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Jailbreak: Chapter Eight And Nine:

Jailbreak: Chapter Eight And Nine:

Posted April 11th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 8: What’s even happening here? I honestly don’t know.

“Did he really just leave?” I asked myself, and began quietly following him. “Sure, Tango did just find out that he doesn’t have a brother. But he shouldn’t just leave me! Doesn’t he even remember me? Or is he too obsessed with finding his brother?” It was so unfair! Why should Tango care so much about finding some brother that he ignores me?


“How could Mr. Devani do this?” I grumbled to myself, as I stormed away from the building. “He has to know how much finding my brother means!” I continued storming away.


“Oh no…” I sighed and realized that I had completely forgotten Lauren. And kept walking for?I checked my watch? almost an hour… “I’m so dumb….” What now, I asked myself. “Should I go back or try to find someone who can help?”

“How about you start by saying sorry?” I heard a voice drift from a nearby bush. Lauren’s voice.

“I… uh…” I stammered slightly, surprised. “Sorry… I was just so excited to find my brother that when I learned he wasn’t here… Sorry….” I trailed off.

“Next time you leave me behind, I’m not following you.” Lauren grinned. Why do I have such forgiving friends?

“Then do you forgive me?” I asked her.

“I’ll think about it.” Lauren smirked. I hereby revoke my previous non-verbalized question.

“Hey there, if you’re looking for your brother, I’ll let you know he’s not wanting to be found yet.” A cloaked figure walked past us, “as time passes by you will meet him soon enough. For now it is not time.” The figure then just walked away quickly.

“That just happened.” I watched the figure walk away.

“Yeaaaaap…” said a voice from behind. I turned around. It was Exzavion. “Found ya. Ready to go?”

“I guess…” I sighed, and got into the spaceship.

“I’m assuming you wouldn’t forget me. Again.” Lauren grumbled and got into the ship.

“Don’t worry.” I told her. “I wasn’t going to this time.”




Chapter 9: Departure

It had been almost a month. According to that ghost thing, Tango was going to lose control soon. Today was also the day we were going to start searching the galaxy for our crystals. When I told Mr. Devani about Tango being possessed, or whatever it was, he said that he would see if he could find a way to get rid of Mr. Ghost. Well, not in those words, but that’s the message he gave me.

“Hey, Lauren.” Tango said, from directly behind me, causing me to jump a little. I felt my face start to warm up. From embarrassment. About being startled so easily. Not… anything else.

“Hi.” I tried to keep my voice steady and act calm, like I wasn’t too excited about finding my power-crystal-thing. But really! A power-crystal-thing!

“It… he?” Tango started confused, “the ghost thing? What do I call… him?”

“How about ‘him, he, and that dumb ghost who is possessing me’?” I asked him.

“Okay. Today is the day that he is supposed to take over. Or tomorrow.” A look of panic briefly crossed Tango’s face.

“Yeah.” I told him, “I know. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Ready to go?” Tango asked gesturing towards the ship.

“When that door opens.” I rolled my eyes and pointed to the still closed ship door. But then it opened.

Tango looked at the door, then back at me, puzzled. “But it is open.”

I sighed. “Yep. My life.”

Tango stepped through the door, out of my sight.

“Why am I doing this, again?” I asked myself, and stepped into the ship.

“Hello, hello.” Exzavion was the pilot again. “I guess I’ll be your pilot again.”

“Uh huh.” I answered him, not very interested.

“Where are we going?” Tango asked Exzavion, clearly eager to get a power-crystal-thing.

“It’s actually called an Ultimate Crystal, by the way.” Exzavion said.

I frowned. Why won’t anyone stop reading my mind? Isn’t there a thing known as privacy?

“Yes, but your mind is open, like, very open. I can literally hear your thoughts without trying to.” Exzavion replied.

“That’s dumb.” I imagined sending a mental glare at him.

“Not really.” Exzavion shrugged. “I guess it is dumb since you can’t block it or control it, but other than that not really.”

“Fine. It’s not fair. I should be able to block it.” I grumbled to myself, and therefore Exzavion.

“Then learn to block it.” Exzavion said, “if you get your Ultimate Crystal it’ll do it manually so then if I wanted to look in your mind I’d have to actually try.”

“I’ve been trying to learn to block it.” I thought at him. “But it’s hard when nobody will teach me.”

“Uh, guys?” Tango asked, “what’s going on?”

“Reading minds isn’t my specialty, so when you get your crystal you should be fine.” Exzavion replied.

Tango looked back and forth between us, and asked, “No, really. What’s going on? This is creepy.”

“She’s complaining about my mind reading.” Exzavion said, “neither of you blocked it so I can legit hear your thoughts without even trying to.”

Tango suddenly looked nervous.

“Don’t worry, kiddo.” Exzavion said, “I’m not gonna tell her that ya love her.” He then realized. “Oh wait, oops.” He had a large smirk on his face.

Tango looked… red. Very red.

“Forget I said anything.” Exzavion then said. “Anyway, you should actually take a seat and stuff ya know. You’ve been standing for like, a minute.”

“A minute isn’t that long.” I told him, “unless you ask someone who is younger than, say, seven.” I glanced at Tango and noticed that he looked like he wanted to become a rock. But, if what Exzavion said is true- I cut myself off by telling myself, “I’m not going to let him read that thought. No way, no how.”

“Don’t worry, Lauren, I’m not gonna tell him.” Exzavion said.

“No. Please no. Please no. Not this.”

“I said I won’t, so don’t worry.” Exzavion said, “you’re all good. He has no clue. Cuz I ain’t mentioning it.”


“Unless Tango is interested.” Exzavion winked at Tango. “Other than that, I’ll stay silent.” He then whispered something to Tango. “And no, I did not just tell him it, don’t worry.”

“Why me? I know Tango must know by now, but….”

“Anyway, shall I change teh topic?” asked Exzavion.

“Please.” I half whispered.

“Okay so let’s see… Oh I sense something.” Exzavion said, “is it dat ghost ye were talkin ‘bout?”

“Probably,” Tango sighed.

“Mmhmm, well its near.” Exzavion said, “but we’ll take off before it gets here, won’t we?” The spaceship did as Exzavion stated.

“It’s already inside me. It just decided to wait a month before it did anything.” Tango said.

“Oh in that case uh… Nevermind.” Exzavion replied.

“Yeah.” Tango said, stretching the word to make it just a little longer.

“Well then, Lauren what are you gonna do?” Exzavion asked. “When the ghost takes control and leaves along with Tango?”

“I don’t know.” I admitted, “probably keep trying to find my Ultimate Crystal and a way to get rid of the ghost.”

“It’d probably just get bored of Tango at some point so you won’t need to really get rid of it.” Exzavion said.

“Oh. Well that works.” I looked at Tango.

“Yippee.” Tango sighed, “I only have to be possessed by a ghost until he gets bored.”

“My assumption is he’s feeding off of your energy at the moment, and since he entered you in the first place. Until he is fully energized, then he’d take control. But I’m assuming he’d lose control when his energy runs out.” Exzavion explained. “I may be wrong, but it’s a possibility.”

“Great.” Tango frowned, “I get the privilege of having my energy used against me.”

“Yep.” Exzavion said.



to be continued in the next chapter...

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