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THE GUARDIANS Chapter 9: Dark Memories Part 2 (FLASHBACK + NEW CHARACTER!)

THE GUARDIANS Chapter 9: Dark Memories Part 2 (FLASHBACK + NEW CHARACTER!)

Posted July 21st, 2016 by Codename-X12

by pensword
in a secret bunker finishing the Guardians

Chapter 9: Dark Memories Part 2

Boy Darkness


Shadow was the only person I had respected, even now that I had met the Fox. She was the only person who I'd ever met who wasn't afraid of me. Amber Smith. I could still remember the day she had rescued me from the group I had been kidnapped by. The one Dread and Vesper were a part of. I couldn't remember that day very well, but I do remember the screams of the guards and then the containment box I was in smoking and burning away as if submerged in acid. The guards were still screaming in pain and terror and gunshots sounded around us as the tall girl with the leather jacket and dark red hair stared at me in sympathy, brows furrowed in some unknown anger. Then she brought me out of that hellish building where I had been imprisoned, and to my freedom.

            From then on it was like we were brother and sister. Her parents had died too when she was young, victims of a house fire, I learned. Of course I could not tell her what had happened to my family, as I had not known. Together we had stopped countless robbering and muggings, and even killed a suicide bomber before he could go kamikaze in the middle of a crowded mall. And we always disappeared after saving the day, living in abandoned buildings and under bridges and moving every day or so.

            And she had the same inhuman powers I did. I tried to teach her how to form the shadows into objects, which took all my energy and willpower back then, but she never figured it out. However, she could do things I never could dream of. During a confrontation with a criminal or whoever we were planning to stop, if they would show fear it seemed that she grew stronger. She would become stronger, faster, more agile.

            She could give people terrifying nightmares, which even I could do, and could possess a person's body when they were asleep. She always joked that one night she would steal my body and g        o jump in a lake or something, but I always when she wouldn't.

            And then she had one power even I was afraid of. She could sense dead cells around her. She could tell how long ago a person had died, which didn't creep me out, but what did was her ability to reanimate those dead. If she sensed that she was on top of a dead body, no matter how far down it was buried or how old it was, she could call it from sleep. Neither she or I knew how, but that corpse would claw and fight its way out of the soil and rush to attack anyone she wanted. The only way to stop her undead was to shoot them in the brain, which meant there was some scientific explanation, but we never knew what.

            And then was the day she died. For some torturous reason I remembered it most clearly of all the time we were a team. It had started out as an ordinary and seemingly harmless mission. All we had planned was to stop a minor robbery of a bank. The police had surrounded the place, but suspected the criminals were armed and had hostages. We busted in through the second story window and saw dozens of dead civilians, killed by the gunmen. Amber concentrated and the dead shuffled to their feet and rushed at their killers, shrieking. The men coolly cut them down with shots to the head.

            I realized then that they were no ordinary criminals. I shifted the shadows to form a bow and picked off a few of them, but then I heard one of men yell into a communicator,

            "Codename Alpha Vesper, codename Beta Vesper, and codename Delta Vesper requested! Night has fallen!" I did not and still do know what he meant, but a moment later, the windows shattered explosions roared across the building. I was knocked to the floor, coughing in the smoke, but Amber still stood defiantely a few feet away. Three teenagers older than me ran at her from somewhere I could not see beyond the fiery eruptions surrounding us with a wall of flame.

            They wore black and metal masks with steel visors. One reached out and suddenly Amber gasped and collapsed onto hands and knees. I gasped in shock as I saw her body begin shrinking upon itself and her body sucking itself in, contracting like a deflated, grotesque human ball. She screamed in pain like I had never heard a human scream, but flung her hand desperately toward the figure who had brought this upon her. The figure gasped in a clearing feminine voice and fell, clutching her head in pain.

            The other two approached. I threw a blast of flickering and smoking shadows at one, but the blast morphed into a leaf before it could hit its target. The leaf drifted down through the air, and I stared at it in amazement. I felt a furious pain in my leg and saw my foot had been caught by the flames. Screaming, I waved it wildly and the flames extinguished. A wretched figure of a zombie hand shredded through the flooring a few feet from Shadow. The humans in masks didn't even hesitate. A howling undead man, face place and blank eyes sunken into his skinless face, heaved himself from the ground.

            Suddenly it began to contract upon itself as Shadow had done. Its arms and legs were sucked ito its chest and soon its head did the same. With a loud pop it was mashed into a tiny, high-density ball that splattered on the ground.

            Suddenly a pop filled my ears and a knife sliced into my back. I screamed and whirled around to see the third masked human disappear suddenly. He or she, I couldn't tell, reappeared in front of me in the same instant, and I barely avoided the machete. Teleportion? I swung, just in time to block with a sword of shadows the teenager's long knife as the masked figure appeared above me coming down with blade out. I knocked him back with a heavy swing of my blade, but he disappeared before hitting the ground.  Another pop of displaced air came to my ears and I whirled around. The teleporter was attacking Shadow!

            She screamed as the knife slashed her, and fell forward. Then the flames, which ha been coming ever closer, roared up her leg. A zombie that she had been summoning froze, it's arm erupted through the floor. Then the hand slumped to the ground. I howled in rage as the three figures regrouped, their emotionless masks staring at me. I flicked my wrist and a rushing wall of blackness swept over them. They screamed in pain and were flung to the floor. And then I waved my hand toward the raging bonfire wall. Another wave of shadows flitting from my hand, parting the flames with a hiss. I charged through the gap, which soon closed behind me, and ran out into the night.

            I had mourned my lost almost-sister every since then. And even if Luna was nice, she would never replace that hole in me once filled by my first friend.



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Nice chapter!

Nice chapter!

Posted by Charlie on Thu, 07/21/2016 - 14:26
Nice! Again, I LOVE THIS

Nice! Again, I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yesyesyesheartheartheartyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesheartheartheartsmiley

Posted by Sally on Thu, 07/21/2016 - 15:01
I've been following this

I've been following this book for a while and enjoying it, but I never heard if my character, Ano'i, was going to be featured. I'm okay if she's not, I would just like to know.

Thank you!


Life is tough, darling, but so are you. ~Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Posted by ineffable{HawkEye} on Thu, 07/21/2016 - 16:52
i will try to feature

i will try to feature everyone eventually :)


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Posted by Predator-6 (Jack) on Fri, 07/22/2016 - 07:13
You're chapters are still

You're chapters are still amazing! (Same with chap. 9)

Please read: http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/colors-chapter-one-2047144754

Posted by adventure of a ... on Sun, 07/24/2016 - 15:50

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