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Joy, Day one and two

Joy, Day one and two

Posted June 8th, 2018 by mischief

by Cherith
in In the woods. Getting in trouble with ritzy people

Sat. 2018 April, the Holowson's Masion
I lean back on my green pool chair, staring into the sky blue water of my pool. My Pharaoh Hound prances up to me, wags it's doxed tail. My hand naturally moves to Pharaoh's neck, his favorite spot. My name is Jason White, I'm seventeen, and let's not lie, I'm living in a very weathy house. House, not home. There's a differnce, let me tell you. I've never lived in a home. And yes, I know. Back to my family... My mom is model, and my dad is a judge, I have a older sister, Vilolet she studying to be a Pediatrician. But, we are not a family. Related, yes though our lives are our own.

Sun 2018 Aspen Falls
Warm soupy dish water drench my elbows, as I scrub the last plate. I listen to Hannah, gurgling down milk that Carlos is feeding her. Carlos is my half white, half Dominican adopted younger brother, he's a duck out of water in a German family of tow heads. Which, makes us alike in many ways. Through, the window I watch my older brother weeding the garden. Long, slender, green rows of corn growing greedily soaking up the generous sun. I love my home, I love the busyness. Life is good. For now, that is.


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