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Heartstrings (yes I know this is a cheesy name) (also Error x Ink)

Heartstrings (yes I know this is a cheesy name) (also Error x Ink)

Posted December 21st, 2019 by katchyboo

by inprisonforsparkling
in Mt. Ebbot

Error sat, alone, in his corner of the anti-void. He'd just battled Ink again. He looked at the paint stains on his shirt. Why was he even doing this anymore? Why did he want to destroy the AUs? He didn't really have a reason anymore. By now, all of it was just habit. Tying people up with his strings, fighting Ink, trying desperately to have a purpose. Because, even though he would never admit it, he felt like he didn't have one anymore. Like just... a glitch.

Suddenly, he felt a tug on his left hand. He looked at it. There was a red string attached to his ring finger, pulling him... somewhere. Well, what else was there for him to do? He followed where it was pulling him. 

It was getting late. Error yawned, but he kept following the string. Until he saw where it was leading him.

A portal to the Doodle Sphere.

'Oh, god no!' he shouted, trying to run away, but it was no use. The red string only pulled harder.

Ink woke up suddenly. The shouts outside sounded like... 'Error?! What is he doing here!?' Ink ran outdoors to see Error, trying to... break a string? A... red... string. 

Exactly like the one that had appeared on Ink's left hand earlier that evening.

Ink stopped dead in his tracks. 'No way. This isn't happening.' Ink glanced at his hand. The string was connected to Error's. 'This CAN'T be happening!' Ink was panicking. After all, Ink helped with the creation of AUs. He knew exactly what was happening, unlike Error, and he wasn't happy about it. He tried to break the string, but to no avail. Error was still getting pulled closer. He didn't appear to have noticed Ink yet, but at that moment he looked up. Instead of what Ink was expecting, which was Error would try to fight him immediately, Error started trying to run away again. Ink saw the paint on his shirt from their last battle. Was Error... scared of him? Really? 'That's... weird...' Ink said slowly. 

'What... IS... this... thing?!' Error shouted, desperately trying to get the string off of his finger. 'Why- Agh!' He bumped into Ink. 'Get off me!'

'I'm trying!' Suddenly, the string lengthened considerably. Error stumbled back and fell over. He snapped his fingers for a portal back to Anti-Void 6, but it didn't work.

He tried again. Still nothing. 'What did you do to me?!' he yelled at Ink.

'Woah, woah, calm down. I didn't do anything!' 

'Yeah, then why can't I LEAVE!?'


'You DID do something to me!'

'No, I did not!'

'Then what's happening?!'

Ink sighed. 'Have you ever heard of something called a Soulmates AU?'

Error raised an eyebrow. 'No?'

Ink sighed again. 'Well... there are multiple kinds, but the one that's relevant has... um... something to do with red strings?'

For a moment, Error didn't react. Then he realized what Ink meant. 'Oh no. No. No!'

(yeah I'm shipping trash)


To be continued!!!  

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I don't know these

I don't know these characters but I do like a good cheesy AU.

"Champion, I can take a beating, I'll rise again." - Barns Courtney

Posted by Unclevre on Wed, 01/01/2020 - 12:09

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