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Jailbreak: Chapter Four:

Jailbreak: Chapter Four:

Posted February 16th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 4: Breakout.

Today was the day. Tango had agreed that we would break out tonight. With Lexi. I sighed and wondered how Lexi found out about last night. In the end I was glad she did but… I kind of wanted to break out without her tonight.


Time to make that bell pay. If it was the bell and not some kid that wanted to bug me last night. Still. That bell is going to get it. I finished melting my cup of hot-chocolate and wondered just how much damage molten chocolate would do to a mass of flimsy wires. I knew the stuff would at least melt. “Well. Here it goes.” I grinned as I started pouring the super hot concoction over the wires that made up the central wiring for the bell.

“Wow.” Lauren grinned from beside me, as the molten chocolate melted through the rubber around the wires and poured over the circuits, hardening around them as it did so. “That thing is never going to work again.”

I smirked, glad that dumb bell was dealt with. “I know. That bell had it coming.”

“I doubt the school will like you breaking the prison bell.” Lauren mused happily from beside me.

“Nah. They needed a new one anyway.” I grinned, still watching the molten chocolate pour over the circuits that formerly made the bell run.

“Maybe, but do you think exploding all the speakers was really a good idea?” Lauren asked, remembering the story I told her. I had snuck around the prison, exploding every bell I could find. And finding bells was easy when they tried to warn the guards. Even in ‘death’ these bells harassed me.

“Yes. That bell bugged me enough. It was worth it.” I grumbled, glaring at what was left of the bell circuits. “I’d like to see that bell make some noise now. It deserves this for-”

Before the bell interrupted me.

“I thought you broke all the speakers!” Lauren Scanned around for guards.

“I did!”

“Then where is that noise coming from?” Lauren looked at me, puzzled.

“I have no clue.” I mumbled. Then, louder, “It’s like the prison is haunted!”

“INDEED!” A loud voice shouted.

“What was that?” Lauren asked, huddling closer to me in fright.

“NAMES ARE NOT IMPORTANT!” The voice replied. “I’M-” The voice started to add before I interrupted it.

“She didn't ask your name!” I laughed, before continuing. “She asked what you are!”

“I- Wait, what?” The voice stopped booming and was sounding confused. “I… Uh… I’M YOUR DOOM!”

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t really care about all that show. What are you?”

“You people are no fun.” The voice sounded sad. “But I may as well let you know.” The voice sighed, before continuing. “I’m a kind of ghost… I think…. Anyway. I’m going to POSSESS YOU!”

“And do what? Please don’t hurt him!” Lauren was now shivering at my side.

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything for a while. In about… a month. Yes. A month. That sounds right.” The voice was mumbling to its self. “In only one month I shall emerge! I will then take control of you and save the world, one door at a time!”

“We can still hear you.” Lauren whimpered.

“Doesn’t matter. In one month I shall take control of your friend.” The voice replied, somehow sounding like it was smirking.

“Take control? Not full control?” I asked.

“Well. I… uh… No.” The voice was annoyed. “You won’t have very much control though!”

“Okay. Can you stop the bell though?” I asked.

“Hmm. For today.” The voice replied, clearly not knowing what we were planning.


“Let’s go!” Lexi was at my cell door.

“How did you get out of your cell?” I asked wearily.

“I have my ways…” Lexi replied mysteriously.

“Okay.” I taunted her. “That's fine.

“C’mon, Lauren!” Lexi was begging me now. “We gotta escape!”

“No. We need to wait for Tango.” I scolded her.

“Fine…” She mumbled, sounding bored. Then exclaimed, before I interrupted her, “OH! Let’s-”

“SHHHH!” I wondered again why Tango had agreed to let my friend come along. I was going to enjoy escaping alone with him! Of course, I knew I was being unfair. Lexi had been a huge help when we broke Peyton out. It was Tango’s way of saying thank you.

A while later the vent shaft above us popped out and Tango emerged, saying, “How long have you two been waiting? I checked Lexi’s cell and she wasn’t there.”

“She found her own way out.” I rolled my eyes. “And refuses to tell me how.”

“And that upsets you, does it?” Tango smirked at me.

“I hate you.” I growled back.

“Translation: I love you.” Lexi smirked at us.

“We need to go.” Tango was turning pink and I felt my own face burning.

“You didn’t deny it.” Lexi was smirking now. “I bet that’s why Lauren didn’t want me to come.”

“I never said that!” I objected. Just how did she know, then?

“All the guards are in optimal position for us to escape!” Tango urgently reminded us, before slipping back into the vent and dropping a rope. “Escape now, talk later!”


Why did they have to take so long? If they would just stop arguing over how Lexi knows so much then we could have escaped by now.

“You think I’ll ever tell?” I heard Lexi ask Lauren.

“Both of you! Quit all that talking! You’ll give us away!” I growled back at them.

“So what?” Lexi asked. “I’m bored, anyway! A fight would be fun!”

“It is NOT fighting if you drop out of the sky and instantly knock somebody out.” I pointed out. “I learned that a while ago. Knocking out a random guard is fun. Fighting is better.”

“Oh all right. I’ll shut up.” Lexi rolled her eyes.


When we finally reached the edge of the air ducts, Tango stepped aside to help both of us jump down. He helped Lexi down first and I felt a funny feeling inside, when he took her hand to lower her down. I sighed, sadly.

“You coming, Lauren?” Tango asked me.

“Yeah.” I sighed, again, before I felt Tango take my hand to help me down. I felt my face burning and wondered if he could tell in the dark.

“Come on, lovebirds.”  Lexi smirked, then finished, while making air quotes. “We need to get out of this prison.”

“Of course she thinks that only when we are the ones being slow.” Tango glanced at me and I blushed. Stupid me.

“You look red, Lauren,” Lexi teased, even more. “You must really like him.”

“Doesn’t she have a mute button?” I asked myself. “It would be helpful right now.” I glared at Lexi.

“Afraid not.” Tango smirked.

“I- Well. Uh.” Lexi stuttered. “We should get out.”

to be continued in next chap

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