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Jailbreak: Chapter Seven:

Jailbreak: Chapter Seven:

Posted April 7th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 7: Searching


I started walking. Was Lutos really not my brother? It was a perplexing question. Surely Mr. Devani wouldn’t have sent me on an impossible journey. Finding my brother would be almost impossible, unless he knew that I was searching for him. Maybe Lutos was trying to test me…. “It deserves some thought. I’ll have to think about that later…” I told myself, as I continued walking away from the inn. “Where am I even going?” I asked myself, realizing that all I was doing was walking from the hotel.

*RUSTLE* Something moved in the bushes. I sighed. “Unless you’re going to help me find my brother will you please leave me alone?” I asked the bushes. I must be going crazy. Talking to bushes.

*RUSTLE* *RUSTLE* Something moved through the bushes. I sighed again and kept walking.

Then I heard some growling. I rolled my eyes. “Somebody must really hate me…” I told the bushes, sadly.

The growling then stopped. It was dead silent. “Oh. Thanks.” I told the bushes. “I guess not everyone hates me.” I sighed, again.

“You’re hated?” a voice asked from behind.

“It seems like it.” I turned around. There was a man dressed in red clothing standing there. “I woke up with no memory of my family and I’m possessed by a ghost… thing…”

“Interesting.” The man said.

I sighed, then asked, “I’m here looking for my brother. A… friend told me he was on this planet. Do you know someplace I could go where I might find him?”

“Who is your brother?” The man asked.

“I don’t know.” I told him. “If I did then I wouldn’t have no memory of my family, would I?”

“How do you expect to find him with no knowledge about him?” The man asked.

“I don’t know.” I told him. “I was sent here by my friend. I don’t know where my brother would be. Trouble is… my… friend didn’t come with.”

“Well then you’re in a journey that could take years.” The man said, “if that's your condition, then there is none other than your friend that can help you.”

“Well. I know the last name I woke up knowing was Perks…” I told him, “besides, it’s the only shot I have at finding my family.”

The man lightened up a bit. “Ah! Perks! Yes, there is someone named Perks that I know of.”

“Really?” I felt as though a bolt of electricity had shot through my body. It’s affect was instant. I felt… awake. This was the chance I had been waiting for! I could find my brother! “Where is he?”

“I heard he was in the Capital of the Unknown…” The man thought to himself, “which is a nice coincidence since I live in that region.”

“What’s the Capital of the Unknown?” I asked, “can you take me there?”

“Yes, I’m headed there myself, or I was until I spotted you all alone walking in the night.” The man said. He pointed at the sun, which was setting.

“Thanks!” I told the man. “And it’s not night yet.”

The sun then disappeared quickly and it turned night. “Now it is.” The man smiled.

I rolled my eyes slightly, in the dark, then sighed. He was technically right. “Fine. But it wasn’t.”

“Of course it wasn’t! It changes all the time!” The man said.

“What’s the Capital of the Unknown?” I asked, realizing that the man had never answered me before.

“Self explanatory. Big city of the Unknown region.” The man said.

“But why is it called the Unknown region?” I asked.

“Because that’s where the unknown fruits are. The artificial ones and the ones that aren’t known like orange or apple. And myself.” The man said.

“How can a fruit be unknown?” I asked, puzzled.

“Do you know what a rambutan is?” The man asked.

“Well… no.” I admitted.

“That’s an unknown fruit. Not known by many.” The man said, “my name is Rambutan. Nice to meet you, Tango Perks.”

I sighed. “You looked into me, or whatever, didn’t you?” I really hate this. “Nice to meet you, too.”

“Now shall we go?” Rambutan said.

“Yes.” I told him. Could I find my whole family? “Do I even have a family?” I asked myself.

“Hm, it’s gonna take a long time with you.” Rambutan looked down at me. “We might as well just teleport.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked, indignantly.

“You wouldn’t be able to keep up with my speed so we’re gonna have to teleport.” Rambutan said.

“Oh.” That makes sense.

“So…” Rambutan did something with his hands and a circle appeared around the two of us.

I stepped into the circle. “I’m done being surprised by stuff like this.” I told myself.

“Hmm.” The circle then disappeared, Rambutan looked at me. “You don’t want to leave her here alone, while we travel across the planet.” He said.

“How far is it?” I asked, “I don’t know how long she can stay awake. She probably wouldn’t come. Shouldn’t she be fine at that inn?”

“If she wakes up and can’t find you, don’t be surprised. Because it probably would happen unless you figure out how to go back quickly.” Rambutan said.

“Fine…” I sighed. “Can you teleport her here?”

Lauren appeared on the ground, asleep. “Can we just teleport with her asleep?” I asked Rambutan. “I don’t want to deal with waking her up, yet.”

“She doesn’t need to be awake.” Rambutan said.

“Then can we teleport now?” I asked.

The circle reappeared and surrounded us. Rambutan then glowed brightly and after the light dimmed a bit, we were somewhere else, and it was day time.

“The other side of the planet?” I asked, surprised. “I see what you meant when you said I couldn’t keep up.”

“Yep.” Rambutan said.

“So… is my brother here or somewhere else?” I eagerly questioned Rambutan.

“Well. If you look around we’re in the middle of the city.” Rambutan said.

“I know.” I adjusted my question, “Is he in the city?”

“We don’t know till we check.” Rambutan said.

“Well, does he live in the city?” I corrected my question… again.

“Yes. I’ve told you before when you had said ‘Perks’.” Rambutan replied.

“I wondered if you meant a suburb.” I told him, realizing that he had, in fact, already said that. “Can you take me to his house?”

“I believe we teleported next to it.” Rambutan looked over at a house behind him. “That one.”

“Oh.” I looked over at the house. It was a normal small house, that looked the same as the ones next to it. We were on the sidewalk of the house, in the neighborhood. “Since you teleported us here…” I asked, “can you sense if he’s there?”

Rambutan shrugged. “You go knock on the door and see.”

“Okay…” I shuddered. Why am I so nervous? Surely it couldn’t be because the was the first time in memory that I might be able to speak to a member of my family…. I walked up and knocked on the door.

I waited for a few seconds, and there was no reply. I sighed and knocked again. And once more, there was no reply. I looked back at Rambutan. “Any idea about where he might be?”

“It seems he’s not home. You can ask the neighbors about his whereabouts.” Rambutan motioned his head at the houses around. I sighed and walked to the next house to the left.

“Please answer the door…” I begged, silently. I knocked.

The door opened and there was a young man. “Hello, how may I help you?”

“Hi. I’m looking for my brother. He lives in the house to your…” I paused thinking. I walked to the left. But he's facing the other way so… “left. He wasn’t home when I knocked so I wondered if you knew where he is?”

“Oh, you mean Perks? He usually leaves at this time of the day to go to work.” The young man said.

“Oh. Thanks. Do you know where he works?” I asked the man.

“He works with the company that transports fruits throughout the solar system.” The young man said.

“Okay.” I thanked the man. “Thanks for your help.”

“Your welcome, have a nice day.” The young man replied and then went back into his house, closing the door in the process. I walked back onto the sidewalk, where Rambutan was standing.

“So… do you know where the… uh…” I tried to remember the term the man had used. “The company that transports fruit throughout the galaxy is?”

“Where it is?” Rambutan asked, “it’s everywhere. But the one your brother would work at is probably the one in the city. But then, finding him there or not depends on what job he has in it. If he’s the transporter, he wouldn’t be on the planet.”

“Huh.” I thought back to what the man said. “That guy said that my brother leaves the house everyday. So he probably works on the planet, right?”

“Most likely.” Rambutan replied, “he could be an office guy who sits there and does things in the building at his office.”

“Can you take us there?” I asked.

“I don’t know where it is, so you’ll have to ask around.” Rambutan replied. “I have other things that I need to get done today. If you need me for anything, go out to the far side of the city, to the east. I own the land there. Farewell.” He then disappeared.

“Okay then. Bye.” I told the air where he was standing and started to walk away. “Oh. wait.” I realized Lauren was still on the ground. “Great.” I walked over and shook her shoulder.

“What? Do? You? Want?” Lauren grumbled, sleepily. “Will you ever let me sleep?”

“We need to find a business. Would you rather stay here, on the sidewalk?” I asked her. It was an obvious choice.

“I’ll stay here.” Lauren mumbled, starting to drift back to sleep.

“No, you won’t.” I told her, pulling her into a standing position.

“Fine.” She grumbled. “But I’m not talking.”


I walked up to the building. “This had better be it…” I told the building, quietly. I had gone around for an hour and a half trying to track down the right building. The whole time Lauren had walked along behind me, completely silent. It was killing me! I really should let her rest…. “I really must be going insane. First I talk to bushes, then to buildings.”  I walked into the building. There were a lot of desks. The place was so crowded! Next to the desks were a few elevators. “I might need those later.” I told myself. I walked up to the nearest desk.

There was a man sitting there, doing things with a computer.

“Hi.” I told the man. “Would you be able to help me find an employee that works here?”

“Sure! Who are you looking for?” The man asked.

“Does somebody with the last name Perks work here?” I asked the man “I was told he works here, but I don’t know if this is the right building.”

“Here, let me check the database.” The man checked the computer for a second, “uh, doesn’t seem like it. There is someone who’s first name is Perks though.”

“Oh well. Thanks for your help.” I sighed and started to walk back to the door, where Lauren was standing.

“You look more than a little disappointed.” Lauren told me, finally breaking her awful silent treatment.

“And for good reason.” I grumbled. “Mr. Devani did send me here on a wild fruit chase.”

“Wild fruit chase?” Lauren asked, incredulously.

“You know… a wild goose chase on the fruit planet is a wild fruit chase.” I told her, smiling a little. But Mr. Devani had to have some reason to send us here. Right?

“You’re weird.” Lauren told me.

“I know.” I slipped outside, leaving Lauren standing inside. “Where can I find Mr. Devani?” I asked myself. “Wasn’t that hotel on the other side of the planet?” I growled, frustrated with my own inability to do anything and started walking in a random direction. I’d have to find something eventually.




to be continued in the next chapter...

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