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Introducing "Saphires" My new book series :)

Introducing "Saphires" My new book series :)

Posted December 17th, 2020 by Cutecrittre9

by Kaitlyn
in British Columbia


- Parents wanted a boy(hence the name)
- A bit Spiteful and Pushy...
- Audrey and Kaitlyn are her best friends
- Goes to Ellison Elementary school(Vernon BC)
- Doesn't like anything too sweet
- Grade Five
- Girl
-Likes Baby shatk a little too much...

- Might talk a little too much about Country music(Brett Kissel)
- Grade five
- Loves camping
- Likes animals
- LOVES scary stuff
- Goes to ellison elementary school(Vernon BC)

- Does NOT like scary stuff at all
- Her and Audrey are friends, But fight ALOT
- She loves building forts(and playing in them during a power out
- Girl
- Grade five
- Poutine obsessed
- Goes To Ellison Elementary School (Vernon BC)

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