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Life and Death Gloria Chptr 2

Life and Death Gloria Chptr 2

Posted August 22nd, 2018 by Werty

by indygoes (kayla)
in the small area where the corgis burn the lettuce

Chapter 2

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The next Tuesday, something came in the mail for Gloria.  She took one look at whats inside then threw it in the fireplace.  No one, not even Daniel, who has moved in, dared ask what could be in it.  Then, she went upstairs and wrote. She spent about an hour up there before coming down.

“Okay, Coming Back for Molly is done!  Time to relax.  Molly Knight, can you make me some pancakes?” She asked me.  I got up and began my signature pancake recipe. I made Gloria’s chocolate chip, and Daniel’s and mine blueberry.  Not the first time I made pancakes for Gloria and Daniel.

“Ohmygoodness, these pancakes Molly!” Gloria had already dove in.  I had only taken a few bites.

A little while later, Gloria’s head started hurting.  “I need some Tylenol.” She got some, then laid in her room for a while.

That night, Gloria came in my room like always and told me about her newest character.

“Evie Diamondlight is walking down the road.  Her perfect blue eyes, her perfect white-blonde hair, her perfect pearly smile, her perfect clothes, that is what drives me crazy!  I am Raven Diamondlight, and I am sick and tired of having a perfect sister. So here is how I’m going to normalfy her…” Gloria trailed off into one of my favorite stories yet.  Every once in awhile, she would need advice and I’d give it to her. Then, she got up to write this down, and I laid in bed and put myself to sleep by worrying.

The next morning I was shaken awake by Daniel.

“Huh?” I whispered groggily.

“It’s Gloria’s birthday!” He whisper shouted in my ear. “I made her homemade chocolate donuts and donut holes.” He handed me a donut hole from his tray.  I bit into it. It was still warm. I tried my hardest not to cry out because it was so good.

“These are amazing!” I marveled.  Then we went over to Gloria’s room and barged in.  We sang happy birthday, then gave her a donut.

“These.  Are. Flipping.  Amazing.” Gloria took more and more until me and Daniel had to take them away so us and my parents could have some.

Later that day, Gloria needed more Tylenol.  Mom said it was something about the stress of being a writer, but Daniel thought that it was an allergy, and I should look out for a pattern.

“I mean, her first headache was after the pancakes, and the second one was after the donuts.” I told him.  His face lit up.

“And what do those two things have in common?!”

“Um, bread?” I shrugged.

“She eats bread all the time.  They both have chocolate.”

“You think my sister is allergic to chocolate?”

“Bingo.” Realizing that made me sad.  Gloria loved chocolate. If was her favorite food.  She ate it all the time. Daniel then made me swear not to tell her until her next doctor’s appointment, but instead of telling her what we think she’s allergic to, we would just tell her to take an allergy test.  Boom, we aren’t the ones to crush her dreams.

“For now, just keep her away from chocolate.” Daniel said.  That would be hard, but I nodded. “These headaches could mess up her writing.”


I watched Evie sneak around the corner.  I took a picture of her. She was even more messed up than I could of imagined.  Her blonde hair was scraggly and muddy, her blue eyes looked stormy, mean, and gray, and her clothes were torn and bloody.  Wait, they were BLOODY? I scrambled up to help her limp home. She didn’t ask any questions. I deleted the photo off my phone.

“I am the worst sister ever.” I mumbled to her.  She stays silent. As if she can’t speak at all. When we got home, I laid her on the couch and called Mom downstairs.

“What on Earth happened to her?” She asked me sternly, as if she already knew the answer.

“I am the worst sister ever.” I mumbled again.

— Love, The Minor Sister, By Gloria Madison.


Over the next two months, I noticed something.  Gloria had gone and stared at the blank white screen again and again.  When I asked her about it, she ignored me. She never does that. One time, while she was starting at the screen, I tried texting her.  


Sky4Life: hi

goldenglory: hallo


She replied as if nothing happened.  I watched her get the notification, exit out of an app I couldn’t see, and open up messages.  Then she went right back to the white screen. But I didn’t have time to worry about that. I had to worry about everything else.  For instance, keeping her away from chocolate without looking suspicious.

“Hey Glor,  I’m not as hungry as I thought.  You wanna split the strawberry with me?”

“Blueling, can we get the chocolate instead?  We can still split it.” We were at the ice cream place.  Daniel turned and gave me a look. Then, seeing the quick trouble I was in, swooped in to save me.

“How about we all split a medium strawberry?  In a dish.” He suggested.

“Okay,” said Gloria, looking slightly disappointed, but we enjoyed the ice cream anyway.

Another thing I had to worry about was the fact that I have been getting random text messages.


???: hello

???: ur sister home?

???: im her friend

Sky4Life: who is this?  And just text her

???: shes not responding:(

Sky4Life: how did u get my number

???: she told me

Sky4Life: in person?

???: no she just texted it to me now

Sky4Life: i thought u said she wasnt responding

Sky4Life: hallo?

Sky4Life: ugh


Honestly, I don’t think that that was really one of her friends, but it was good to talk to somebody different.  The only people I’ve really had to talk to this summer are Gloria, Daniel, Mom, Dad, Rambie, Faith and the guy who serves the ice cream shop.  It was good to have a different personality than theirs to deal with. After all of that, I kinda forgot about Gloria’s screen. Not completely, kinda.


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