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La Guerra Chapter 1 and 2

La Guerra Chapter 1 and 2

Posted July 30th, 2018 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan



In 1939. When Ellie Larkson hears about World War 2, she immediately knows her life is going to change. When Mr. Larkson gets called to his duties at war, Ellie has her best friend with her, while her mom is in Afghanistan fighting in the war. Ellie must also take care of her most loyal companion, her beloved pet chicken, named Precious. Things can’t get any worse than her mom in the war, and her dad leaving. Until, Ellie’s best friend Ivy goes missing with only Ellie to find her. When will this war ever end? Follow Ellie and her friends on an adventure full of love, friendship, and discovering what is the most important thing to you.

Chapter One

She lived with her mom, dad, and her pet chicken, Precious. At the moment, Ellie's mom was in Afghanistan fighting the war going on there. Her dad was a scientist, and had his own study and everything. His hair was wavy and brown, and he had green eyes, just like Ellie.

Precious was a beautiful Rhode Island Red hen, with perfect, smooth, and soft, shiny feathers. The feathers were a golden red at the tips, and getting darker and darker as it got to the middle of the feather. Precious was plump in size, and was a great pillow when Ellie needed her. Precious would make a great dinner. Not that Ellie would want to eat her, of course! Ellie also had a best friend, whose name was Ivy. Ellie and Ivy did everything together. They went to the park, went to Ellie’s Grandpa’s drug store down the street, and had sleepovers at each others houses. Ivy was very fond of Precious. Almost as much as Ellie was. Ivy had a pet, too. She had a cat that was named Shadow. She had found Shadow hanging around their house, and decided to give her a home.

Ivy just so happened be at Ellie’s house, when a guy with a very professional looking suit on came into her yard. It was a very pretty sunrise, and the air was crisp and cold. Ellie knew that something was wrong when the guy walked into her yard. As soon as she saw him, she ran into her house to get her dad. When Mr. Larkson saw Ellie and Ivy come into his study, he jumped up. He was clearly very busy with all of his books and papers piled around him.

“What is it,” he asked Ellie.

“There is a strange guy in our yard. It looks like he is wearing a camouflage uniform, and he has a lot shiny badges on his chest. It looks a lot like the uniform that mom wears.” Mr. Larkson’s face turned as white as a sheet.

“What it is dad?” Ellie asked with worry etched on her face. Instead of answering, her dad clumsily walked past Ellie and Ivy, leaving the study, with them standing there alone. There was something he wasn’t telling them, and Ellie was starting to worry if her dad was going to leave like her mom did.

Ellie and Ivy shared a confused glance, and headed out the door after Ellie’s dad. When they got outside, they stopped dead in their tracks. Her dad was talking to the guy in the uniform with a grim expression on his face. The were talking about something important, Ellie knew. She caught snippets of the conversation, like Mrs. Larkson, and war, and the guy in the uniform said the word sorry. That’s when it dawned on Ellie. She took Ivy’s hand and closed her eyes. Her dad eventually came over after the guy in the uniform left, to tell Ellie that the guy in the uniform had some bad news. You could tell that he was trying not to cry. He took Ellie’s other hand, and in barely a whisper, he said “Your mom was in a plane when it was shot down. She didn’t make it.” Then he lost it. He broke down right there in the middle of the yard. Ellie seeing her dad crying made her cry too. Ivy gave Ellie a quick hug, whispering the word “sorry” in Ellie’s ear as she left the yard to go home.

Sorry. What a powerful word, Ellie thought. Of course, it  didn’t mean anything unless you did something to prove you were sorry, but there was nothing to be done.

Ellie and dad went into the house together, and both went to sit on couch, looking at the beautiful picture taken of Ellie’s mom before she got exported.

“I love you Momma,” Ellie said softly. As she leaned against her dad, she smelled his smoke and candy smell.

“I love you Daddy,” she whispered.



   Chapter Two

It was a bright sunny day, so Ellie and Ivy were outside playing with Precious. They had also had just taught her to do a few tricks, like calling her and her coming to them, flipping her upside like a baby, and her not throwing up, and laying down whenever Ellie went near her.

      “It is going to be so hard without Mom around,” Ellie said to Ivy. Precious squawked her agreement.

When the telephone rang, Ivy and Ellie were too busy laughing at Precious chasing a squirrel, to notice it. Ten seconds later, they heard glass shattering from inside the house, and ran in to see what happened. Mr. Larkson was talking on the telephone, with a shattered glass that used to be filled with water on the ground next to him. Her dad shakily put the telephone back on the hook, and turned to face Ellie, Ivy , and Precious, who was standing behind them. He put a hand on her shoulder, and said, “I have been summoned overseas.”

“But, Dad--” Ellie started to say.

“No buts. I have to go.” Ellie’s dad stated.

“When do you leave?”

“First thing tomorrow morning.”




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