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I don't know, Danganronpa fangame in book form I guess.

I don't know, Danganronpa fangame in book form I guess.

Posted September 27th, 2021 by Not_Jello

by Tyrone
in No

Protag: Tagawa Hanako, Ultimate Voice Actor, Gender female

Iwai Kei, Ultimate Guitarist, Gender male

Ashikaga Aiko, Ultimate Hacker, Gender female

Konno Yoshiko, Ultimate Actress, Gender female

Konya Haru, Ultimate Figure Skater, Gender female

Jin Ryo, Ultimate Comedian, Gender male

Sawada Katashi, Ultimate Stalker, Gender male

Rin Shoda, Ultimate Medic, Gender female

Okino Katsumi, Ultimate Theif, Gender male

Ryu Shin, Ultimate Engineer, Gender male

Taka Yamasaki, Ultimate Parkourist, Gender female

Takara Saiko, Ultimate Singer, Gender female

Mukai Rie, Ultimate Skateboarder, Gender female

Taketa Mamoru, Ultimate Misfortune, Gender male

Zeng Liu, Ultimate Prankster, Gender male

Xiao Yi, Ultimate Rollerskater, Gender male



I open my eyes to complete darkness. I don't know myself, everything that I had ever remembered had vanished from my mind. The only thing I remember was tripping up, that was when everything went dark. I suddenly began remembering things. I am Tagawa Hanako, the Ultimate Voice Actor. I suddenly fell over and found myself awake in a cafeteria. 'Where... am I?' I said to myself. I saw 15 people standing in front of me. A bear suddenly appeared in front of us.

     'Hope Peaks Academy!' The bear said. 'I'm Monokuma! Welcome to the new killing game semester!' Monokuma shouted. 'Upupupu!' I stood up, feeling despair awaken inside of me. I couldn't participate in a killing game. Murder is wrong. I had a gut feeling things were going to go wrong.

      A short boy walked up to me. 'I'm Xiao, the Ultimate Rollerskater.' The boy told me. I nodded and sighed. 'Hey, are you okay?' He asked me. I shook my head and a tear fell down my cheek.

      'I'm scared... I don't wanna die.' I whispered. Xiao hugged me and told me he didn't want to die either. Suddenly a boy about an inch taller than me walked up to be and Xiao.

      'You two alright? I heard sobbing. Oh, yeah, also I'm Taketa Mamoru, the Ultimate Misfortune. I'll explain. It's kind of like the opposite of the Ultimate Lucky Student. I have bad luck, it's so bad that I'm probably gonna be the first to die here.' He said.

       'I won't let that happen!' I stated. I couldn't be certain, but I had to say it. 'I'm not sure how... But I won't let it happen. I promise!' I said confidently. Taketa laughed. 'I'll prove it! You-You'll wake up tomorrow, and you're gonna be alive, and not hurt! I'll protect you!' I felt stupid saying all that but I promised, I had to make sure that he didn't die.






I still have no motivation. Stranded chapter 4 might come out soon but I don't know about prologue part 2.


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