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Indiana, Invincible; Chapter 16 Pt 2

Indiana, Invincible; Chapter 16 Pt 2

Posted October 8th, 2008 by maryam

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by Maryam
in debted to Lauren for coming up with the in-continued-with-clever-word-thing. Grin.

Two Weeks Later

Indiana's POV

Enoch and Jenny. I don't think I really appreciate how uplifting it is to see their faces both grinning at me across the lunchroom; one slim, pale, and framed with wispy blonde hair - the other black, and framed, as Enoch's face is, with thick black curls.
I grin, wave at them, and stride until I get to our table.
'Sorry I'm late,' I say apologetically, setting my tray down, opening my milk carton, and getting my Language book out from under my left arm. I place it on the table and look at them both quite frankly.
'I'm absolutely ridiculous, and McLassey gave us so much Math homework that...'
I allow this to trail off dramatically, tap the book, and they both gasp - equally dramatically.
'NO,' Enoch says loudly, shaking his head.
His grin gets even - if it can be described this way - louder.
'Are you SERIOUS?' Jenny asks, wide-eyed, looking – and I know it's purposefully - even more like the 1950's starlets I've told her many times she looks like. Then, she gets serious herself, and as I open the book on the table, sending wry glances to both of them, Jenny says, 'But really, the grammar homework didn't get done?'
My gaze turns apologetic for a few seconds, and then I slap the book shut and grin at
both of them.
'No, actually. I did finish my homework' - twin groans from both - 'but I just wanted to revise a little and maybe get a kick out of both of you getting freaked like that.'
'That wasn't FREAKED!' Jenny counters, getting up from the table and placing her arms exactly
parallel on the table, and looks at me with her eyebrows slightly raised and her eyes wide
- then, she relaxes, rolls her eyes and goes, 'that was just RELATIVELY' - 'relatively!'
Enoch interrupts, but she goes on.
'RELATIVELY, Enoch, and PROPERLY concerned-for-the-welfare-of-a-friend-who-certainly-needs-the-concern-given,' she says quickly, with a good touch of wit, and flashes a quick grin.
'What?' I sputter. I open my bread roll and quickly begin to butter it. 'Hardly, darling. I? Need your concern? Very funny.'
'But of course!' Enoch says, getting out his Scholarly (as Jenny and I have dubbed them) glasses out of his pocket, where he usually keeps them until it's time to decipher teachers' instructions on the board. He puts
them on and looks at me - scholarly - from
over them.
'You, my friend, definitely need the concern.'
'Me? Hah.'
'Yeah. Just ask him.'
He looks pointedly over to Rheston's ridiculous LR table, and before I look back at Enoch I notice that Rheston is back sitting there.
Quickly, I stand snootily, fold my arms, and raise an eyebrow at Enoch. 'I, my friend, do not attract mere concern. I attract - you could say envy, if you wanted to. You could say admiration. You could say pretty much anything.'
I pause grandly. 'But certainly not concern.'
'I actually think we should call you, from now on, Indiana Insufferable, really,' Enoch follows up with a grin. I raise my eyebrows again and take a lordly breath.
'Truly, Enoch? For shame. For I am Indiana, Enlightened; I am Indiana,' I quickly scour my mind for words, 'Elegant. I, Enoch,' I have the perfect word, and summon the correct and lofty tone, 'am Indiana, Invincible.'
I stop, and Enoch signals surrender with his wry smile. 'All right,' he whooshes out a breath, 'Indiana, Invincible. I'll stop this, because I am seriously craving my chocolate pudding, which I was just about to finish when you showed up.'
I smile at him and sit down. I really need to commence eating my own food.

Chewing through my roll, I relive the last couple of minutes. My God, that was hilarious.
Indiana, Invincible.
Nice title, girl.

Liam's POV
After-Recess Homeroom

'Order, people, please, ORDER!'

Professor McLassey looks more harried than usual, trying to get us in order. I can't see why – we're just as rowdy as we are any other day, coming in from recess. The LR, with myself, at least.

I cannot hold in a smirk, and Gina, glimpsing this, though of course she doesn't understand why, smirks back. Gina… I take her hand and interlock it with mine, still keeping eye contact. She winks, and for just a little longer I'm tempted to keep going on this little flirtfest (it is enjoyable, I must admit) but for now, Professor McLassey is calling, and with a last look through her eyelashes at me, Gina disengages her fingers from mine and waltzes back to her own seat in the back.

'Now, class, I have an important announcement to make,' McLassey says, mopping his forehead with a handkerchief, 'we're going to be going on a field trip next week…'

Oh. A field trip?

That's it?

I begin to turn to where Gina is sitting, but freeze as McLassey intones,

'The field trip will be to the eminent transporter James Rheston's main warehouses in town and to…'


Why on earth did he say anything about this?

I swivel around on my chair to the other side of the room, where Finnigan is sitting.

She's not looking at me, but in a few seconds, she meets my eyes solemnly.

Finnigan gets it, too.



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Cool! LOL. This is sooo

Cool! LOL.

This is sooo good. You've been working on it for ages! lol. anyway keep it up! :D :D

From A Very Non-Vampiric Friend, Kanga :)

Posted by Kanga on Wed, 10/08/2008 - 17:10

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