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Heartdrop (Chapter 1)

Heartdrop (Chapter 1)

Posted May 4th, 2018 by alemye10

by tis.the.season.alem
in what?? “The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.”


a/n: This is chapter 1! You can skip to the intro before this if you want. Also, Im trying to do real book length chapters, so it's long but I really want at least one person to follow along. Pretty pleaseee! ????


Chapter 1




I’ve been to Georgia’s house one time and promised to myself to never go there again. The Powers lived in a small, two-bedroom apartment that was falling apart. In the slightly bigger room, slightly bigger than a closet, three boys shared a room. Georgia used to share with them and her parents used to have the other room until ‘they’ said Georgia couldn’t sleep with her brothers anymore. Georgia never classified who ‘they’ were but I made a wild guess that it wasn’t her parents.

When that happened, Georgia moved to using a pull out couch in the

living room. That meant we had no bedroom to hangout with so we watched TV in the stuffy living room. In fact, the whole house was stuffy, dim, and uncomfortable.

I felt bad for Georgia. Six people in a house like this! When I asked

Georgia what it was like to be the oldest, she told me about her two twin older sisters in college. And then the oldest brother. So that’s who Julia, Gretaline and Ben were. She had never clarified so I just thought they were her cousins or aunts and uncle or whatever. I tried to list their names in my head from oldest to youngest. Ben, Julia and Gretaline, Georgia, Ethan, Max and Junior.

That’s how I realized what a life Georgia lived. I wondered about her

parents. Until her dad came down at one pm wearing pajamas and drinking soda. At least I think it was soda. That’s what Georgia told me. And apparently her mom was at work. She worked as a housekeeper for some rich lady. Then I didn’t wonder anymore because I had an idea of who they were. And it wasn’t the best either. How did they even manage to take care of four kids who depended on them? I realized how hard life is for people and maybe mine wasn’t so bad.

We go into a kitchen and fix ourselves a snack and I call my mom and

ask her to take me home. I am scared for Georgia.



Back at the restaurant, Jonas Bridgett recognizes me right away. He bursts into tears and tells the salt and pepper guy who I’m guessing is his grandpa, that I am the friend of the big, mean bully and how I didn’t do anything to help.

The grandfather gets pretty fired up and walks up with Jonas and his brother to my mother. know this isn’t going to go well so I run to the bathroom and pretend I have to pee really bad, dancing as I go up. And just so I can stay a long time, I clutch my stomach and pretend it hurts.

I go into a stall and run my fingers over the dirty, dirty wall. My tears start to fall onto my tank top. Without Georgia, who am I? Certainly not the bully I pretended to be. But that’s what everyone thought I was. Maybe I could live it down.

I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. I have to calm myself down. This isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Georgia’s situation is a lot worse. I have to be grateful. Not crying in a stall in a bathroom in a pizza buffet!

I wet a paper towel and clean my face and dry it with another. I take a deep

breath and slowly open the door. My mom is still talking with Jonas Bridgett’s grandfather. Neither look very happy. I wonder if they think it's my fault. I wonder if it is.

I wonder if everything is my fault. Maybe everything could be traced back

to me. At least, that’s what it feels like these days. I thought of the speech I would tell my mother when she gave me a scolding.

Well, Georgia was in a bad mood…” I would begin. And just for Georgia’s sake, I would throw in a little lie. “And she kind of yelled at Jonas Bridgett because he had hurt her little brother. And I was going to stop her but I couldn’t.” I don’t know what I was going to say when she asked me why I couldn’t so I would keep on talking before she could interrupt me. And once again, for Georgia’s sake, I would tell my mom Georgia’s mother had passed away. Then my mom would feel bad for her and maybe let her off the hook and maybe I could get away with it too.

I marched over to my parents who were about to sit down. My older sister, Primrose was also sitting with them and raising her eyebrows up and down. Fine, she can think it’s funny. Plus, she’s supposed to be the mature one, a high schooler as of tomorrow.

“Hi Mom, hi Dad. Stop it Prim,” I began. Prim huffed and rolled her eyes. My parents glared at me and watched me sit down. Prim kicked my leg under the table.

“Is there something you would like to confess?”

“No,” I said, because it was the truth. Then a horrible thought hit me. What if Jonas Bridgett has mistaken me for Georgia!?

And will you guess what? He had. I had to explain to my bewildered mother, although she didn’t believe me. I thought she would! I was a perfect child and only got in trouble at home for little things like fighting with Prim and so on.

Prim looked like she understood. She knew what Georgia had been like. It reminded of me of one day at the park when Georgia got into a conversation, if you’ll even call it that, with Prim.

“Georgia, this is my sister Primrose,” I began.

“Her name is seriously Primrose? Isn’t that also a flower?”

Prim smiled and proudly nodded. Before she could say anything, Georgia piped in again.

“That’s stupid if you ask me. I bet your mom thought it was cute or something. I hate moms like that.”

I gave Georgia a look but she returned it right back. I had been shoved right back down by my so called best friend.

Prim laughed. “Of course you think it’s stupid. Obviously you don’t know the definition of cute,” my sister said gesturing to Georgia’s outfit which included worn grey sneakers, ripped black jeans and a dark blue tee. Georgia hated color.

Georgia was fuming. She grabbed my hand and pulled me away. Let’s go, Violet.”

I turned back and shrugged at my sister who had a satisfied smile on her face. Georgia’s brother Ethan comes over to us. He has a striking resemblance to his older sister. Both have hazel eyes and dark blonde hair. Both have the same stick-thin build. Both have freckles and both have dimples when they smile, although Ethan’s show a lot more. The rest of their siblings look like they aren’t even related, though.

Prim and I look like sisters. We don’t look that similar, nor that different. We both have brown eyes, the exact same shade. We both have the same skin color, about a dark tan/light brown color, although mine is darker. Her hair is more kinkier than mine and shorter, too. Mine is longer and probably classified more as curly than kinky. She has a tall athletic build and I’m a little short and pretty average.



I still couldn’t get over the fact that my mom didn’t believe me. When we

got home, she took away my iPod. I wasn't allowed to do anything but sit on my bed. And think. What had Georgia done? How was I supposed to make it better. My school year was off to a bad start.

The next morning, my face was blotchy and red. I couldn't find my planned outfit or anything good for that matter. By the time I got down to breakfast I was al out late to the bus and my mom was in a bad mood. Because of me.

My mom quickly snapped a picture of me and Prim before we left for


“I don't think you bullied him,” Prim said.

“Me neither,” I said. Then I realized what I said didn't make sense.


“I don't know,” I said.

The high school bus came and Prim was off to her first day at the high


I smiled as she waved to me from the window. She didn't have to worry about what I had to. She had lots and lots of friends. No enemies, not at all.

I was a little restless to get to school. I kept glancing at my schedule. *Homeroom, math, Writing, Reading, history, Lunch, Science, Special*

We turned off my bus stop road and after a few stops, we turned into the new neighborhood. There were two kids waiting there. One was an eighth grader I recognized who probably moved in during the summer because his family wanted a bigger house or whatever. The other one was new but she had a smile that made her fit in anywhere. She was wearing a light pink dress that came to her knees.

She came into the bus and sat herself right down next to me. “Hi!” she said, in a bubbly voice. I tried to match her excitement.

“Hi! Are you new?” I asked, hoping the answer would be yes. A new start. For me, at least.

“Yup! Just moved from LA. Los Angeles. Huge difference! Especially because I lived in the heart of the city.”

Los Angelos! That was so cool! Everyone was going to want to be friends with her. But I was going to snatch her up first. “What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Lola. What about you?”


“That’s a pretty name.”

I thanked her and returned the compliment. Lola smiled and fiddles with her pretty dress. Not that many girls at my school wore dresses but I knew Lola was going to make them ‘cool’ again. I myself didn’t mind them much, I just didn’t want to be different. But Lola stood out in a good way.

Lola took out her iPhone and I watched. Her wallpaper was of four pairs of

feet, one pair facing up, another down, next right, last left. One was a pair of Converse, the same exact ones she was wearing right now, Vans, Nikes and sandals. Her finger lingered on it a little long. She saw me watching her and said something. “Those were my old friends. In LA.”

I said something stupid. “Were they famous or something? Were you?”

Lola giggled. “No. Although all four of us have been extras in movies. Our

school was used for filming some movie. One of em, she got to be in a commercial! But it was a kinda unpopular one. And I did modeling for the year before I moved. It was fun, I guess. I thought it would be but it wasn’t as cool as I thought.”

“No way, that’s so cool! Why wasn’t it fun?”

Lola shrugged. “I don’t know, it kept me busy. I don’t know.”

Weird, I thought. But still, cool. Lola started to play a game on her phone. I

thought it would be a little awkward to start a conversation now so I didn’t. Even though I wanted to. I also wanted to compare schedules but Lola didn’t seem that into it, and I didn’t want to sound like I was trying to hard. I was surprised at how laced back Lola was about starting a new school across the country.

As I was considering it, Lola asked me who my homeroom teacher was. “This

person,” I said pointing to the name on my schedule. Mrs. Vydenschowski.

“Me too!” Lola said, smiling her movie star smile. I smiled back.

Finally, the bus pulled into the bus lot. My first day of seventh grade, middle

school, was about to begin. I had millions of questions. Could I remember where my homeroom was? Would I find my locker?

I walked in with Lola right behind me. I took a deep breath. I had ten minutes

until homeroom. Thanks to Prim, I knew that my locker was right next to the bathrooms. This had pros and cons but I decided to use it. When I came out and went to my locker, I found Lola right next to my locker!

“OMG!” Lola gasped. “This is so cool.”

I nodded. “Right? What’s your last name? Mine is Sittens.”

Lola giggled. “That explains it! Mine is Simmons.”

“Okay, we have to walk to homeroom together.”


We both had mostly the same materials that were sent in the letter with our

schedule. For a second, I was having so much for with my maybe-future-friend, that that I forgot I didn’t have my best friend by my side.

In homeroom, I sat at an empty desk and Lola sat next to me. We laughed

and talked when the most popular girl in our grade sat right behind me. Skye.

She tapped me on the shoulder. “I heard Georgia moved away. I guess your

taking her place, and new girl here is second to the throne?”

I was surprised Skye would say that, especially since she had never been

exactly mean. But I shrugged. “Shut up, please.”

Lola gave Skye nothing but a second glance and we went back to talking.

Mrs. Vydenschoski went over to the door and closed it. Now that it was 8:00, whoever came next would be officially late. The announcements came on.

“Goooooood Morning Rising Plains!!! Today is Tuesday, August 30th, THE

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Let’s welcome all of our new seventh graders and welcome back all of our eighth graders, hahaha…” Mr. Catlice, my new principal said with plenty of emotion. He continued on and on.

After the pledge, Mrs. Vydenschowski, introduced herself as the math teacher,

and our homeroom teacher. The first few times she said her name she said it quickly and let it flow from her mouth so I couldn't catch the pronunciation. But then she wrote it on the board. Vy-den-scowch-ski.

The day was off to a pretty good start. I could feel my heart beating with

excitement. I had math next so I stayed in my seat. I watched as Lola walked out with Skye. Oh no. What if Skye would become Lola’s best friend? Lola was probably too cool for me anyways.

I didn’t deserve anyone. I might as well be a bully. I wasn't sure. I was friends with a bully and watched kids get bullied and didn't do anything about it. If people saw me as a bully, but I wasn't, was I still a bully?

The second ticked by with the same things going on in every class until

history. History was on the other side of the building from reading class. And boy, did I get a surprise.



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good job on the first

good job on the first chapter! Lots of plot advancement and I'm liking Lola to begin with! Can't wait to see what happens next~

Posted by VI (*Jill*) on Fri, 05/04/2018 - 23:21

Thank youuuu!
“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you.”
- Beatrix Potter

Posted by /alem/ on Sat, 05/05/2018 - 07:35

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