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The Land of the Dragons-Book 1-Introduction

The Land of the Dragons-Book 1-Introduction

Posted March 9th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in California

Welcome to Wylinvra,

the land of the dragons.

There are seven races of dragons here (not including the subspecies). They have their own cycle of life. They each live separately in their own lands.   Black and white dragons do not mix, fire dragons burn only as much as they need, sea-dragons do not leave their watery home, green dragons do not overgraze, and ice dragons do not leave their mountains. Only the rock dragons are not content. They, in their snowy northern territory, never are content, but every attempt to invade the rest of the world is repelled by the other dragons, who team together only in times of need.

In the center of the map live the white dragons. They take no interest in the other dragons’ doings. The first dragons in the land, they worshiped no god. No one knows where they came from. They are a proud race, although they are weak, with delicate limbs, and their life has no excitement or danger whatsoever. Their land is a land of mist and white marble boulders.

The black dragons broke from the white dragon line in the third millennium. Hating the white dragons’ dull life, they left their land and traveled to a huge swath of burned forest. It had been left there by fire dragons who needed to burn small parts of the green dragons’ forest to hatch their eggs. The black dragons hatched their first generation there. The green dragons never came back, and the black dragons made it their home. Over time, the white dragons slowly turned black to blend in with the ashes. They became a separate species, and the white dragons held them in contempt. There had been no association other than the rare occasion of one meeting another, falling in love, and both running off. Their offspring, the gray dragons were inevitably shunned by both black and white dragons, and they lived the life of an outcast. The black dragons also became dependent on the fire dragons. When the fire dragons burned a part of the green dragon’s forest to lay their eggs, the black dragons would follow and lay their eggs in the warm ash and weak flames of the scorched jungle.

To the west of the white dragons’ land, there was the ice dragons’ mountains, the Coetif mountains. The male ice dragons were ice blue with a sky-blue webbed crest and slightly darker wings. The females were white, but they had an ice-blue crest and white wings. Both male and female ice dragons have short tails with a heavy spiked bulge on the end for digging ice caves. The mountains are small but encased in several layers of ice, which makes them towering peaks. The landscape is only ice, sculped by the wind into a fairyland of ice figures. The ice dragons had sharp hooked claws for keeping their balance on the ice. They never ate or drank, surviving only on the moon’s light.

The ice dragons had come from the moon, Hlimya. Hlimya had her icy palace in the west of the Coetif mountains. She traveled across the sky at night and returned during the day. She never went down to Wylinvra’s underworld. She gave the sky it’s blue color by adding her tint to Areior’s light.

Arieor was the sun, bold and fiery. He had created the fire dragons and the magma dragons, who only lived on the sun’s supreme power. The magma dragons lived in the east in a land full of lava pools. This land, called The Magma Fields were separated from the rest of Wylinvra by a semicircle of mountains and volcanoes. In this sheltered land, generation after generation of Magma dragons grew and lived in the scorching heat. It was close to Arieor and the mothers incubated their eggs in the sun’s searing heat when he came up. Arieor kept a safe distance from the Coetif mountains, giving it a large distance whenever he set in the west of the world.

The fire dragons had moved out of the Magma Fields in the second millennium. They evolved to live in a cooler climate, surviving in clans. Each clan had their own volcano.

A male fire dragon was always crimson while the females were usually a brighter red. Some were almost orange. The young were a shiny pastel red. they resembled Arieor, sharp pointed and rough, while the ice dragons were smooth and blue white.

The dragons laid eggs each year. Every time, before laying their eggs, the whole clan would fly to the green dragons’ forest, burn a small part of it, and lay their eggs in the flames. It took about two weeks for the eggs to hatch and once they were done, the fire dragons would fly back to the volcano and the black dragons would move in. The black dragons’ incubation period was only five days because the green dragons would return to regrow the forest after a week or so.

At the bottom of the map is the Sentilt sea. This is where the gentle See-dragons live. These Eel-like dragons swim peacefully in the sea, rarely ever going ashore. They lived the longest of any dragons, topping off at 300 years. They were created by a gentle god. Railaish, the lord of the water, only wants peace. He hates to see a dragon hurt or killed. When dragons started crossing the Waefird and coming out in the human world and being killed by the humans who lived there, Railaish hated it. Mostly it was fire dragons who crossed the bridge. But when a Sea-dragon named Leviathan crossed and landed in the human ocean, he shut down the Waefird, the Water Bridge. That marked the end of the medieval era in the human world.

But sometimes Salkrick, the evil god of the rock dragons, the source of fog, manages to transport dragons to the human world by getting them lost in the mist. It is hard, but he can manage it.

             The rock dragons live in the north, at the top of the map. Their land is mostly rocky mountains covered in snow. They have the most interesting past. Underneath all the snow and rock, there are stone passages leading every-which-way. The rock dragons have evolved to become more war-like than their gentler ancestors. It was their ancestors who had built the passageways and castles, when Salkrick had been less violent. But he was still Salkrick.

He'd argued with Railaish over the closing of the Waefird. He’d hoped that the weakening of the fire dragons’ forces would allow his dragons to take at least a little extra land. He hated to have them live in the passages that had been built for that very reason. Railaish refused and shut down the bridge, creating a tiny island in the process.

Salkrick suddenly changed his mind. If he could not get his dragons out of the tunnels, he would embrace the tunnels. He took all the rock dragons to the center of their territory and set about changing them.

He first wiped their memories before changing their love for building and discovering into a love for war. He made them smaller, but stronger. He made them bulkier and turned their graceful wings into horrid spiky things. He shortened their claws and hooked them. Then he set them loose to live in aboveground stone huts.

In his haste, he missed a group of rock dragons. Their leader was named Draco the First.





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