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Harry Potter Fan Fiction - The Next Generation

Harry Potter Fan Fiction - The Next Generation

Posted May 6th, 2014 by Ella_M_C

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by Antelope Owl (Ella)
in finity and beyond.

A/N: Hi everybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I have had this first part written for ages, but haven't decided to post it 'til now. I am still in the process of writing it right now :) Anyways, these aren't exactly chapters, just sections. When I wrote it, I didn't have any chapters so I sort of just broke them into 'scenes' to make sure i don't mess with the flow o my story (if it flows at all). Well, have fun reading! Hope you like it ;-)

HP fan fiction

Albus lowered his hand from the train window. He flicked his messy tangled hair across his face. His heart fluttered with excitement and nerves.

“Rose, do you remember what year we have to be in to go to Hogsmeade?”

Albus turned around to see that his cousin had already left. He sighed and sat down, his legs shaking dramatically. Cold air blew from the open window and Albus struggled to get it shut.  Although the train had only just left the station, Albus could see large grassy hills in the distance and fields with their flowers and wheat swaying gently in the breeze.

Suddenly the carriage door flew open and there was a loud rattling noise as James entered. He had brought his friends Lachlan Gage, Alexander Wood and Kenton Jordan as well as his cousin Fred Weasley along with him. They all barged in and made themselves at home. Gage was a strong muscly second year and an award-winning weight-lifter and he knocked Albus aside with such force that he nearly flew straight out the carriage window. As the second years sat down, Al found himself squished next to Alexander Wood, a burly boy with light brown hair and tanned skin.

“James, take your friends and yourself out of here. Please. I was here first.” Albus told his older brother after waving to Fred.

“Listen to you,” James waved his hand in the air as if brushing Albus aside, “Gosh, its cold in here! Why did you let in the wind Al?” Chris laughed heartedly and James grinned. With a quick flick of his wand the window shut. Then he suddenly launched into a conversation about some guy named ‘Itsy’ or ‘Ittisa’ that Albus didn’t really understand.

Albus squeezed out of his seat, slowly edged out of the carriage door and strolled down the train corridor. The train jolted and a door swung open, crashing loudly. Albus hurried down the corridor and passed compartments full of young, excited faces. As he hurried along, doors opened and he heard whispers of ‘Potter’, felt people’s eyes follow him until he passed their compartment, and people opening their doors rapidly, as if this was a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to see something extremely rare. One tiny blonde girl even banged the door into Albus’ face accidently in her hurry to see him, though she blushed tremendously and  retreated straight away once she realised. Al couldn’t understand why everyone was goggling; isn’t that what people used to do to his dad? SO why were they doing it to him?

Finally he stopped at a compartment where the door was swinging on its hinges. He peeked in. There was someone in there, leaning half out the window desperately trying to hold onto an opened envelope, the letter inside barely in the boy’s grasp. Albus gasped and hurried in and banged his head on the door. He grabbed the boy by his ankles.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” the boy nearly fell completely out the window.

“It’s ok, I’m saving you.” Albus said and heaved the boy back into the carriage.

“Killing, more likely.” The boy replied brushing his clothes down and closing the envelope.

Albus was surprised but as having so many arguments with James, he retorted naturally, “I could’ve left you there if you liked. Why weren’t you calling out for help anyway?”

“A Malfoy never seeks help.” The boy replied straightaway, almost as though he always said it. Albus couldn’t stifle a gasp.

“You’re…..you’re a Malfoy?”

“Yep, Scorpius Malfoy. What’s wrong with that?” He added.

“Oh…..nothing. Just - nothing. I’m Albus Severus Potter, though I usually go by Al.” Albus held out his hand and Scorpius tilted his head at it and shook it.

“Are you named after Albus Fumblemore?”

“Well, more like Albus Dumbledore, but yes, I am.” Albus sat down and made himself at home. Scorpius nodded.

“I’ve got a thousand of his cards, and of course I know its Dumbledore, just Fumblemore sounds more interesting.”

“You collect chocolate frog cards too? Oh my, do you have Cyprian Youdle? He is so rare!”

“Um, who’s Cyprian noodle-doodle-dude?” As soon as Albus had started talking Scorpius wished he hadn’t asked.

“Oh don’t you know? Do you watch Quidditch? He was the first and only referee to die during a match! He was hit by a killing curse, and no-one knows by whom or why, but they suspect a member of the audience……..”


“And he was quite a good referee too. And think, the only one who died! Of course, there was Kenneth Gibbon who died after a match but that wasn’t even on purpose! The seeker on the winning team was so happy that he rode around like crazy and wasn’t watching and,” Albus shuddered. “SPLAT! He went straight into the ref. He nearly died too, for -”

“SHUT UP! Please.” Scorpius said. He had sunk deep onto his seat and was attempting to curly his hair with his wand. He wasn’t succeeding.

“Oh whoops sorry. If there are 2 things I love it’s collecting chocolate frog cards and Quidditch.”

“Yeah, I sort of figured that out.”

“Right.” Albus said. They fell into an uneasy silence. He was angry with himself for going on and on, it was just so amazing to him, and yet no one seemed to be interested. His dad listened of course, but he was always busy with work.

There were footsteps outside the compartment and a lady with a trolley with heaps of food piled on top of it stopped right at the broken door.

“Would you like anything to eat dearies?” she asked.

Scorpius pulled out some coins and Albus took out a whole bag. Together they bought a bit of everything; Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans (BBEFB), pumpkin pasties, pumpkin juice, jelly slugs, liquorice wands, Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum, cauldron cakes, and many chocolate frogs.

“Ill, yuck, gross!” Scorpius exclaimed as he took a bite out of the pumpkin pasty. He placed it on an empty chocolate frog wrapper and flicked it across the mini table near the window.

“Don’t you like pumpkin?” Albus inquired as he dug into the BBEFB box and ate what seemed like a shampoo flavoured bean.

“Whadda ya think? Answer is no, I detest it.” Scorpius picked up a chocolate frog and stared at the card. “Hey……” Scorpius trailed off. He was glancing from the chocolate frog card to Albus, his head inclined.


“Er, what did you say your last name was again?”


“I knew it! This is your dad, right?” The boy shoved the card under Albus’ nose. Albus nodded.

“Is – is there anything wrong with that?”

Scorpius looked confused, “Er – no.” Albus relaxed, though Scorpius seemed unable to contain something, “So then you dad’s the Boy Who Lived, then died, then lived again?”

Albus chuckled, “Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

About half an hour later, a huge gust of wind escaped through the open window that Scorpius had previously hung out of and some of Scorpius’ papers flew out. Scorpius looked up and shrugged.

“It’s not important.” He said as Albus stood up. “It’s the list of what things we need to bring to Hogwarts.”

“Nah its ok, I’ll get it for you.” Albus rolled up his sleeves. He was trying to be brave; he was trying to prove to the world that he was a Gryffindor, a brave, daring, courageous Gryffindor. He pulled out his brand new wand; blackthorn wood, 12 ½ inches, unicorn hair core, and pointed it at the window.

“Achoo letters!” Albus used the spell that James had taught him once. Scorpius’ case shot open and about 6 envelopes went flying into Albus’ face. “Argf!” Scorpius rolled his eyes and watched the uniform list float further and further away until the train completely overtook it. The wind was now pushing the letters further into Albus’ face and he walked straight into the seat and fell over, papers flying everywhere. Scorpius burst out laughing.

“Al? Albus! Albus Severus Potter, where are you?!” a voice was echoing down the corridor.

“Who’s that?” Scorpius inquired but Albus seemed unable to answer for if he were to open his mouth, 6 letters would enter it.

 “Oh there you are! I wanted to tell you some – who is he?” It was Albus’ cousin Rose, wearing her brand new Hogwarts robes. She was looking at Scorpius and taking in his appearance; bright blue eyes, pale white skin, clean white teeth, and particularly his light blonde hair.

“Oh, this is Scorpius. Scorpius, this is Rose, my cousin. She’s starting this year too, like us.”

“Hi Rose.”

“Scorpius? Scorpius………..Malfoy? You mean?” Rose darted a look at Albus. She knew what her father had said about this guy.

“Yes that’s me. And why does everyone say that? It’s not like I’m gonna bite, unless you want me too of course.” Rose looked uneasy.

Rose was slightly lost for words. “Well, um……hi.” She suddenly turned to her cousin, “Al, you’ve made a complete mess.” She muttered something and flicked her wand and the letters arranged themselves into a neat pile in Scorpius’ trunk as it closed. She smiled and shut the window with a couple of sparks.

“Rose! You didn’t tell me you could actually do the spells, you only said you knew some!” Albus got up from the floor and flopped back on his seat. Scorpius looked slightly stunned. Rose just smiled wider.

“You two had better change into your robes, I expect we’ll be arriving soon. And by the way, the spell didn’t work mainly because you said ‘Achoo’ instead of ‘Accio’ and you said letters instead of list. You have to be precise and specific.” And with that she walked off, leaving Al wondering how on earth she could have known what they had been doing.

“Is she………..always like that?” Scorpius stared after her in disbelief as the door fixed itself magically with a couple of sparks.

“Like what?” Albus started pulling off his rather small red jumper with a large gold ‘A’ knitted on it.

“Um, a show-off, bossy, eaves-dropper and intruding for a start?” Scorpius took off his bright green jacket. Albus laughed, he was beginning to like this guy,

“Yeah, I’m ‘fraid so.”


A/N: So yeah. My other sections will be better than this (I hope), because this is definitely not my best written section. Anyway, please comment and CC! PWEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks :)

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This is pretty good! Keep it

This is pretty good! Keep it up!


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