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by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians

PLEASE WELCOME MY BRO, ROEN, TO KIDPUB! It's an awesome place full fo fun stories and nice people. Everyone's so encouraging. I love that and it's what makes KP different from other websites. (I pretty much explained to him how it works person so yeah)


AND TO MY READER: THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT, CHARACTERS, and MOST OF ALL, AWESOME COMMENTS that are soo encouraging. it really means a lot to me. CC is appreciated too tho. ENJOY THE CHAPTER





            I traced the direction of the blast to see someone clad entirely in black standing a few yards from me. From his black boots to his shadowy hooded cloak and facemask he had an appearance that suggested he had detached himself from the shadows of some dark hallway and come here. The only thing I could see that suggested he was human were his dark blue eyes, barely visible under the hood. From his height either he was a really short man or someone a few years younger than my seventeen years.

            He looked at me for a second before charging forward. Cupping his hands, shadows swirled and flickered through the air, slowly materializing into a sword that he grasped as if it were solid. The man aimed his wrist at the dark figure, but he held the swirling blade in front of himself protectively and it didn't catch fire from the weapon's ray.

            Then he rushed toward the man and slashed him, once, twice, the seemingly weightless sword smashed the armored figure until his armor was hissing like it had blown a fuse. Sparks cracked wildly as he got himself to his feet. The next swing of the sword he caught in his armored hand, but pitch dark smoke rose in thick clouds from his hand and he dropped the sword. He swung his free hand toward the teenager and the blow knocked him to the ground. He got to his feet and the sword changed, spinning and shifting, into a bow. He pulled back the string, which must have been easy since it was weightless, and a shadowy arrow appeared, ready to fire.

            Hissing, the arrow forked through the air and plunged into the armor. The man shrieked and ripped it out of his chest. Blood was dripping from the arrow, but the projectile immediately turned to inky black dust that instantly blew away. Forming a shield and the sword once more from the shadows, the stranger rushed toward the man and hacked him several times with the blade. The sword vanished with a ripple after another successful hit, so the teenager fired a blast of dusk from his now-free hand. It caught the man straight in the head and knocked him back to the ground.

            But when he stood up, he was laughing again. Suddenly we could hear the sound of propellers spinning, much stronger than a regular helicopter, and quickly growing louder. Suddenly a raging flurry of bullets began churning the ground around the boy. Several caught his shield, but one caught his arm and then his leg. The boy screamed in pain and tried desperately to form a bigger shield that would protect his whole body. I could see the blurred outline forming, but then it faded away. More shells came whizzing from the sky.

            One hit the boy in his other leg. Shrieking again, he crawled away as more rounds ripped and shredded the ground around him. With a wave of his head, complete and absolute darkness eneveloped him, shielding him from th unseen shooters. But still bullets careened and shrieking toward the shadowy cloud. Some of the police, holding riot shields, ran forward to help him. One supported the boy while the other three held up their shields protectively. Several bullets caught on the shields and one was knocked out of the man's hands. But the boy was soon escorted back to the line of fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances.

            Now, out of the sky, descended an enormous black helicopter with two whirling propellers. One large chaingun was attatched to the bottom, and it was still firing. The vehicle had no markings of any kind. Then a man wearing black visible at the helicopter's open side doors, let down a metal rope ladder and the armored man began climbing it. As he reached the top he turned and shrieked to us in his crazed rage,

            "You have not seen the end of Dread, you little-." He swore loudly as the helicopter turned and rose into the clouds. We could hear its motors fading in volume as it sped away.

            "Dread?" I muttered. Must be some sort of codename. Then I remembered the boy. Hobbling over to where the medics had lain him, I saw him patching his own legs with bandages. I glanced at the paramedics, but they gave me an annoyed look that sent me the message he hadn't wanted any help.

            "So, thanks for the save back there," I said somewhat awkwardly.

            "So you're The Fox?" he asked, his face hardened against the pain I knew must be vicious.

            "Yep. And you are?" I asked curiously.

            "I don't have a name," he muttered. Hmm, another odd one, I thought.

            "Well, you must call yourself something," I told him, hoping he wouldn't shoot a death beam at my face.

             "Yeah," he said slowly. "The nickname I have for myself is Boy Darkness."



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This story is cool

This story is cool

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thanks!   Become a super



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Awesome chapter! Also,

Awesome chapter! Also, welcome Roen! :)

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I know right

I know right

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about awesome chapter right

about awesome chapter right lol smiley


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Roen's new name is Eagle eye

Roen's new name is Eagle eye (Roen)


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