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KidPub Updates!

KidPub Updates!

Posted May 17th, 2019 by Werty

by indygoes (kayla)
in the small area where the corgis burn the lettuce

Hi!  This is like a newspaper but it's not really like ny of the other ones put on here :p




Welcome!  Here's what's happening on KidPub: 


Perry: Perry might update the site this year to draw in some new members!  


Quartz: JUST FINISHED BOOK 27!  (How!?) 


Kayla: I actually have a story I haven't given up on.  Chapter 4 is well and done I just

need to be on the right device to post it :p  Also this so yeah


Luna: up to more poetry :)  Actually got back to me on the NES on the forums so that's



Snow: Being more active on the forums! 


Ava: Book Reviews left and right.  Also, c h i c k e n s.  And you have an IRL friend on

here, lucky... 


Rosin:  (did I spell that right?)  Doing great, setting up a couple stories, telling also

personal stories. 


Allison: Tied with Quartz for most active member on the NSP. 


I'm sorry if I didn't get to you, I'm only doing the people who have been active lately

(and Perry).  Have fun with your lives!  And use the forums!  It's easy!  Just hover your

mouse over "Talk About", click "Writers Block Forum", and feel free to post wherever. 

Me, Snow, Alem, Ena, Luna, and Sy are eager to see you there! 



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