Which was good for you.

            And this time it seemed like I had hit home. The man screamed in rage and launched himself at me. He swiped viciously at me with one of his hooked claws and I leapt over the attack and came down with my sword swinging towards his head.

            The weapon smashed him directly in the face and knocked his other glowing eye into darkness. Apparently he could still see, because he raised the pyro-atomizer and flames lit the already-mutilated and crumbling walls around us. I glanced nervously at the upper floors, which were still on fire. I guess the guy who designed the place lived up to PalaTech's high standards, because the rest of the building didn't collapse on us. But I knew it could be only minutes or less before the amazing architecture gave out.

            I darted for the entrance, but the man aimed his weaponized arm at me and with a burst of explosive heat, the one glass door that had survived the previous crazed assault shattered, spraying glass everywhere.

            And that's when the building decided to come down.

            With a defeaning shuddering moan of fried timbers that sent a lurch to the bottom of my stomache, the building began caving in on itself. I looked up to see the massive shape of the remains of the second floor, enormous chunks of blackened materials with electrical wires sticking out in clumps, descending upon me like wrath from heaven.

            It took all of my speed combined with my reflexes to avoid being pulverized. The earth shook violently and the shockwave of the thunderous impact nearly knocked me out. I turned to see that the entire entrance had been flattened.

            What must have been the leftovers of the third or fourth floor smashed down behind me, popping my eardrums. I think it must have landed on the armored pyromaniac, but I didn't bother to look around to see. Leaping for the mountain of charred steel and wood that was once the second floor, I heard the fifth floor's shattering collision behind me. All at once the resulting compression wave of the impact slammed into me like a train.

            The world spin and blurred for a moment, and I felt charred earth underneath me. My vision cleared after a moment but then I registered an intense pain in my leg. I glanced back apprehensively and with a jolt in my heart saw my leg skewed out at a groteque angle. I knew it was broken. Without bothering to move it, less the pain black me out, I looked around.

            Smoke from the downing building was everywhere and I couldn't see anything. Coughing slightly, I waited for it to clear. When the world came back into view, I saw the clear blue sky above me, dotted with several puffy clouds. The dark clouds that had brought the earlier rain were floating away across the horizon. It seemed very peaceful.

            But then the wail of the police cars that must have been going all that time I was in the building reached my ears. And nothing about the demolished PalaTech building was peaceful. It was demolished more completely than if a wrecking crew had went at it. All that was left was a charred hill of debris. Sparks flitted out of severed cables and dusty smolder rose into the air in the strong summer breeze.

            I looked out toward the police cars and saw my dad standing there, watching in horror. Then he spotted me and yelled to the paramedics who were standing around with the police, staring at the destruction.

            In a minute the paramedics had helped me out of the wreckage and soon I was sitting inside the ambulance, my leg in a cast. The sirens still wailed loudly outside.                                                                        

Dusk calls part 1 new super hero

            "What was that thing?" I asked Devon, who sat beside me, still very pale.

            "What? Oh, you mean the weapon?" my dad asked. I nodded. He hesitated for a minute before disclosing. "It was...a weapon I was workin on for the military. It had a beam that sets individual atoms on fire, which then burn up almost instantly, I'm sorry."

            "How did he know about my real identity?" I asked.

            "I don't know," Dad replied. "I have no idea how he stole the weapon during our cruise."

            "Someone named Vesper," I remembered. "Or at least a codename."

 We sat there in silence for what might have been ten minutes before a volley of gunfire outside jerked us out of our quiet.

 "He can't still be...," I gasped as I flung open the ambulance door. Hobbling forward, I gritted my teeth against the hit pain rising in my foot.

 "You can't go out there!" Devon exclaimed in disbelief.

 "Who else will finish him," I replied as I eased myself gingerly to the ground. My dad probably would have said more, but more gunshots silenced him. Several of the riot squad members were firing madly now, and I could see the mangled and withered shape of the armored man clawing his way from the ashen timbers.

 "No!" I gasped. One of the paramedics spotted me and darted over.

 "Now, miss, you're in no state to fight," she ordered me, looking a little anxious at saying that to a super hero. I shook my head and hobbled forward.

            As I got closer, I could see flurries of bullets ricocheting off the man's armor. He cackled maniaclly and with a sweep of the weaponized arm a line of police cars exploded. The blast knocked me back over to the ground. Grabbed an undamaged car for support, I pulled myself up. Another wave of his arm and the news helicopter burst into flame. Glowing and hissing, it smashed almost immediately into a grove of trees nearby.

            Then suddenly, a sizzling black beam smashed into the man. I looked around wildly, knowing no one in the small army of police here had any sort of weapon like that. I looked at Dad, but he caught my glance and shook his head, unknowing as I was. Then it came again. A blast of rippling darkness knocked the man to the ground. His armor sizzled, smoke rising from it in a billowing cloud.



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