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Posted January 7th, 2017 by TCGuest

by Rambouten101
in Hawaii(I can dream, right?)

It's hard to believe

That there is a chance

A small, tiny chance

That maybe, maybe

Someone cares enough to



To help

It's almost scary

To hand myself this hope

On a silver platter


Hope is dangerous

It's the deadliest weapons of them all

It brings belief into your heart

Working its way inside

Only to tear itself away at the moment you need it most


I find it hard to trust

It's to dangerous to let yourself fall

And trust that you will be caught

If you were standing at the edge of a building

Would you?


I've fallen before

And found no safety net below

If you had lain shattered on the ground

Would you?


I'm afraid to reach out my hand

For if I'm not caught

I might fall forever

Or I could hit the ground

And be unable to get up


But somehow

My heart is eager for hope

For help

And never has it seen

Someone who wants to put it back together again

And I'm allowing it to hope


So I'll let myself fall

A little too late, a little to far

And I'll trust

I'll hope

That you will catch me

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