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Just An Enigma Chapter 2

Just An Enigma Chapter 2

Posted January 6th, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

Chapter 2      We're Not Out Of The Woods Yet                                              

The creatures stopped in their tracks and the crackling in tthe air calmed for a moment.Then one stepped out of the woods and into the clearing to speak.She had blonde hair blue eyes she had ears and a tail.She was wearing ripped jeans,a camo t-shirt and she held a silver sword with a shimmering gold hilt.''My name is Liakra [pronaunced lie a kra] Why are you in our forest?''She placed herself in a ready stance preparing to strike if she thought my intents were threatening.I clapped my hands, the storm clouds disapeared and the electricity in the air did too.''We're just passing through.We're going to gather some fruit and wood and we'll be on our way''.Liakra seemed alright with this response and lowered her sword ''Well be quick and be on your way'' ''we plan on it'' I responded feeling just a tad uneasy.Then we stood awkwardly until I told my brother to collectsticks and I left to collect berries,fruit,herbs and basically anything edible.I toyed with the idea of hunting but then thought better of it.When i had collected enough food I headed back to the clearing to meet up with my brother.While I was just outside the clearing I heard the Lyconites[?] talking and decided to listen in.''When will we cook them?'' asked the one whos name i didn't know.''We aren't!I dont think they're human China [Cheena]1''considered Liakra.China whispered and I strained my ears to hear it ''So we let them go?'' Liakra thought for a few moments ''We'll see....''

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