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Hopeless and helpless

Hopeless and helpless

Posted July 15th, 2016 by TCGuest

by Rambouten101
in Hawaii(I can dream, right?)


The loss of hope;

An inability to feel hopeful again

That you'll be happy again

An inability to look to the sun

And think 'The light will be in my life sometime.'

An inability to look to the stars

And say 'I will shine as bright as them someday."

An inability to look at a smile

And know 'Maybe."

An inability to look in the mirror

And see your imperfections as perfections

An inability

To be hopeful


The loss of help;

An inability to act without help

Help that is never going to come

An inability to be thrown a lifesaver

Because no one thinks to use it

An inability to be given a hand

Because no one thinks to extend it

An inability to talk to someone

Because no one says they will listen

An inability to get a doctor

Because no one knows you are dying

An inability to heal

Because no one looks for your cuts and tends to them

An inability

To get help

Hopeless or helpless?

Are they one in the same? 

Does everyone feel both?

Do I feel both?


I may be helpless

But I am not hopeless

I will pull myself out of this hole

With my own two hands

Because I have hope

I have hope that things can change

I am hoping


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