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The Kerrettes: Chapter 2

The Kerrettes: Chapter 2

Posted September 15th, 2020 by Klynghergh

by King
in Washington

Well, not right when I got home. The way our family works, my uncles (who work at home) have dinner ready before the first kid comes. As a result, right when you get home is dinnertime. Well, I get home around 4-5 o-clock, so dinner is about the normal time of 6 o-clock.


      Dinner was onion, crab, and oyster stew with carrot salad with dog meat dressing. In other words, Delicious.


      “Joe,” John, my youngest brother began, I knew what he was going to say before he said it, “What took you–”

      “Shut up!” Jack, my eldest brother interrupted angrily.

“No” answered my brother angrily.



“Why can’t boys do nothing but argue?” Said my eldest sister, Alice.

“We can!” screamed John.

At this point my ears were ringing and my head was spinning from the noise.

      “ALL OF YOU SHUT UP!” boomed my uncle Fred.

      That brought silence to the room.


After a while of silence, John tried to steal Jack’s food from his plate


      “What in the middle world are you doing!?” Jack accused.

      “nut’n” John answered.


“Not this again?” Fred said frustratedly, “can we just eat in peace? All of you, to your rooms now   I said NOW!” the last word echoed around the hall.


      Now, brace yourselves.

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very nice

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