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Life and Death Gloria, Chapter 3 (not sure if this is a repost or not. If so, this story is still on!)

Life and Death Gloria, Chapter 3 (not sure if this is a repost or not. If so, this story is still on!)

Posted December 20th, 2018 by Werty

by indygoes (kayla)
in the small area where the corgis burn the lettuce

Chapter 3


I walked down the stairs and plopped down in the living room at around 2:00 AM.  I couldn’t sleep. Too many things to worry about. I turned on the TV, letting the drone of endless commercials and local news stories filling my ears with the buzzing they need to fill up my head and block out the worries.  After an hour of that, I switched over to my favorite channel and turn it up a little bit. Around that time, Gloria sneaked downstairs.

“Hello, Blueling.  Whatcha watching?” She asked me.  She sat down next to me as I mumbled my response.  Then, after a minute or two, she filled a huge popcorn bowl with Froot Loops, and we sat and ate them until Mom and Dad got up.

“Goodness, girls, how long have you been awake?” Says Mom cheerily. We both mumble something neither of us could understand, but Mom got the picture.  I scooped the last of our third helping of Froot Loops out, and Gloria went upstairs to write.

“This time,” she had told me the previous night, “The story is about Riley Erickson-Smith, who spends all her time as a slave for a rich couple.  She doesn’t even know her own name, because her owners just call her Thing. So that’s what she calls herself. Thing. Her only friend is a stray dog named Charlie, who understands everything she says.  Eventually, Riley finds she is the daughter of rich restaurant franchise owners who are strongly against slavery. Charlie dies, Riley escapes and finds her parents, discovers she is gay and figures out who she really can trust.”  I literally clapped. I could not wait. Rambie plodded in the room.

“Oh hey, Charlie.” I said to him.  Gloria laughed.

While Gloria was writing, me and Faith decided to go for a walk, and that’s when I told her about the mystery texter.

“Seems harmless to me.” She said.

“I don’t know.  But it’s good to have somebody else to talk to.” I told her.  Then she started explaining her new crush.

“I saw this boy, and he was dreamy,” she started.  She explained how her family was going shopping when she met this boy.  His name was Carlin and he played tackle football at our middle school. All of the sudden, my phone buzzed.  I pulled it out. There was the mystery texter again. I read through the message.


???: hello are you there

???: I really need to speak to ur sister

Sky4Life: sorry she’s at home writing and im going on a walk with a friend


I got home a little while later to find Gloria sitting on the couch.

“The story about Riley was a flop.  I hit writer’s block about two chapters in, and I showed it to one of my friends, and they said it was too far fetched.  I guess I just have to work on changing a part of Coming Back for Molly. The publisher didn’t like how it ended at all, and I’m about to lose them.”  She said sadly. I could tell neither of us would sleep tonight. And that was how it was: her staying up working, and me staying up worrying. I mean, what if she loses this book?  She couldn’t! If she did, she would also lose the trust of her best publisher yet. And then what? Even though she was famous, she still sometimes had a lot of trouble finding a publisher.  Then my worries changed to a different topic. The next day was the last day of summer vacation before seventh grade. That meant there was going to be a huge back to school party that happens every year.  I didn’t know what to make of that. I had only ever been to the last year’s, obviously, so I was nervous. By the time I was asleep, it was nearly three in the morning, and I only went to sleep because I heard the shutting of Gloria’s laptop and the click of her lamp turning off.  I was comforted in the fact that she was confident enough that her problems would be fixed. With the click of my own lamp, I went to sleep.

The next morning, I got up and got ready early.  This was an all-day party, starting at 9:30 and ending at 8:30, even though most of the kids stay till 1:00 in the morning.  I put on my favorite dress, which was black and white diagonal striped with a belt, along with a gray scarf, a gray sunhat and gray boots.  Looking in the mirror, I noticed how old I looked and got rid of the sunhat and scarf. Then I removed the belt and replaced it with the scarf.  I dabbed my face with mascara and lip gloss and looked in the mirror. I knew Gloria would love it, but when I came downstairs, she wasn’t there.

“She’s doing an impromptu book signing,” Mom explained. “The author that was supposed to be there canceled last minute, and Gloria happened to have a bunch of copies of various Blue Sky books, so she offered to do the signing for herself instead.” I nodded, then took a picture of myself.  I knew I wouldn’t look the same later today, and I wanted Gloria to see how good I looked. I sent the picture, packed my bag with supplies (sunscreen, water, a book, ect.), grabbed a granola bar and walked outside. Faith and her mom were in a car waiting for us, like they promised. “Have fun!” My mom called out as the door shut.  I climbed into the car. Faith had on this beautiful blue dress that complemented her red hair and green eyes. We drove off, laughing and talking. By the time we got there, it was 9:45. Everybody was standing around in the parking lot, where the party was taking place, waiting for everything that wasn’t approved for the party to be set up.

“Ay, why you girls fifteen minutes late?  Especially you, Faith. I expected better.” Said a guy I didn’t know.

“This is the cute boy Carlin I was telling you about.” She whispered to me.  They started talking and I wandered off to the corner and read. Then, a random girl came up to me.

“Hello, are you Sky Rose Madison?” The girl asked excitedly.

“Yeah,” I said, then my eyes went back to the book.

“As in Gloria Madison’s sister.” She continued.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“I KNEW IT!” She screamed, then ran off to scream with her friends.  I was already bored. I shut the book and went inside to use the bathroom.  The halls were now frog pond green. It was better than last year’s center-of-the-sun orange.  I sighed and went into the bathroom, and turned on the flickery old light. After using the bathroom, I found the door jammed.  I texted Faith in alert, but she didn’t respond. After five minutes of trying to get it open, it flew open, and i saw a tiny sixth grader with her hand on the doorknob.  

“You better keep the door open,” I said, then headed for the exit.  When I came out, things were much more interesting. Kids were everywhere with unseen firecrackers fooling around, eighth graders were sitting on the old jungle gym that belonged to the elementary school that used to be here, and some kid my age had dragged and old TV out and plugged it in for random kids to watch.  I was a little worried we were all going to get caught, but the only adults there were preoccupied by sleeping in a hammock or calling their friends or trying to get fruit punch out of their shirts. The kids could do pretty much whatever they wanted. I walked over to where they were serving ice cream and got some for myself and Faith.  I went over to her and handed her the ice cream.

‘“Oh, uh thanks!” She said, then went back to talking with Carlin.  I sighed and checked up on my phone. A new youtube video by a youtuber I liked was out.  It was really long, but II decided to watch it, with nothing better to do.


Two hours later, the video was over.  I then went to sleep in a hammock. I had a dream that Gloria was screaming and throwing potatoes at me, but whenever I caught one, it would turn into a live baby, which would also scream, until I dropped it and it would turn back into a potato.  At one point, one of the potatoes turned into an old man and started to eat his own arm. Thankfully, I then woke up, but it was only to the buzzing of my phone. It was the mystery texter. I ignored it. I then called my mom for a ride home early, even though it was only 3:30.  She came and picked me up, and as soon as I got home I flopped down on the couch and fell right asleep. That was interesting. I expected a lot more from that party, but it was straight up boring.


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