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[it's back for chapter two] [i think imma call it abbi's rescue]

[it's back for chapter two] [i think imma call it abbi's rescue]

Posted April 22nd, 2019 by Werty

by ~July~ [Kayla]
in your mind. i mean, it's not like i'm real.

A/N: tabs actually worked this time!  i think i know the problem now just never put your tabbed story up on kp through a cromebook, use another devices (i'm using an asus)

Chapter 2

Paige’s POV

    Everything was happening so fast.  I was really worried that I would never see my family again.  The Earth Spirit Millie ended up bringing me a book that explained a lot though.  I didn’t really feel like reading it, but I also thought that I probably didn’t have a choice, and that nothing would get explained otherwise.

    So I found out tons of cool stuff about the signs and whatever.  I was a Virgo. My two roommates, Ava and Wynn, were Taurus and Capricorn.  Like the constellations. Huh. And that was the point of it, I guess.

    A couple of mornings later, we met at the breakfast table.  It rotated seats, I guess, for whoever was in rule. Or that’s what I would guess, anyway, because Pisces was sitting on the biggest seat at the head of the table.  We ate quietly, chatting here and there amongst our own elements across the table. There were a few new faces. Two air signs, by the look of it. One of them was chowing down like she hadn’t eaten in months.  One of the others rolled her eyes at the girl. The third one tried to pretend she didn’t know them.

I stifled a laugh, and noticed that Pisces did the same.  Our eyes locked. We were polarities, weren’t we? Which meant we were different, but also majorly alike.  I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

Before I could finish up a conversation I was having with Ava, a couple older girls that definitely weren’t Spirits swept by.  Before they were all gone, one of them pointed at us sitting awkwardly at the table and rushed the rest of them in.

“You must be the new group!” The girl who noticed us said eagerly.

“Which one is Aquarius?” One of the others yelled with her hands up.

    “Me,” said one of the new air signs.

    I just nodded along.  The Virgo girl came over to me.

    “We’re the old group.  We’re so excited to go home.  We found new living quarters as they began to recruit you guys.  But we don’t want to forget any of this, so we asked to pardon that.  We got each other’s phone numbers and are planning to hang out.”

    “I have one question,” I began. “Are all of these people from America?”

    “Oh, no!  We just all understand each other through the Astrological language running through our veins.” She laughed at the confused look on my face.  “Don’t worry about it. I’m from Brazil. You?”

    “North Dakota, in the USA.” I replied.

    “That’s cool.  I have some family there, I think.” She told me with a smile.  Then she rejoined the majority of her group.

    “I see somebody still isn’t here,” said one of them. (the Libra, maybe?) “Where’s your Aries?”

    “We haven’t found her yet.” Ava told her.  She nodded and stepped back.

    “Well, you’re going to have to find her quickly.  Pisces has to hold up 24/7 as this comes to a close.  She can’t handle that sort of strain for long.” Said the Virgo.  And with that, they were gone.

    “Do we know what school she’s in?  Or even what country?” Pisces wondered aloud.  At that moment, a Fire Spirit came whizzing in.

    “Yeah!  She’s in a school in Austin, Texas.  And that’s all we know. All our contact attempts just flopped.”

    “Okay.  Wait… can’t we send a couple of us into her school to find her and bring her with us?” Aquarius asked.

    “You really think you guys could save the universe without proper fighting training?” The Fire Spirit seemed skeptical.

    “Why not?” Said Gemini and Leo at the same time, before reaching around an annoyed Cancer to high five.

    “Hmm.  We’d have to plan it.” And with that she was gone.

    “Byeeee, Justice!” Aquarius and Leo called after the Fire Spirit.  

Before I knew it, we were gathered around another table.   Ava was still nibbling on a piece of toast. A ton of Elemental Spirits were there too.  One that looked like all four elements mixed into one stood up at the head of the table. She stared down poor Pisces, who was facing her sharp gaze from the other head.

    “Listen.  Aquarius here—” she gestured towards the air sign, who was doodling on her hand instead of paying attention.  She jumped into sharp focus. “—had a great idea. We send some people out to Texas. We will modify everyone’s speech—” now she glanced at Ava, who cowered down and then adjusted, seeming to stand her ground a little.  Wynn nodded a little in her attempt to be encouraging. “—so that the Texans understand us. I say we send a sign from each element.” Some of the other Spirits nodded enthusiastically. It was really the Fire and Earth Spirits being skeptical.

    “I volunteer!” Said Aquarius eagerly, standing up.

    “Woah woah woah,” interrupted Gemini. “What about me?”

    “Please?” Aquarius tried to turn some of her non-existent stubborn charm onto Gemini.

    “Fine.” Gemini rolled her eyes and sat down.

    “You could send me!” Shouted Leo.

    “Hey, aren’t you guys polarities?” Asked Pisces.

    “How about you and Virgo go?  You are polarities too.” Libra suggested to her.  I immediately shrunk down in my seat.

    “Nope.” We said in unison.  And then we laughed, and kept laughing until the Element Spirit stood again.

    “Although I would love to send a group with the same quadruplicities,” she began.  We all made noises of slight confusion. One of the Fire Spirits found that funny and snorted. “I think it would be safer to send Pisces with you, so we don’t have any more ‘the same ruling sign in one place’ issues.” The Water Spirits seemed to agree with this.  I decided it was best not to ask questions about any of this.

    We went back to our dorm rooms.  Like the book said, time goes faster in the Base.  So it was dark outside, although we had just eaten breakfast.  I flopped into my bed. Wynn switched off her desk light overlooking her bed.  So did Ava and I. There were three mini levels in the Earth dorm room. Each a balcony-floor sort thing with a bed and room to organize everything (Earth signs for you) without getting in anybody else’s way.  Mine was on the very bottom, above me was Ava’s, and above that was Wynn’s. I wasn’t sure if anybody else’s dorm rooms were like that. But I liked it just fine. I closed my eyes and tried to fall asleep. But some other things were keeping me awake. Like my family.  I missed my family so bad… and of course, I felt like I’d never see them again. The Book said it would be twelve full years I would have to serve. And then there’s the other point… when I got home, I wouldn’t remember any of my adventures here. Unless I asked… but what was the point of remembering?  If I was to tell anyone they would think I was crazy. Am I crazy? Is this all a dream? None of this seems real. I couldn’t handle all of this. So I flicked my little light on and turned to the right.

    When you move into a dorm, it automatically generates things that cure your specific boredom.  I was lucky enough to have an okay sized bookshelf with the books I really liked. Nothing overwhelming.  Just cozy.

    I picked the first Harry Potter book off the shelf, then checked the clock.  One in the morning. I had been awake that long. Fun.

    I sat back in my bed, dimming out my lamp so I didn’t wake up light-sensitive Wynn or easily-woken Ava.  It felt like I was reading for hours. I was sure it should have been daylight out already. But when I checked the clock, it was one o’ five.    As confused as I was, I was finally also tired, so I laid down completely, not even bothering to turn off the lamp, and dozed.

The next morning, Ava woke me up.

    “You’re going to Texas, right?” She said. “Don’t you have to pack?”  I made my way over to my dresser, magically filled with the clothes I had at home, and pulled on jeans and a t-shirt while Ava went to go wake Wynn up.

    After that, Millie the Earth Spirit made her way into the room.

    “Take this,” she said, handing me a necklace with a crystal hanging from it. “It contains the power of Virgo, the virgin, and it’s purity.  With it, you can repel magic and drain others of it. But be careful. You haven’t been trained to use it. It can be fatal to some of your team members.” By that, I think she meant Pisces, Aquarius, and Leo.

    Waiting in the breakfast hall were the three of them.  Aquarius had her brown hair tied back and a vase strapped to her back.  Leo was wearing monstrous light brown pigtails, a mischievous grin, and gloves that almost seemed to have real claws on them.  Pisces came equipped with two earrings that seemed to glow on her ears, and blonde braids.

    A Water Spirit swooshed us away.  She said she would be the one transporting us.  She put her hand in the middle of the sudden circle of the four of us.  We all followed suit.

    “Wait, what are we doi—” but Pisces never got to finish that thought.  The transport began.

We got there.  She had landed us right in front of a large school.  It said Windport on the front of it.

    “Good luck.  When school gets out, just blow on this whistle.” The Water Spirit gave Pisces a whistle. “A van will show up to take you all to where you will be sleeping.  In fact, use it as transport to wherever you please. Just, try not to die.” She told us as a final farewell. I nodded. Aquarius and Leo shot each other sisterly glares before nodding as well.  Pisces smiled and agreed.

    And with that, and a turn on her heel, she was gone.  I have never seen a Spirit transport from the outside before.  It was cool. She turned into almost a water-tornado, before shrinking into nothingness.

    We entered the school.  Kids were talking loudly.  One guy shot a basketball across the hallway to his buddy.  I avoided the teacher who came over to scold him. Something told me she was a Capricorn.  Wow, a sixth sense. I can tell people’s signs. Weird.

    It seemed like a pretty normal school.  Day after day, nothing really happened that was all too interesting.  Even though it was late February, Texas was pretty warm.

    I also found out their names.  Pisces’ name is Izzy. Aquarius’ name is Quinn, and Leo’s name is Ellie.  I told them my (pretty boring) name.

    “Hey, that’s a cool name!” Ellie pointed out.  I would have said she was doing it out of pity, but something was telling me she wasn’t.  I guess it was a Leo thing.

    “Yeah.” Quinn added with a smile.

    “It’s better than my name.  Mine is so overused.” Izzy pointed out.

    “Is Izzy your full name, or is it Isabella?” Quinn asked.  Izzy screwed up her face in protest.

    “Isabella.  But don’t you dare call me Bella.”

    “Okay, Bella.” said Ellie.  Quinn socked her in the shoulder.  Izzy snapped her attention to the now grinning— and arm rubbing— Ellie.

    “Hey!” She said, but she was also smiling.  No hard feelings.

    Honestly, the only interesting thing that happened all week was in gym class.  Not seeing boys for a while can get confusing. Ellie got teamed up with a really tall guy with similar gloves to hers, which threw us all off.  My partner was a girl with long, straight red-brown hair. She was a fierce player and soon we had chased down Quinn’s team (I had no idea what we were playing) and kinda just sat there.

    “So…” said my partner.

    “Let’s just go back to the game.” Said Quinn.  And then she took off, kicking one of the various balls randomly in Izzy’s direction.

And so for a couple days, it went on like that.  I missed having normal school— not that you could call this normal.  I didn’t ride home with my brother every day. There was no lacrosse practice.  Ellie played basketball with me on some days after school, but Quinn usually wanted to get home and we really couldn’t separate ourselves because there was only one whistle.  So I still felt homesick. If I understood correctly, at that very moment, there was another me, the future me, the one after the whole zodiac business, probably playing lacrosse or hanging out with my brother.

    The van itself was pretty large.  We never saw the driver’s face due to a limousine-style blocker.  We usually hung out in it like it was a party bus. It had a fridge (Quinn and Ellie stayed near there) and overall was pretty fun.  We never got pulled over for not being buckled, however.

    One time, Quinn summoned the van.  I told them I was going to run inside and use the bathroom.  Ellie nodded, but I don’t think she was really paying attention.  When I came back out, they were gone. I swore.

    “Need help?” It was the redhead from gym class.

    “I guess.” I told her.

    “I’ll give you a lift.” So I climbed into a strangers car and her dad drove me home.

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