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THE GUARDIANS Chapter 8: The Accident (MYSTERY!)

THE GUARDIANS Chapter 8: The Accident (MYSTERY!)

Posted July 14th, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians





            Instead of bringing me to a public hospital where the doctors and other visitors would ask more questions about me than were necessary, I was glad to be brought to the private hospital wing at the Palamara's mansion. Not many people knew I existed and about my powers, and I wanted to keep it that way. If too many questions were asked I might have the government on my tail. I could tell Luna Palamara was a little hesitant to disclose her secret identity of the Fox, but once I learned, it wasn't too surprising. After all, her father owned a large company and had plenty of money to fund her operations.

            The hospital wing seemed really nice, but of course I hadn't really been to an average hospital to compare it to. It was clear that Devon Palamara had instructed doctors to not ask any questions, but it seemed obvious that they were hiding some sort of curiosity. Once all the bullet fragments had been removed from my legs and arm, they were bandaged up securely, but I still had to use a wheelchair. It was sort of ironic that Luna had to ride around in one too. Her leg had apparently been broken pretty bad.

            So, for one week I was confined to my wheelchair. I had always been used to coming and going as I pleased and never staying in the same spot for even two days, so I felt paralyzed inside that enormous house. After the first day or so all the servants seemed to be avoiding me. I even spotted a few of them coming my way turn around and go the other way. Of course, I had been alone all my life and didn't need company now.

            I spent most of my time in one of the guestrooms that had become mine until I was able to leave, trying to find more information on Dread and Vesper on one of Devon Palamara's many unused laptops. The more I searched, the angrier I got. I had rarely used computers and knew nothing about hacking. Instead, I dove deep into news archives, hoping to pick up clues from around the time of the Accident.

            "Yes!" I cried aloud as the laptop screen displayed a news event titled 'Suburban Family Attacked By Criminal Gang' that was dated around the time I thought the Accident must have happened, in a location that I remembered flickers of as the place I had possibly lived.


The Lorensten family, Matthew Lorensten and his wife Emma, and their children, 16-year-old Derek and 13-year old Lauren were found dead in their suburban home, obviously killed by gunshots due to several gun wounds each had sustained. Mr. and Mrs.Lorensten's youngest child, 5-year-old Brandon was never found, even after a several-day manhunt. Also, an unknown man was found dead among them. He sustained no knife or gun wounds but was unidentifiable due to the fact that all of the flesh and tissue of his dead was found missing, leaving behind a bare skull. Rumors are already widespread about how this may have occurred, but no solid evidence has been uncovered thus far. This article will be followed up if anything has been found.


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Cool! :) Please read:
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thanks Become a super hero


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Posted by Predator-6 (Jack) on Thu, 07/14/2016 - 17:05
Hey let me just say, when

Hey let me just say, when you say this is "Epic" its more like this: Awesomesupertasticepicnesscooladventuremagnificentsuspencefulgreatmorethangreat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya, so, you get the picture.............i love the Guardians!cheeky

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Thanks so much!   Become a

Thanks so much!


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The world you have created

The world you have created sucks everyone in! Nice descriptions. :D

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