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Jailbreak: Chapter Six:

Jailbreak: Chapter Six:

Posted April 5th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here it isssss enjoy




Chapter 6: Arrival


“Wake up, bois. We’ve arrived.” I heard Exzavion said.

“What?” I mumbled. “What’s going on?”

“Wake up, Tango.” Lauren shook me. “Stop being lazy.”

“What?” I asked. “Remember last night?”

“What about it?” Lauren asked, confused.

“Exactly.” I smirked at her.

“Look around ya, Tango. Check dis place out!” Exzavion said.

“Where exactly is ‘here’?” I looked at Exzavion, puzzled.

“The Fruit Planet!” Exzavion replied.

“Oh. Right.” I felt my face burning and looked around. The air… the air was unlike any air I had ever breathed, before. It was… sweet. The air smelled sweet. Sweet and… Fresh. Like fruit. And all around were stunning plants. Amazing plants. Plants that were so vibrant that they almost hurt my eyes. Almost. The effect was a wonderful feeling in the back of my mind.

“Yeah. Great ain’t it?” Exzavion asked.

“It’s… Amazing.” I mumbled.

“And some of the fruit is delicious!”Lauren exclaimed, handing me a colorful fruit. “Try some.”

“Okay…” I eyed the fruit.

“Well? Eat it!” Lauren exclaimed. I sank my teeth into the fruit. My eyes shot open.

“It’s… amazing. Why don’t they have this on Sipron?” I took another bite of the fruit. It had a sweet, but also some other flavor. But it wasn’t bad. It was amazing!

“The cargo ships don’t go to Sipron. It’s far.” Exzavion answered.

“They should.” I grinned, taking another bite of the fruit.

“I know.” Lauren grinned.

“Well then. Ye should go find yer brother or something.” Exzavion said.

“Do you know where he is?” I asked Exzavion. “I have no clue.”

“Not really. I hardly know anything. I’m just giving ya a ride.” Exzavion replied, leaning on his spaceship.

“Mr. Devani didn’t leave you a note or something?” I asked, hopefully.

“Nope.” Exzavion shrugged.

“Weird. Are we sure this is Mr. Devani?” Lauren asked me, puzzled, “He usually won’t stop yelling. And he makes things VERY clear. Usually by yelling.”

“Yeah. It is weird.” I responded.

“Lance rarely yells, what ya talkin ‘bout?” Exzavion asked.

“Lance?” I asked. “You mean Mr. Devani? He always yells.”

“Nah, he ain’t yellin. He barely yell dude.” Exzavion replied.

“Yes he does! Right Lauren?” I looked over at Lauren for support. “Lauren?” She was eating massive amounts of fruit.

“Wha- mph… mmm that's good.” Laren was eating more fruit. “What?”

“Doesn’t Mr. Devani always yell?” I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah.” Lauren replied. “This fruit is good.”

“See, Exzavion?” I asked Exzavion.

“Well you haven’t seen the real Lance then.” Exzavion said, “only gym teacher Lance.”

“So his voice isn’t locked into 500 decibel screech?” Lauren grinned.

“Only in gym mode.” Exzavion replied. “I always wondered why he even goes to that planet. There’s not much there other than prisons and normal living stuff.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I scowled, “Not much there?”

“It’s no better than Ertin.” Exzavion said. “Just one of those civilized planets with humans living urbanized.”

“It is not!” I began, “Sipron is special! It’s the planet of prisons!” Maybe it isn’t elemental. It’s my home. This guy can’t go around disrespecting it.

“Prisons aren’t a good thing ya know.” Exzavion retorted.

“Some are!” Lauren interjected. “Like the tournament ones!”

“Yeah those are pieces of cakes too.” Exzavion said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I growled.

“Those prisons are so easy to escape. Takes no effort. At least for me.” Exzavion said.

“Probably because you have super-powers or something.” I grumbled.

“It’s cuz I’m an Ultimate, yeh.” Exzavion replied.

“Exactly.” I smirked.

“Right, so… Find your brother?” Exzavion asked.

“Yeah… I have no idea where to look, though.” I sighed, sadly.

“Well, tell me about yer brother.” Exzavion said.

“I… I don’t know anything…” I stammered, embarrassed, “I never knew I had a brother. Or any family at all…”

“Oh. Well then, if ye know nothin, I can’t find em.” Exzavion said.

“Do you know anyone we can ask?” I asked, “I would assume we have the same last name. Unless he changed it.”

“Ye, ye, he’s still a Perks.” Exzavion said.

“How do you know?” I looked at Exzavion. Has he known about my brother all along, too?

“I read yer mind. Duh.” Exzavion replied.

“I hate you.” I scowled. “Why does everybody always know what I think?”

“We use our powers and see. That’s how. And ye have nothing blocking me from reading yer mind unlike Lance.” Exzavion replied.

“How can I get something to block it?” I hopefully remembered the rock Mr. Devani was holding.

“Ultimate Crystals can block et fer ye. If ye learn how that is.” Exzavion responded.

“Yes, but how do I get one? I keep hearing how hard it is but I can’t find out how to actually get one!” I exclaimed, exasperated.

“Heh. Well then good luck finding it.”

“Isn’t there any way to do it?” I groaned. It looked like getting one of those rocks was going to be harder than I thought.

“Not that is known. The crystal usually helps you find it. When the time is right I guess.” Exzavion said.

“Oh.” I sighed, sadly.

“Oh, I should also mention. There’s a galactic war going on.” Exzavion replied, “Ultimates fighting ultimates. It’s dangerous out there.”

“Why are we told that only after we leave Sipron?” Lauren asked. “I mean… yes, Sipron had a messed up climate in half the places, with snow next to a desert and all. But that’s safer than this!”

“Uhh, Lauren.” I started, “There’s only snow next to a desert in one place. And that’s not dangerous.”

“So what? A war is way more dangerous!” Lauren replied. “Right Exzavion?”

“Duh.” Exzavion replied.

“See.” Lauren gave me a pointed look.

“Okay. You win.” I chuckled.

“Well then, if you can’t find yer bro, we should leave. Unless ye wanna explore.” Exzavion said. “Oh, ye can also try and find yer parents, ye know. Yer grandparents too.”

“They’re here, too?” I snapped back into reality, from the half dream of boredom I had been entering.

“Dunno. I know that yer grandma is on Ertin somewhere tho.” Exzavion said, “yer grandma, and Lauren’s grandpa.”

“How do you know that? And why haven’t you told me before? Why am I just learning all this?” I asked, frustrated. Why couldn’t people tell me about my parents? Having a brother was nice. A grandma, too. But what about my parents?

“One question at a time.” Exzavion said.

“Then answer them one at a time.” I replied.

“I know cuz I do, I haven’t told you cuz I haven’t, and you’re learning all this just now cuz you are.” Exzavion laughed.

“Funny thing is… I’ve heard that moms always say ‘because is not an answer, honey.’. Too bad I never had a mom to tell me that. You have one, though, right?” I responded, wryly.

“Yeah.” Exzavion nodded. “Welp, since ya can’t find your bro, les go to Ertin and find yer grandma or sumthin. Then I can go have lunch.”

“I think I’ll stay here and search for a while. I want to find my brother!” I exclaimed.

“Alright.” Exzavion yawned. “I’ll just chill here if ya need me.”

“Okay.” I began, “Lauren, do you want to come?”

“I would, but I wanna take a nap. All this fruit is making me tired.” Lauren was visibly tired, and rapidly looking even more so.

“Okay.” I chuckled to myself, as Lauren’s head fell down. “Looks like you already are.” Exzavion laughed. “Will you stay on the planet for a while or do you plan on coming back later?” I asked Exzavion, refocusing on the task at hand.

“I can always come back, yeah.” Exzavion said.

“But how will you know when?” I asked, puzzled, “and what about Lauren? Will she stay on the ship or will she have to stay here?”

“Well I’ll be leavin. Maybe ye should keep er with ya.” Exzavion replied.

“Oh. Well. I feel terrible about what I’m about to do, since she has been trying to sleep for so long.” I said, walking over to Lauren. “Sorry.” I shook Laurens shoulder, waking her up.

“Why do you have to do this to me?” Lauren asked, grumpy, “Will you ever let me sleep?”

“Sorry.” I sheepishly responded, “But you can’t stay out here, while I’m searching for my brother. We can find you a hotel or something.”

“I still hate you. And Lexi’s not here to defend you anymore.” Lauren snarled, clearly annoyed.

“Okay.” I laughed.

“I hate you!” Lauren made a really mad sound.

“Okay.” I laughed, again.

“I. Oh, you. Grrrr.” Lauren growled.

“Greetings travelers!” said a sudden voice. In front of us, there was a man with a backpack and a hiking stick.

“Who’re you?” I asked. This day is already crazy enough. I don’t need more trouble.

“A traveler, such as you!” The man said, “you’re travelers as well, right?”

“Well, yes. But who’re you?” I rolled my eyes.

“I just told you. A traveler. You mean my name?” The man asked.

“Yes.” I rolled my eyes.

“Why, I am called Lutos! What about you?” The man asked.

“Uhh. I’m Tango.” I answered him. Was this guy crazy?

“My name is Lauren.” Lauren mumbled from next to me. “I am asleep.”

“So, Lutos. Do you know where we can find a hotel?” I asked. Maybe this guy could be helpful.

“Oh, an inn? Yes I just passed by one earlier.” Lutos said.

“Would you like to share where it is?” I half rolled my eyes. This guy.

“The way I just came from.” Lutos replied.

“But where is that?” I growled. “As far as I can tell you popped out of nowhere.”

“There.” Lutos pointed.

“Okay. Thanks.” I replied. “What are you doing here, anyway?”

“I literally just told you, I’m a traveler.”

“Okay. Cool. But what are you doing here, specifically? Surely there’s something that you’re doing here?” I asked him.

“It’s none of your business so.” Lutos said.

“Okay.” I replied. “Do you want to come with us for a while? I could use some help finding somebody.”

“Who’re you looking for?” Lutos asked.

“My brother. I heard that he lives here. I lost my memory or never met my family. I’m not sure…” I sighed.

“Interesting. What’s his name?” asked Lutos.

“I… I don’t know….” I sighed, sadly. “All I know is that my brother is on this planet. He could be the connection to the rest of my family.”

“Well, thats sad. I can’t help ya.” Lutos began walking away.

“Don’t you have any idea for me? Any trail I could follow? Any connection I could use?” I begged Lutos.

“Nope.” Lutos replied, walking away.

“Okay, then.” I growled.

Lutos soon disappeared from sight.

“Okay. We need to get to that hotel.” I started to tell Lauren, before I realised that she was asleep. I sighed. “Lauren. Wake up. Now.” I shook her shoulder. This was going to be difficult.

“Just. Let. Me. Sleep.” Lauren moaned from the ground where she was laying.

“Okay. Fine.” I began, “At the hotel.”

“I really, really, hate you. Ya know that?” Lauren asked me.

“Yep.” I grinned. “Just like Lexi said.”

“I. You. Ugh.” Lauren stammered. “I actually hate you.”

“I know.” I cheerfully answered her.

“If you ask me,” the same Lutos guy appeared again, “when one blushes it's love and not hatred.”

“I’m not blushing.” Lauren glared at Lutos. “And why do you keep popping up?”

“Reasons. And you were blushing. Back on your home planet.” Lutos replied.

“How do you know that?” Lauren turned pink. “Stalker.”

“Aha.” Lutos pointed at her face. “Blushing.”

“Stalker.” Lauren emphasised the word.

“It’s called lying, lady.” Lutos said, “to bring out the truth. It’s okay to lie if you’re lying to seek the truth.”

“What? There’s no way you--” Lauren started, then thought, “Wait, what? Lying to seek the truth? Nuh uh.”

“You have much to learn, Lauren.” Lutos said.

“Why do you keep popping up here, anyway?” Lauren began, before I gasped, interrupting her.

“You said you would lie to get the truth.” I told Lutos. “So. Do I have to lie to get the truth, too? Or will you just admit it?”

“There are certain situations where that applies. One would need to learn when those situations occur.” Lutos replied.

“Maybe I already have.” I told him, grinning. “But I forgot. I could use a refresher.”

“Indeed you could.” Lutos replied, beginning to walk away again.

“It’d be nice,” I began, “if that refresher came from my brother.”

“Good luck finding him.” Lutos replied, “and follow me to the inn.”

“Don’t you know? I already know where I’ll find him. Quite a distance from here. Surely we don’t need to go to the inn.” I told him, lying in an attempt to seek the truth.

“Then don’t follow me.” Lutos continued walking.

“You said you were a traveler. And you left the inn. If I’m not going there then why would you?” I pressed harder, trying to get him to admit it on his own.

“Who said I was going to the inn?” Lutos replied, continuing to walk.

“You said to follow you to the inn.” I told him. Mistake number one.

“If you were to follow me, I would have changed direction. But you are not. So I will keep heading in the direction I am headed.” Lutos continued walking.

“Tango.” Lauren growled. “We will follow him to the inn. Or I’m going myself. I want to go to sleep.”

“Lutos!” I called. “Looks like we will be following you, after all. By the way, I don’t think I ever caught your last name. I like to know who it is I’m talking to.”

Lutos changed his direction and walked towards us, and soon past us. He was silent, didn’t tell me his last name.

“Well, then.” I frowned, and followed him silently. “We’ll let him have his way.”

“I think he’s your brother.” Lauren whispered to me.

“Me too.” I whispered back. “But if he won’t tell me then I won’t ask.”

“Then you’ll never find out if he really is your brother!” Lauren exclaimed.

“If he is my brother,” I began, “then he won’t let me leave without knowing it.”

We followed Lutos and soon there was a beach, with yellow sand and a yellow ocean…

“What is this place? I thought we were on the planet of fruit!” I called up to Lutos.

“That’s Lemon Ocean. Filled with lemon juice. Painful to swim in with your eyes open.” Lutos said.

“Why is there an ocean filled with lemon juice?” I asked, bewildered. An ocean of lemon juice? They should at least make it lemonade.

“It’s natural. Remember, this is the planet of fruit. There is also an orange ocean. That one is delicious. Since pure orange juice has a pleasing taste.”

“Can’t they add sugar or something? They could have the world’s-” I paused, thinking, “The galaxy’s largest cup of lemonade!”

“There is a Lemonade Lake. Made by Lemon.” Lutos said.

“Somebody named Lemon?” I asked, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“No, I am not. They are the people of the planet, the fruit people. Saying what you just said is racist.” Lutos replied.

“No it’s not. It’s just that… we… aren’t used to names like that.” I lamely tried to hide my confusion at the strange world that we had found.

“Get used to it. The planet folks will call you racist.” Lutos said, “there is no blacks and whites in this galaxy. Your race is the planet you are from. We have evolved from skin color millions of years ago.”

“Uh… okay?” I tried to take in everything that I had just heard… all at once.

“So, every single fruit you can think of, there are folks here named that.” Lutos explained, “come to think of it, the Rock People have the same exact thing. They are named after rocks.”

“Huh. Cool. I guess I should keep my mouth shut though. I-” I began, “Well, no. I’ll just keep my mouth shut.”

“A good idea.” Lutos commented. “Welcome to the real world. The worlds beyond Sirpon.”

“What’s ‘Sipron’?” I asked, once again trying to lie to get the truth. “Sounds like a drink.”

“It’s the planet of prisons, the folks call it.” Lutos replied, “many travel there. But at the same time, many don’t. That is why Ultimates are just a myth there.”

“Why did you say ‘welcome to the worlds beyond Sipron’?” I asked. “Where even is Sipron?”

“You come from Sipron. So you cannot lie.” Lutos smirked, looking back at us for a second.

“Alright.” I clenched my fist. “How did you know where we came from?”

“Because. Your actions. They are ones of Sipron.” said Lutos, confusingly.

“Like what?” I asked. “Because that would be considered racist. In fact, many people there would probably call you racist for that one comment.”

“Exactly.” Lutos said, “you are learning.”

“You didn’t answer my question.” I pointed out, annoyed.

“I looked into your skills. You are talented in escaping. And which planet teaches kids to escape? Sipron.” Lutos said.

“And how did you look into my skills?” I asked him, annoyed. I really, really, need to learn how to keep people out of my head.

“Simple. You have nothing blocking it. It was easy.” Lutos said.

“That’s what everyone keeps saying.” I grumbled. “I really need to get this fixed.”

“Get yourself an Ultimate Crystal if you want a shortcut there.” Lutos said.

“Yeah, yeah. I know. Like finding a needle in a planet of hay.” I groaned. I was getting tired of this lecture.

“Indeed. I see you have learned that.” Lutos said.

“Uh huh. Now, where’s that inn you said you would take us to?” I asked. This walk was taking longer than I expected. Lauren looked like she was asleep, even as we were walking.

“It’s right there.” Lutos pointed in front of us, at an inn.

“Jeez. How did I not see that?” I looked up at the inn.

“And now that I’ve helped you, I shall take my leave.” Lutos turned around and walked away from the inn. Maybe he really wasn’t my brother….

“Lauren, wake up. We’re there.” I shook Lauren’s shoulder as we walked into the inn.

“I know. I was resting my poor eyes. They want to sleep.” Lauren sighed.

“Hello may I help you?” asked a woman.

“How much would it cost to have my friend stay here.” I asked her.

“Oh, how old are you two?” asked the woman.

“I’m fourteen. She’s thirteen. I’m here trying to find my brother. I’ve never met him.” I told her.

“Oh. You’re young.” the woman said, “you probably don’t have any money. You can have a room for free if you’d like.”

“Oh. Okay. Thanks.” I paused, confused. That was too easy. “Nothing right now is this easy.” I told myself.

“Here’s your room key.” The woman handed me a key card. “Your room is the one right next to this office outside.”

“Here.” I handed the key to Lauren and started walking out of the inn. “I’m going to see if I can find my brother now.”


to be continued in the next chapter....

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This is really good! The

This is really good! The dialogue almost makes it look like a play!


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