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Here's to the Broken Kids | Part One | Chapter Nine

Here's to the Broken Kids | Part One | Chapter Nine

Posted January 28th, 2019 by Zelda

by Unclevre
in a perpetual predicament

A/N: Look how short this chapter is, it's a bby. Also, according to the parent-chapter option list this version of HTTBK has officially reached over half the chapters it had before, and over half of the total uploads as well. Also also, I changed HTTBK's name to Glass on all the other sites because, tbh, I felt it would draw in more people if it were less blatantly angsty. But I'm thinking I'll just leave it as HTTBK here on Kidpub, what do you all think? Keep it or change? 

I might be wrong, I'll have to check my notes, but after this chapter (or maybe the next?) I'm pretty sure we're moving on to Part Two. 

Thanks a ton for reading and I hope you enjoy the story!


Chapter Nine

The Twins

Their skin was turning a shade of white that neither of the girls had ever turned.Whiter than the snow they were tripping on. Ji Ny’s chain had been retired to her waist, red marks stung in a coil up her arm. For all they had joked, they really were freezing to death.

“Hey, look,” her sister nudged her and pointed up at a green sign. The human lettering was getting easier to read. “It’s my human name,”

The sign was green, stuck on a pole taller than them. The pole sprouted from the snow-packed ground, and cloudy clumps that Jeanette suspected was ice clung to the base of the pole above the grey snow.

Ji Ny squinted harder at the sign. “Jeen-etty. How do you know?”

“It’s Jeanette, and I know because I’m smart,” Jeanette grinned, all smug because she knew it got on her sister’s nerves when she was right.

“All right Smart Jean Ette.”

“It’s Jeanette.”

“That’s what I said.” Ji Ny rolled her eyes, “What’s my human name?”

Jeanette bit her lip, her jaw was chattering. Teeth clacking against each other, she opened her mouth and her chapped lips cracked. “Your name is Jeanelle.”

“Jeanelle and Jeanette, exploding demon aliens.” Jeanelle laughed. She liked her new name, her human name. It had a nice ring to it, it slid on her tongue like her favourite drink.

“Jeanette and Jeanelle, frozen in an alternate dimension,” Jeanette joked, but her voice faltered and fell. “We have to find that dual soul.”

Their parents’ research hinged on a sentient dual soul being, if they couldn’t find a being who met the qualifications here then their effort, their parents efforts, were all for nothing. Jeanette hugged her sister closer, shivering too hard to feel her own fingers. She could not let her parents down. She could not let her sister down. She tasted her own blood, sour and sweet.

“Jeanette,” her sister whispered. “J-J-Jeanette…”and she collapsed and took Jeanette down with her. They landed in a heap. Jeanelle on top of Jeanette on top of Jeanelle, all tangled in mess. Jeanette’s face crashed into the ice, biting cold stabbed her skin straight down to her skull, her ankle twisted and got pinned under Jeanelle’s knee. And it was cold. It was biting cold. She had never felt the cold before, she had never frozen before.

“Girls, hey, are you alright?” A distant human voice said. Jeanette looked up, her head felt like it was packed with cotton, like it was detached from her neck and bobbling in the air. The snow was turning colors other than white. The snow on her bare skin burned, a warm flush was starting in her chest and Jeanelle’s eyes were closed. “Are you alright?”

She licked her lips, blinked. Were they all right? Jeanelle’s eyes were closed.

She patted Jeanelle’s cold cheek. There was no reaction, not even a twitch under her eggshell eyelids. Not all right. She found the human who was speaking to them.

Kna—can you help—?” Jeanette’s eyes closed. 

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Oof crazy alien twins goin'

Oof crazy alien twins goin' to a cold planet unprepared. 

Is it dangerously cold for humans, or are the twins just built for a hotter climate?


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by Gracithe1andonly on Thu, 01/31/2019 - 22:42
It's just their biology.

It's just their biology. Their home planet has two suns so they're meant to take in a lot more solar radiation/heat than Earth has to offer :]
also they're in Canada, in the middle of winter, without coats on. like dumbasses.

"Champion, I can take a beating, I'll rise again." - Barns Courtney

Posted by Unclever Re on Sat, 02/02/2019 - 03:02

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