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Posted September 5th, 2017 by mischief

by Cherith
in Mars.

" Hurry it up kid. We havn't got all day".

" Do you know how hard it's to walk when your ankles are tied up"? I retorted. Eyeing the sleek black pistole in my kiddnapper's hand. We were walking from a black beat up truck to dull, empty, gray, storhouse. Ray walked silently, a serious scrow on his tan face.As we walked into the depressing storehouse a voice greated us.

" Well, I thought I asked for brother's Picket. These are no brothers".

" Ah but your worng Mr.Wench,infact they're twins".

" Humm, each strikingly handsome in they're own ways". He went on to say chuklingly softly.

" Dimond will like that. Diamond"! He called. My fist look at Diamond made me gasp. No, it wasn't her beaty that made me gasp. It was who she realy was. Diamond was Shelly...... 


How could she do that to Ray? It was no sercret that Ray was realy sweet on Shelly, and know she had been part of our kiddnapping!



Hours later......

We were each tied to two tall slender poles with. Mr. Wench and Picket had gone out to lunch, leaving Shelly and two non-friendly huge German Shepherds. Shelly was watching us and drawing or somthing while a deady pistol laid next to her. Ready for action.  Ray still had that scrowl of his face, and of course it was no news that he was completely silent. Suddenly the most cutest little toddler came out of a seprate room. My guess is she'd just finshed taking her nap. She was a Mexican, with dark soft ringlets a small pug nose and large innocent brown eyes.

" Geni wants to go outside". She told Shelly. Shelly rolled her eyes and said.

" No, you can't".

" Plees Geni-"

" I'll take her". Ray offered, I glanced over at Shelly.

" Your kidding right"? Ray rolled his intense blue eyes.

" If I'm tied up, then I can't get to far can I"?

" Yeah, Gensis will untie your ropes".

" Realy a three year old"?

" Fine but-

" Hey, I want some fresh air too"!I cut in.

" Fine we'll all go. Or do you want to invite the president to"? The fresh air was good. We were nowhere near town, woods surround the place. Ray bumped into me, sercretly he handed me a note. I bent to look at an invisable dead " butterfly" translated to read Ray's note. It was a plan. A pretty good one to, if it'd work. Please let it work...... TO BE CONTINUED!       

















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