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Just Like Friends-Chapter 1

Just Like Friends-Chapter 1

Posted March 6th, 2013 by Mimzy

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by PencilSword
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 “On your marks…get set…PIZZA!” Andrew yelled from the roof of his house. I flinched, but held my ground. “JUST SAY GO ALREADY!” Jean screamed at him.

“Okay, on your marks…get…set…and…get…GOING!”

I took off into a wild sprint to the chalk line I knew was just around the corner. Jean was pulling ahead of me so I pumped harder, my feet barely touching the road as I leapt around the corner to the finish line. Jean nearly ran into me three seconds later.

“And the winner is…RRRROXANNE!” Andrew climbed back into his bathroom window and came out the front door seconds later.

“Good game,” Jean held up her hand and I high-fived it.

“Alright! My turn!” Andrew called. I went inside where a blast of air conditioning refreshed my sweating face. Then I walked upstairs to the bathroom and climbed up onto the roof. We’d been doing this all summer every time Andrew’s dad went to work at his summer job.

I looked down at the street below. One false move and I’d be down on the pavement with more than just bruises.

Jean and Andrew were already in starting position. I stood up and walked backwards away from the edge.

“READY, SET, GO!” I screamed and they began running as fast as they could to the corner. Jean just jumped and turned her body in the right direction. Andrew rammed his feet against the wall and nearly fell over as he scrambled in the right direction.

 “AND THE WINNER IS…JEAN!” I yelled down to them.

Jean pumped her fists in the air as Andrew leaned against a brick wall to catch his breath. Jean had naturally curly hair that she usually left dangling down to her waist, but today she had combed it up into a messy ponytail so she wouldn't sweat too much. She always did this when it got to be anywhere over seventy-five degrees, saying that she could get overheated since her hair is black and black absorbs heat. She was skinny like me, but unlike me she was tall for her age and showed promise of developing perfect curves when she got older. Her eyes were a pale blue, sparkling under the sun as she did a victory dance in the street.

Andrew was still trying to catch his breath when Jean suddenly stopped mid-dance and turned her head in the direction of town where all the shops were.

Andrew, who's golden-brown hair stood up slightly, turned his head to look at Jean and said "What? Do you hear something?".


“Would you rather…hmm…would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?” Jean asked.

“Fly,” Said Andrew.

“Invisible,” I said and took another lick of my ice cream. Jean had heard the ice cream truck music in the distance and had rushed home to get her money before taking off after the truck. She had gotten a chocolate, Andrew had gotten vanilla, and I had gotten mixed.

Jean did the most chores, so Jean had the most money out of the three of us. We always depended on her to get the ice cream.

“Would you rather eat or drink shampoo?” Andrew asked. I nearly spit my ice cream back out.

“You’re gross!” I punched him playfully in the arm.

“Which one?”

“Drink,” Said Jean, making a face.

“Drink,” I agreed.

 There was a moment of silence as we finished up our ice cream.

 I stared at the many illegible words sprayed onto the wall of the building across from us.

I smiled to think that somewhere on that wall we had chipped off some of the spray paint to spell JAR (Jean, Andrew, and Roxanne)

I turned to Jean and Andrew, who were now eating their cones. “Would you rather save a dog from a fire or a cat?” I asked.

“Cat” Said Andrew.

“Dog” Said Jean.

We always played the Would-You-Rather game when we took a break from racing.

We used to play Truth or Dare, but the last time we played Andrew ended up being chased down the street by Mr. Anderson’s dog and we had to pay for breaking his fence. We didn't play it as often after that.

“Andrew?” Jean asked.


“Did Sheena ever tell you about middle school, like- if it’s as bad as my brother says it is?”

Andrew shrugged. “I dunno, I was only three, why? You chicken?” Andrew smiled to let Jean know he was only kidding.

“Hey! I just want to know!” She laughed.

Sheena was Andrew’s adopted sister who had died when he was a toddler.

“Don’t worry” I smiled “As long as we keep the JAR up, middle school is basically three grades that got seperated from the others.”

There was a moment of silence where we all silently agreed what to do next.

 “One…two…three…GO JAR!” We all said at once.

We held up our hands and high-fived eachother as we said it. It’s sort of like our own secret handshake, except it’s a lot less complicated than a secret handshake. At that moment, I smiled and knew it would be all right. Middle school was just another three grades to get through, nothing to worry about…or so I thought.

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This is really good! I like

This is really good! I like where this is going! :]

Posted by Will on Wed, 03/06/2013 - 14:53

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