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Heartstrings, Chapter 3

Heartstrings, Chapter 3

Posted December 28th, 2019 by katchyboo

by inprisonforsparkling
in Subcon Forest

'What?! What are you doing here!?' Error nearly shouted.

'Well, I decided to visit Ink, but... apparently he's busy?' PaperJam said uncertainly, glancing at Ink.

'Uh, well, not busy exactly...' Ink said.

'Then what are you doing...?'

'Well, the thing is... This appeared today.' Ink held up the red string. 'Error can't make red strings, and he doesn't know how else to explain it away.'

'Why would he want to- oh.'

'Yep,' Error sighed.

'What is going on here, am I the only one who doesn't know?' Blueberry said, looking confused.

Ink sighed. 'You know the Soulmates AUs?'



'Okay, look,' Error said slightly desperately. 'That... Soulmates AU or whatever... it can't be what's happening. It just can't!'

'Um, well...' PaperJam said. 'Hate to break it to you, but... it IS happening.'

'No, it's not. I... I was able to snap Blueberry here, wasn't I?! I can still make portals, just... maybe not to Anti-Void 6.'

'Somehow, I don't think that's what's happening here.' Blueberry whispered to Ink.

'I think you can't open portals that you're going to go through.' Ink said.

'But that doesn't make any sense!'

'I think the string won't let you two be in seperate worlds,' PaperJam said, examining the string.

'...Why?' Error said, not sure if he wanted to know the answer.

'You know why!' Blueberry said innocently.

'...shut up.' 


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But how do they know about

But how do they know about the Soulmates AU??

"Champion, I can take a beating, I'll rise again." - Barns Courtney

Posted by Unclevre on Wed, 01/01/2020 - 12:12
These are not my characters,

These are not my characters, actually. They're from a couple of different Undertale AUs, and they know about all of the AUs, sooo...

"You see, it doesn't matter who we are, Sophie. It's what we do." ~Lady Lesso, The School for Good and Evil

Posted by IllegalSparkles on Fri, 01/03/2020 - 09:26

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