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It's a Good Life~Family Reunion

It's a Good Life~Family Reunion

Posted March 5th, 2013 by S.Anne

by Samantha
in Tennessee

Family Reunion

"Mom?" asked Gracina Reana. Her mom, Mrs. Reana turned.

"Yes?" She asked picking a dog crate up and putting it in the blue van. Gracina put her pink luggage into the van.

Gracina replied,"Aren't we going to see Kalina and Lorana?" Mrs. Reana nodded and picked up Maisy, their new Dalmation puppy, and put her in the crate.

"You will meet Lucy, too. You'll like her she is very nice", Mrs. Reana reasurred her.

Sarah who had just walked in asked,"Who's this Lucy?" Sarah grabbed the bag of chip off the porch, opened it, and stuffed them in her mouth.

Their mom slid her hair behind her ear and answered,"Well she's your dad's sister's daughter."

Gracina stuttered,"You. . . you mean she's our cousin?" Her mom nodded.

"Of course! Just like Kalina and Lorana", Sarah said placing her bags in the van carefully.

Her mom put her make-up bag in and said,"You haven't met Lucy because she was sick when we had the last real family reunion."

Honk! Honk! A car came up the newly paved street.

"They're here!" exclaimed Sarah. The Carolson's were coming and riding with each them. Just then Mr. Reana came out ready to greet their new guest. Kalina stepped out quietly as Lorana bounded out to greet her cousin. They folded into a hug. While Sarah and Kalina fumbled with the dirt underneth them.

"Well let's get going! Everyone ready?" Mr. Carolson said cheerfully.

Soon the happy bunch were well under way. Lorana and Gracina worked on a big coloring sheet together, Sarah and Kalina started to talk about how they didn't like some of the rules of their schools or the teachers they didn't like, The two sisters, Mrs. Reana and Mrs. Carolson talked about what all had been happening within the month between their last visit, and the men talked about one of the best race-car drivers.

After an hour the happy family arrived to Brooklyn Ranch.

Mrs. Reana exclaimed,"Oh! It's beautiful! We're actually going to stay here a whole week!" Mrs. Carolson also seemed excited just didn't say so.

"Ooh! Look there's Riley Creek! Look! Over there! Shh!" added Sarah. There were two little squirrels.One dark brown and one just a little lighter. Everyone couldn't help but make noise when the dark brown one snatched the nut from the other. They parked in front of a cabin a little farther from Riley Creek.

Mr. Reana startled everyone and announced,"I'll go tell them that we are here and need the keys for cabin three and four. Okay? How about you get everything unloaded. Okay?" Everyone seemed to agree.

"Why do we need two cabins?" asked Lorana who jumped into the unloading immediately.

"Well we decided", Mrs. Carolson started smiling at her sister. "That is if you can behave we will let you girls and three other girls sleep alone in the cabin right beside us. But. . . You must behave. If there is any problem we will have an adult in there. Understand?" All the girls were excited. It was going to be the longest sleep over ever!

After a few minutes of unpacking Mr. Reana came back with the keys. He gave the keys to Sarah and Kalina because they were the oldest. Sarah unlocked the door and stepped into the beautiful, wooden brown cabin.

"Ahh! It smells of pine needles! Fresh picked ones!" Kalina said sniffing as Sarah tried to catch a whiff of the air. There were 4 bunks. Two were pushed up against the corner walls.

Lorana called her bed first and said,"I want to be by Gracina! No. I want to share with Gracina!" Gracina and Lorana scrambled away to find the best bunk in the cabin as Sarah and Kalina moved some of the bags into the cabin. Once everything was moved Sarah and Kalina picked the bunk in the middle of the small cabin.

A few minutes after they'd just finished unpacking two girls came into the breezy cabin. One girl had straight, long, orange hair pulled into a high ponytail. She was in a pink wheelchair. The other girl had dark brown hair down with long bangs pulled to the side.

"Hi I'm Lucy!" said the orange haired girl. "And this is Sandy", Lucy announced as a golden colored retriever bounded out into sight. Sandy cocked her head to the side at the seeing of the new strangers.

Then the brown haired girl started to speak,"I'm Natasha, but you may call me Tasha." She pulled the wooden door behind her. Just then Sandy barked at something outside. Sarah gracefully walked over to the window. She peered out the dusty window. There was an older girl with light brown hair that glimmered in the sunlight. She was talking with her mom.

"Oh. That's our sister, Marie-Anne, but we mostly call her Marie", explained Natasha. She finished,"She wanted to stay with dad at our house." Natasha opened the door to go and get the other bags. Just then Sandy gleefully leaped into the air and dashed out the door. No one said anything.

"Oh no", groaned Lucy. Natasha raced out the door and followed Sandy. The rest of them squished out the door after. All except Lucy. She watched them out the window. Lorana sat down beside her and silently stared out, too.

She looked over at Lorana and smiled,"You seem nice! By the way I never got your name."

Lorana returned her smile and told her,"Lorana." There was no need for words to reply. At that moment the two cousins shared a smile, a special smile.

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