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La Guerra Chapter 3 and 4

La Guerra Chapter 3 and 4

Posted July 30th, 2018 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan


Chapter Three

Thunk. Mr. Larkson’s suitcase made a loud noise as it got dropped into the camouflage jeep. Ellie, Ivy’s parents, and her dad were all saying goodbyes.

“I love you Dad,” Ellie said softly in his ear.

“I love you too, Ellie,” he said back. He then hugged Ivy’s parents goodbye, and turned to leave.

“Wait! Dad!” Ellie turned to run up to him. “Promise you will come back? Promise me you won’t leave like Mom did?” Hearing these words coming out of  his daughter’s mouth, almost made him cry.

“I promise,” he said, and he gave Ellie a big hug, and got into the jeep. Ellie waved goodbye to her dad, hoping it wasn’t the last time she would see him.

  Chapter Four

Ellie spent most of the days by herself, since her dad got shipped out to war. Every day, she listened to the radio, hoping, praying, that her dad’s name would not be said. She could not believe the amount of deaths a day from war. She didn’t know it was this intense. The first bombing happened in the Japanese city of Hiroshima, on August 6th. This killed 80,000 people, maybe more, wiped out 90% of the city, and tens of thousands more would later die from radiation, the radio had announced.

Sitting back, Ellie sighed. It had only been 4 days since her dad left, but already the silence was overwhelming. She missed the click-click of his typewriter, and the swoosh of his many many papers. It was only 15 minutes until Ellie went over to Ivy’s house. Since her dad left, she had been spending the morning at her own house, eating breakfast, playing with Precious, and reading in her dad’s study. In the afternoon, Ellie went over to her house for the afternoon and night.  Precious always comes along with her. Wherever Ellie goes, Precious goes.

Picking up Precious from her perch on the arm of one of Mr. Larkson’s swivel chairs, Ellie started out the door toward Ivy’s. On her way there, she thought about the promise that her dad had made to her. Precious had interrupted her thoughts though. They were only about 100 feet away from Ivy’s house, and Precious had stopped dead, her eyes full of curiosity, fear, and worry.

“Come on!” Ellie urged. But still, Precious would not budge. “What is it?” Ellie asked. It was then she realized that the blue birds and robins that normally filled the quietness, were dead silent. In fact, there wasn’t any birds flying around or in the trees at all. She tried to move around Precious again, but she stood her ground. She was still looking towards the direction of Ivy’s house. Scooping Precious into her arms, Ellie ran as fast as she could towards Ivy’s house, feeling that something was off . When she was finally standing in Ivy's front yard catching her breath, she had a chance to look around the place. Something was definitely wrong. The house lights were off, and Ivy’s house was normally bright and cheery. There was also no smoke coming from the chimney, like there normally was. Ivy’s cat, Shadow was sitting on the porch, her eyes empty and staring off into space.

As Ellie was scanning the property, her eyes caught a piece of paper nailed to the door. She hesitantly walked over to the door to read what it said.

“We have your friend. We had business to tend to. Don’t expect her back anytime soon.”  That was all it said. Ellie’s heart raced. Where was Ivy? Who had taken her? Where was Ivy’s parents? Ivy’s parents had to be looking for her, or in hiding, right? Ellie grabbed the from under the mat on the porch, and unlocked the door. Stepping inside, she choked back tears. She had grown up with Ivy, in this house and her own. But now, Ivy was gone. And it was up to Ellie to find her.


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