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The Kerrettes: Chapter 3

The Kerrettes: Chapter 3

Posted September 15th, 2020 by Klynghergh

by King
in Washington

Even before I walked into my room, I knew there was something odd going on. I heard voices.


      If you’re asking, each sibling has a room. Also, we live in a cabin. The way this works is that our family dug tunnels and rooms under our house. ALL OF US. It was hard work on all of us, but it was worth it.


      So, I knew that there was something weird in my room. As I walked in, I saw that I was right. I saw three dwarf-looking things on my bed. When they saw me, they started screaming at each other.


“I knew we shouldn’t have come here!!” said one.

“It was your Idea fgas!” said another.

“What the pomagran are you talking about Liek?” screamed the one who I guess was fgas.

“YOU said we should hide in this room, and ME, I said ‘no’!” Liek screamed back.

“NO, YOU DIDN’T!!!!!!!” argued fgas angrily.

“Would both of you please stop arguing? Can we just get out of here?” said the third, who had remained quiet.


I then heard my uncle Fred’s voice across the tunnel.

“If this is you, Kerrretes, then GET OUT OF JOESEPHE’S ROOM!!!!!!”

“Well,” said Fgas in a suddenly calm voice, “He’s got his backpack and we got the rest so let’s take him and GO”


So Fgas and Liek grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me toward the portal

being made by the third who I did not know the name of yet.


I had just enough time to watch Fred plow through the tunnel and through the door at the three dwarf-like things.

“KERRETTES!!!!!” he Screamed Loudly enough you could hear it from miles around.

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