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Harry Potter Fan Fiction (Harry Potty and Myrtle) - PLEASE COMMENT! :)

Harry Potter Fan Fiction (Harry Potty and Myrtle) - PLEASE COMMENT! :)

Posted February 2nd, 2018 by YoungAuthor

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by Elora
in Looking for some good books

“And then she told me she didn’t like toothpaste!” Myrtle and Harry both broke into a boisterous fit of laughter.

“Good one Myrtle!” Harry said, still laughing.

“Oh Harry, I’ve quite enjoyed your company. Do you think-” she started. Right then hermione and Ron barged in. Harry jumped up from the floor, where he had been talking to Myrtle and he closed the stall.

“Harry?” Hermione said, her voice echoing on the bathroom walls.

“Yes?” Harry said slowly.

“Harry!” Ron shouted, “We’ve looked everywhere for you! Where have you been all day?”

“I...er...pooping!” Harry blurted out. He instantly regretted it.

“Oh, well…” Ron trailed off.” Can you come out now?”

“Er...sure,” Harry said. He fake flushed the toilet and unlocked the stall.

“Hide,” he whispered to Myrtle as he walked out of the stall with a hand on his stomach, pretending he was cramping.

Harry started walking toward them and Hermione said, “Harry wash your hands!”

“Oh! Sorry,” Harry said as he started walking toward the sinks. He heard Hermione and Ron giggling. He turned to look at them and they immediately stopped and looked around.

“Oh!” cried Myrtle with a splash.

“Was that…Myrtle?” asked Ron. Harry started to blush.


“Harry…” Suddenly pure shock dawned on Ron’s face. “Harry… I think Myrtle was in the toilet when you went to the bathroom!”

“Oh!” Harry said, relieved Ron hadn’t found out he was talking to Myrtle all day. “Er… Myrtle leave!” Harry said, trying to think of something fast. Myrtle winked at Harry before zooming down the toilet.

“Freak,” Hermione said with disgust. Ron just laughed.

“Let’s go to dinner,” he said.

“Alright,” Harry responded.

“Harry! Look what the Daily Prophet said today? I didn’t get to tell you at breakfast or lunch because er… well…”

“Show me,” Harry said, ending the awkwardness (but not really).

The headline read:


Draco Malfoy Likes Hermione?

By: Rita Skeeter


Draco says “I guess that ‘filthy mudblood’ is growing on me. She’s smart and pretty, now that her teeth are shrunk-”


“Harry, how do we stop this? You’re clearly smarter than Ron-”

“Hey!” Ron said, but Hermione didn’t notice-

“Please help me!”

“Well… let’s read more,” said Harry awkwardly.


“She is also very strong judging on how bad it hurt when she punched me in the face… But she’s annoying and I hate her. We will never date and you wrote this article for no reason. It is all lies. The end.”


“Wow,” Harry said, “Rita Skeeter has gone down hill hasn’t she?”

“Ugh!” Hermione yelled as she picked up her sloppy joe and threw it at Malfoy. It hit the back of his head and dripped down his shirt. She also threw the Daily Prophet at him. He whipped his head around angrily.

“What was that for?” Harry asked, “He said it was all lies.”

“I’m just angry he had my name in the same headline as his name.” Hermione shivered like she was sick.

“Plus, who says Malfoy doesn’t deserve the occasional sloppy joe to the head?” Ron remarked. They all laughed.

“I have to go to the library,” Hermione said, hurrying off. Ron and Harry looked at each other.

“I don’t really to go to potions,” Ron said.

“Me either,” Harry replied. So they followed Hermione.

“Oh Krum, this is so romantic,” they heard Hermione say as they approached the library. It seemed as though the library was shut down. The only light was a few candles that appeared to be in the forbidden section.

“Oh. My. Gosh,” Ron gasped, “Do you reckon...that Hermione taken up a hobby of making candles?”

“I think you’re right on the point Ron,” Harry said, “How do you do that?”

“I don’t know!” Ron said, missing the sarcasm.

“Stupid git,” Harry muttered under his breath. She’s clearly on a date with… someone!” Harry said this so loudly that Hermione heard him. They could hear Hermione blowing out the candles when the whole library went dark.

“Harry?” Ron said, his voice shaking.

“Don’t worry Ron, I’m right- Ron stop it!” Ron was now feeling Harry’s face in the dark, trying to find him. The lights turned on.

“Harry? Ron?” Hermione said, sounding betrayed. Harry tried to cover up the fact that they were spying on her, and he pulled a book off the shelf.

“We were just-” Harry started. Then Ron joined in and also grabbed a book off of the shelf, to cover up the lie, but then he pulled down the whole bookshelf and fell to the ground in the process. Hermione put a hand to her head, sighing.

“Roninn? Harry?” Viktor said, approaching them.

“Viktor! You were supposed to hide!”

“Sorry Hermioninny,” he said.

“Sup my fellow peeps!” Dobby said, strolling into the room.

“What the-” Harry said, looking around to see Dobby in ripped, baggy leggings (that he had clearly torn himself. He was also wearing miss-match socks that were Christmassy and striped. He was wearing high heels too, and to top it all off, he had a polka-dotted sock wrapped around his head like a bandana.

“Erm…” Harry said. Just then, Dobby tried to tear off the sweater Ron gave him, but he couldn’t do it so he just too it off and swung it in the air, it went flying off his finger and it hit Harry in the face.

“Giddy up Cowboys!” Dobby said.

“Dobby? What are you-”

“Harry!” Hermione said, sounding very disappointed. “Dobby has the freedom to do whatever he chooses!” Ron started rapping this random song about Dobby and his rights, then Dobby brushed off his shoulders like he was some gangster.

“Wooh! Go Dobby!” Hermione yelled. “Dobbby,” Said Viktor tonelessly, with no expression on his face whatsoever. Then he held up a sign saying “H.E. have rights.” It stood for House Elves Have Rights.

“Was this rehearsed or something?” said Harry, confused. Collin Creevey and his little brother walked through the doors behind Dobby and started taking pictures like poparatzi. Dobby was flexing for the pictures, but he had absolutely no muscles to flex.

“You lot just going to ignore me?” harry asked. Nobody seemed to notice him, so he tiptoed away unnecessarily.

“Yes Dobby!” Hermione shouted as Harry left.

“Work it Dobby!” said Dumbledore, who passed Harry in the library, he was snapping his fingers along to the music sassily. “I think I have an idea for the Halloween party entertainment this year, and perhaps even some new school uniforms should be made…” Harry shivered at the thought of this, thinking what has Hogwarts come to?

“This reminds me of my gangster hippie days…” Dumbledore trailed off.


The end. Sorry for all of the extra … and so forth. This was just something fun I made with my friend. More chapters to come hopefully. :)


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