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Jailbreak: Chapter Three:

Jailbreak: Chapter Three:

Posted February 5th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 3: Why are we doing this?


It was breakfast. I had given Peyton everything he needed to last night… But he was still here, the next morning. I frowned. Peyton should have broken out by now. I was going to have to speed things up tonight. “Okay, Lauren. Here’s the plan. Tonight I’ll sneak into Peyton’s cell and give him sleeping pills. Then you cut a hole in the fences to outside. While you’re doing that I’ll drag Peyton out and we’ll sneak back in. We can escape tomorrow if we do it right.”

“Okay. I still think we should just break out tonight.” Lauren frowned.

I was about to reply when I heard whispering behind me.

I groaned. Not this again! Turning around, I just spotted some of my classmates. The ones that hang out with Peyton all the time. They were gossiping with each other. I rolled my eyes. Not nearly as exciting as Mr. Devani’s trick earlier, this was just some kids who were probably going to try and get me into trouble later. Before, with Mr. Devani, I was helpless. At least I know how to fight off a crowd of kids, if it comes to that.

Lauren looked at me, concerned. “Tango? Ever since Mr. Devani was here you’ve been acting sorta strange…”

“Sorry… I’ve just been… wondering… It’s just that… I really want to know what he wants! I mean, what if he knows about my parents!”

Lauren frowned, being reasonable. “Tango. I know how much finding your parents means to you but… if he knew about them don’t you think he would have told you by now?”

I sighed. “Well, yes but--” I started to say, before the prison bell interrupted me… AGAIN. That stupid bell. I was starting to wonder if it went off it’s normal schedule just to interrupt me.

“Well. Time to go do our jobs.” Lauren sighed. “I got janitor! I hate it! What Did you get?”

“Librarian.” I frowned to myself. I’m okay with librarian. “It’s kinda-”

I started to tell her before the bell interrupted me, signaling that we should hurry up and get to work. AGAIN WITH THAT BELL! I was counting this time. There are supposed to be five minutes between each bell. This had less than two. That bell was going to get it!

“YOU! TANGO! GET TO WORK!” Some guard I had never seen before shouted at me.

I rolled my eyes and went off to do my job, which involved sorting the books in the library, delivering packages, and preparing a library activity for later in case any kids visited the library. In prison. This place is so messed up.


I grunted. Peyton was heavy. Getting around the guards to get into his cell had been easy enough. I hadn’t anticipated Peyton being so, so, heavy though! Lauren had better be ready when I got to the fence!

Suddenly, the prison bell just outside Peyton’s cell rang. I HATE THAT BELL! When a single bell rings all the guards are usually suspicious! I have to get out of here!

“Let's go then, Peyton.” I grunted, wishing I hadn’t given him those sleeping pills.

Suddenly, I heard the tap, tap, tap of guards running down the hall. “NO!” They can’t catch me now!



I heard the two guards get knocked out and I spotted a flash of orange with long hair dart around the corner. Lauren must have heard the bell. She would have realized a bell would mean trouble. Once she knew what was going on. It would have been easy to stop the guards.

I allowed myself a small smile and continued dragging Peyton. When we were next to the guards I had to fight my instinct to steal their stuff. Now was not the time to be practical. Now was the time to be efficient.

As I dragged Peyton out of the prison commons, around which the prisoner cells were located, I realized something. If Lauren had come back and stopped the guards then she wouldn’t have had time to cut the fence.

“Oh no. Please let that fence be cut!” I whispered to myself.

“Don’t worry, it is.” A girl said from behind me.

I turned around slowly, ever cautious of the fact that this person could call a half dozen guards down on me. To my surprise, and relief, I spotted Lexi, standing with a guard baton in her hand. “How did you know what we are doing?” I asked Lexi, “Who told you? Lauren and I were planning the exact details of this most of yesterday! She couldn’t have told you and I know I didn’t!”

“I have my ways,” Lexi replied with a smirk.

I groaned. “Not you too!”

“What?” Lexi asked, innocently, before walking over to help carry Peyton.

I sighed. Help was help, after all. “And I certainly could use some help right now…” I thought to myself. “So. You took out those guards?” I asked Lexi. She had never seemed like she could take out two fully armed guards before.

“Yep. You two are breaking me out tomorrow.” She replied.

“Fine. We were planning on giving you some things to let you escape by yourself. But hey. We’re adaptable.”

Lexi pumped one hand, almost dropping Peyton with the other.

“Woah, woah! Calm down! As much as I’d love to see this kid dropped we have a more important job right now.” I frowned.

“Okay, okay. You’re no fun.” Lexi sighed.

Suddenly the prison bell right next to us rang.

“I really hate that bell!” I muttered.

“What did you do?” Lexi asked.

I frowned. “I don’t know! That bell just seems to hate me!”

“It better not hate you tomorrow night.”

“I’m going to see about that. I think I know what might just work.” I grinned, before realizing that there were three guards approaching.

“Can you take care of those guards? I need to get Peyton outta here!” I whispered. “If those guards recognize me we’ll never break out tomorrow!”

“On it.”

I continued dragging Peyton. Yesterday this kid had seemed like he would be easy to move!

“Tango. You’ve taken a while.” Lauren laughed from behind me.

“Yeah, well. You try dragging this kid through a prison with a bell that hates you!”

Lauren looked at me, slightly confused, and started to ask a question, before I interrupted her.

I groaned. “You do not want to know.”

“Okay then.” Lauren clearly wanted to know more but was planning on asking in the morning.

“Well. Let's get this kid out the gate.” I smirked, glad Lauren wasn’t asking right now.

to be continued in next chap

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