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La Guerra Chapter 5, 6, and 7

La Guerra Chapter 5, 6, and 7

Posted July 30th, 2018 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

Chapter 5

Water, check. Food, check. Pocket knife, check. Bandages, check. Precious, check. Clean clothes, check. Ellie was ready. She was going to go rescue her friend. She had no idea what she was in for.


Ellie was exhausted. She had been running straight for 2 ½ miles. She looked up at the sky, and saw the sun setting. She would have to find a place to camp for the night. She had no idea what was walking around in the dark, but she didn’t want to find out. She would have to outrun the dark. She made sure Precious was alright in her pack, then started jogging again.  About half mile later, Ellie looked to her right, and saw an old, run down barn. Checking once more on Precious, she made her way over to the barn. It looked like it had been in a fire, but parts of it were still intact. Lying down in a place where the roof wasn’t falling apart as much, Ellie fell asleep, resting for the day ahead of her.

Chapter 6

“BAWK!” Precious screamed. Ellie sleepily got up and opened her pack. Peeling a banana, she ate half, and Precious ate the other half. There wasn’t very much food, so they had to ration it out between them. But Precious had already eaten her whole piece in one bite. So much for rationing out the food. When they were done, Ellie got up, and brushing herself off, walked to the broken door of the barn, Precious at her heels. She had never realized how big and pretty the sun looked away from home. It was still the same sun, but there was something different about it where Ellie was. It looked….bigger. More promising. Picking up Precious, she headed out the door, and onto the worn path that must have been used when the barn was still standing. But, as weird as it was, the tractor tracks looked like they were just imprinted into the ground. As Ellie was grabbing her water from her pack, she noticed that there was more food in it than the other day. There was also a blanket in the pack too.

“Who gave me this stuff?” Ellie wondered. Since she really didn’t have a plan of action, she decided to follow the tractor  tracks to wherever they lead to. They looked like they went on for a while, so she decided that if there was another building where they ended, she would camp there for the night. The air was crisp, and smelled of apples, because there was an orchard nearby. Walking towards the orchard on the crumbly dirt, she thought about who could’ve taken her friend. Maybe the person knew her family, and was trying to help her. Maybe the person was going to return her, or maybe they had their reasons. Then an awful thought occured to Ellie. What if a German had taken her? She shook her head at the thought. That was impossible. How had a German gotten all the way over here, if it was a German at all? That made Ellie walk even faster. If it was a German, Ellie would have to find her friend, and fast. Maybe they are planning something here in Europe. But how would they all get over here secretly? She had to warn her dad, but ow? Her dad was off fighting in the war. Ellie would just have to go to where he was, when he is fighting somewhere closer. Ellie was on a mission. Nothing could stop her now.


Chapter 7

Ellie sighed. She had been following the two-track for half of the day. She was getting nowhere. She didn’t even know where to look for Ivy anymore. She thought back to all that they had been through together. How much fun that they had had in the past, well, their whole lives. They had been best friends for a long time, and Ellie didn't want to lose her. She wiped a tear from her eye. Ivy was her best friend, and nobody could  take her away from her.



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