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Halvar's House: The Novel

Halvar's House: The Novel

Posted October 21st, 2013 by ebs2002

by TerCreepypastaWri
in Wisconsin



     There once lived a very strange-acting giant called, Halvar. He was a very friendly type of giant. And everybody who knew him, liked him. Halvar was very kind, but he was a very poor giant. Whenever somebody came along the path that passed his beat-down,stone-made house, the giant nearly ALWAYS gave the traveler something! That was the reason why Halvar was always so poor.


                       One day, a poor farmer walked down the path, behind him following a skinny, old cow. Halvar was curious.

''Excuse me, sir.'' the farmer asked. ''May you please tell me if I am on the right path to the market down in town?''

''Indeed you are.'' Halvar answered, gleefully sitting on the outside of his stone house.

''Thank you sir.'' the farmer replied. ''And now I shall be on my way.''

He tipped his straw hat towards Halvar. ''Wait just a minute, dear friend.'' the giant said, happily.

''Yes?'' the farmer asked, cautiously.

''Are you planning on selling your cow at the market?'' Halvar asked the farmer.

''As a matter of fact, I am.'' the farmer replied, while his cow pulled at the rope it was tied to. ''Maybe I will be able to trade it for a few ingredients that me and my family dearly need.

Halvar looked at the farmer, cocking his head.

''Well, you see, me and my wife bought this rotted-up, little farm over that hill.'' the farmer explained, pointing to a hill very far away.

Halvar nodded his head in understanding.

''And the previous owners of our tiny farm didn't care for it that much, and so they left us with this skinny, old beast and a flock of chickens that do not lay any eggs.''

''Though the ground is well enough to grow crops, weeds spring up out of the ground near the field and spread faster than I am able to cut, and so the weeds smother the wheat, so that there is no crop to harvest and we can not make any bread to eat.'' the farmer finished, sadly.

''Well, I won't be having you or your family living in THAT condition.'' Halvar grinned.

''Tell you what, if you give me your sorry-looking cow, then in return I shall hand over to you, 7 fat goats, and next week, you will find the goats in your barn.''

The farmer looked serious.

''How do I know that you will do what you claim to do. After all you (no offense) don't look any richer than I.''

''None taken.'' the happy giant smiled, and then continued. ''I ALWAYS do what I say I shall, you can even ask everyone in the village and they shall tell you as I do.''

The farmer looked doubt full now.

''Don't you believe me?'' Halvar asked.

The farmer shook his head, ''No.''

''Oh come on, you don't have much to lose.'' Halvar urged.

''Well, I suppose your right.'' the farmer said, hesitantly.

''So?''Halvar said, convincingly.

''Oh, okay, I'll trade.'' the farmer said, giving in.

The farmer handed over the rope that his, (or now Halvar's) cow was tied up to, to Halvar. The rope looked very small in the giant's enormous palm.

Halvar smiled.

''Thank you dear friend, you won't regret this.''

The farmer then shrugged and turned towards home.


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I wish to become a

I wish to become a bestselling author!



Sorry everyone, I had to get off so I didn't finish the chapter. More of the chapter sould come tommorrow.

Please read and comment!

Posted by Ella on Mon, 10/21/2013 - 20:36
I wish to become a

I wish to become a bestselling author!


Here is the final part of this chapter!

Please read and comment.


Posted by ebs2002 on Wed, 10/23/2013 - 20:17
I wish to become a

I wish to become a bestselling author!



Oh, by the way, this book is based on a fable told be the Swedish.

Posted by Ella on Thu, 10/24/2013 - 20:18

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