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Hero | Book One: The First Quarter ~ Prologue

Hero | Book One: The First Quarter ~ Prologue

Posted August 12th, 2015 by avbhabra

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by SilverStar
in a world built of Awesome.

A/N: Well, this is interesting. I've had WB for a really long time and I haven't posted on KP in... months. But I finally sat down to write something and this is the end product. Ish. I still have to edit this A LOT but I was just hoping to get some CC/comments before that. So, new story. Fresh idea. I hope you guys like the story!!

Also, CC and comments are really appreciated!! I'm trying this new thing where if you comment on my story, I'll comment on any piece of your writing that you choose. I hope you enjoy this prologue! :)




          “Tell me how you do it!” he shouts. I struggle against my shackles, squirming as I try to get free. The metal scrapes against my skin and I know that when I get them off – if I get them off – my wrist will be raw. Cold sweat plasters my hair to my face and dirt and grime is caked along my skin.

          My shirt is almost shredded and I shiver from what I think is pneumonia. Cuts and burn map my body from weeks of running and hiding. My wet hair clings to the sides of my face and I would give anything for a hot shower and fresh clothes. I can feel the bracelet on my wrist weakening. I’m tired. I’m thirsty. I just want to go home and forget the past few weeks.

          Dr. Javelin’s eyes are filled with a wild fire that scares me to my core. His hands are trembling with adrenaline and the frustration looks like it’s cooking him alive. His grayish hair is a mess, curly and knotted. I cringe at the sight of him. His lab coat is covered in burns and stains and his glasses are teetering at the edge of his nose. It’s a miracle anyone takes him seriously around here.

          “I have run test after test and the best scientists in the world can’t figure out what’s wrong with you. How? Tell me!” Javelin’s hands grip his head as he tries to understand. “We’ve been here for days!”

          “I don’t know,” I whisper hoarsely. “I – I”

          He can never know.

          He’s trying to understand. The poor man has no idea where to begin but if I don’t get out of here, he won’t hesitate to run more painful tests. He’s a scientist and curiosity fuels his studies. He can’t help but be what he was born to be.

          It’s not my fault that I can’t help being what I am either.

          They have to be coming. Kyra and Raph have to realize something’s wrong. They would have noticed I hadn’t returned to camp after an hour. They have so much more experience than me and yet I can’t even contact them. They should be here by now...

          “You can freaking teleport,” Javelin whispers. “How can that be possible?” The guards behind him shift uneasily at the doctor’s craze but they don’t abandon their post. I can’t get past them alone. Security is too tight in the facility, I can’t escape without any help.

          “Just tell me,” he begs, “tell me and I’ll let you go.”

          I can’t help myself as a laugh escapes my lips. “Let me go?” I shake my head. “I’ve been locked in here for days. What makes you think I’ll believe you?”

          “Believe it!” he says eagerly. “Believe me, you know me, Ivy. I can’t keep you in here forever. You have a gift. And with your help, we can fix the world. We can fix everything. Together. Ivy, we can save everyone!”

          I shake my head. This is absurd, and it’s even crazier that a part of me is willing to give up if I can be free. I guess a part of me always knew this would happen. I’d been having dreams for weeks and this craze seems just shy of reality. But why am I willing to give up so easily what I worked so hard to hide?

          I can’t manage to break my shackles. Whatever he’s done to them, I can’t teleport with them on and that makes my unease grow. Something’s wrong. Something’s not right, apart from the whole kidnapping. Something seems just a little off.

          “Fine,” says Javelin, his tone of voice changing entirely. He’s no longer the crazy scientist who looks like a madman. His eyes burn with the same wild fire but it’s more daunting now, more controlled.

          His voice is deathly low. “I guess we’ll have to do this the hard way.”

          And suddenly, the world goes black.

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you give me shivers you but

you give me shivers you

but srsly this is fab and I can't wait to read more.

Posted by BLOOOOP on Sun, 08/16/2015 - 15:46

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