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Life At The End-Part 1 (new font!)

Life At The End-Part 1 (new font!)

Posted March 3rd, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

"No!" I gasp.

"Don't be afraid," Lily says. "You can do it!" We're standing at the edge of the pool-and I'm only waiting for my coach to scream his head off at me because I'm...on shore and not in the water. But to be honest, it's cold! Really cold. I'm not taking another risk today just because Lily's asking me to. But because she's...my friend, I have to jump in.

Almost immediately after my reverie, I hear, "WILL! In the pool! Now! You too, Liliane!" We hop into the pool as fast as we can. I screech, "Ah, it's cold!!!" The coach says, "I don't care! If you'd been in the water much earlier, the pool wouldn't be cold and you would be able to enjoy it!" I sigh as I'm afloat-that man is likely always in a grumpy mood.

"S-so, Lily," I say, "S-since we're in now, w-what do you want to do?" Lily thinks for a minute, and she then says, "Hmm...let's do 3 laps." My face fills with dread. The pool only gets colder when we do laps, and I'm even worse at it. "You're joking," I say. "Can't be." Lily looks somber as well and says, "I know, but I saw the website for gym today and...that's what Coach wanted us to do. I know you're bad at laps, but we can't get in trouble."

I get myself into the "swimming lap" position, my teeth chattering underwater. From my goggle view, I see the bottom of the pool-surprisingly clean. It's a bit old, but it's probably got a few hundred more years to live before it starts to rust. I reach my arms forward, over and over. From my muffled hearing, the coach says, "I see Will's up for a challenge! Lily, too!"

I have a strong urge to just stop doing it just to make him mad, and genuinely, I'm not scared of him. He's just a big guy who think's he's tough, but he's not even a "gentle giant." Not even close. But still, I keep doing it. It's feeding him more. I swim faster, to get away from his words. Lily follows. But speeding up was a big mistake. A big one.

"All right, now 10 laps!" Still muffled, Lily says, "Will, no! Don't go any faster! He'll just make us go even more laps then as is!" I try to slow down, but Coach continues on, "Go faster! You wanted to go fast, so that's just what you two'll do throughout these laps!" I paddle my arms as fast as I can. I can see Lily struggling from behind me. I worry.

"Faster, Liliane! Faster!" Coach says. My arms feel like they're on fire, and I'm pretty sure Lily's do too. I am on the verge of screaming. I slow down, just a little. "Hey!" I hear. With an exauhsted sigh, I make 1 final push for the shore. When I've done the 10 laps, I throw myself on ground. It hurts, but it's nothing compared to what I just went through.

"Good!" Coach says. We get out of the pool, and run for the bleachers. When we see Amy, we run towards her. Amy has always been our friend-but she recently broke her arm, so she can't go through Coach's arm-lapping hell. "Hey," she says when she looks at us. We peek a little, and her binder cover has been changed with writing. It reads, in Comic Sans MS font,


When I sing a song

Nothing is wrong

Just to find some friends

A song that seems like it never ends

And that's how to get along"

"Wow," I say, "that was a really good limerick." Amy says, "Thanks! I spent a long time working on it, well, a short time, but you know what I mean!" Lily scrunches up her face and says, "Well, actually, I don't." Amy laughs and says, "I was just joking, 'Lil. Jeez, it was just a joke." Lily says, "I didn't mean to be rude, so sorry if I came off rude to you."

Amy replies, "It's fine. Hm...have you heard of the flooding in some countries? I mean, I have, but have you?" Lily and I look at Amy, and then back at each other. "Oh," Lily says, "No. We haven't heard of any flooding." Amy then looks a little distraught, and says, "Well...I've been having thoughts of the flooding coming right for us. R.I.P Justin Middle..."

I then burst in, "Don't say that." After a little bit of conversation, we walk to the locker room. At that moment, two girls walk in-Jil and Mary. Jil says, "Oh, hey, you two. We went back inside because I felt my curls tightening up, and curls tightening up on a cloudy day and a little bit of sprinkles equal rain. You got in the pool, hmm?"

Lily sighs, "Yeah. We went into the pool-Will and I-and Coach made us do some sick runs. Keep in mind, it's not fun." The two girls laugh, and Mary says, "Yeah. Let's just change out of our gym uniforms and head back to class so we can finish our collage thing. We're just undressing when I hear some loud winds brushing against the locker room walls.

"Guys?" I exclaim. "Anybody hear that? That howling on the walls?" We become so quiet, we could hear 12 pins drop, but we can't because outside, the wind is indeed howling and brushing. "Yeah, I hear it," Jil says, "Good thing we came inside." Mary passes it up and says, "Probably because we're just in a high elevation. This is a school perched on a hill, after all..."

I try to ignore it. I grab my backpack, and am out of my gym uniform and back in my normal band clothing. We're about to go back to the bleachers when the doors blow open with a big WOOSH! Coach just stands there, as if nothing is happening. I protest, "COACH!" He looks at me, and just says, "It's cold weather. Calm down." He is so stubborn about it all.

Almost instantly, water floods the gym. Amy, Jil, Lily and Mary stand up, including me, and screech, "We've gotta get out of here!" A banner from the wall shoots down to the ground, and even though it slows down my speed, once we run out of the gym I stomp the banner, preventing any water from getting in. But it wasn't enough-the water was still running.

Still useful,  though.

As we're running from the intersection from the gym to the main school, the parking lot is engulfed in water. The gym windows break, and we dash away, closing the doors in the intersection too. The front also has a bunch of water-so with soggy feet, we run up the staircase. The school is shaking and rumbling-and Lily and I are still pretty damp from earlier.

"No way this is happening," I say. "Just try to calm down," Amy comforts. "We can't freak out now. We freak out, we die!" Mary panics, "Let us freak out. We're going to die anyways!" Jil slaps Mary in one hit, and says, "We're not going to die! We're going to live! Live live live live liiiiiiive!" Mary rubs her cheek and says, "Ow, jeez...Jil...!"

Lily says, "Okay, everyone, let's just go to the attic." Amy wrinkles her forehead, and says, "Wait, there's an attic?" There's a short silence before Lily replies, "Uh, yeah. Or at least I think so. I hope so." We run all around the school, no attic. "We're gonna die," Amy says. "Okay, this is the time to freak out!" We all have a good scream fest for a while.

Suddenly, the top floor caves in. We fall into the front lobby, and with a woosh, water runs in.

The last thing I heard were screams.

The last thing I saw was a pitch-white man.

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