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Life At The End-Part 2

Life At The End-Part 2

Posted March 4th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas



And more coughs.

I'm coated in dust, drenched in water-and the school is almost completely destroyed. "Guyyyyys!" I scream. "Get up!" The last things I remember were Mary, Lily, Amy, and Jil...wait, they have to be alive. They've got to. "Lily!" I yell to her. "Talk to me!" Faintly, I hear, "Will...it hurts..." I reply, "Lily! I'm here! Come here! Please! Come now!"

Lily arises from the wreckage, covered in dust as well. She runs to me and spontaneously hugs me. We're both dirty, so it won't make any difference if we hug. So we do. "All right," she says. "let's call for the others. AMY! JIL! MARY!!! GET UP!!" Surprisingly, they don't get up. "We'll need to search around this wreckage," I say, calming down. "You search the north and west sides. I'll search the east and south sides. You got that, Lily? We can't lose anyone. An-y-one."

I search the west side of the wreckage, where the front office used to be. I almost shed a tear as I touch the splintered wood-being careful around its surface. Then, as I make another step, I feel a tiny something... squish. What could it be? I lift up the board, and my heart sinks into my stomach. "Aggh!" I scream when I see what's in-I've just stepped on Amy's stomach. 

I lift her up and put her in a safe space, out of the wreckage. She then moans, groans, and wakes up, almost immediately saying, "Oww...my stomach hurts..." I decide not to tell her that I stepped on her stomach and say, "You're all right now." Amy then blurts, "Wait. What about Lily? Or Jil? Or Mary?" I comfort her, saying, "They're okay." Actually, I don't even know if they're okay or not. They probably could have died from this or died from drowning itself.

"Amy," I continue on, "I'll search the south side. I've already found you, so just rest here and don't go anywhere." I walk over to the south side, before looking back at Amy for a second. She's dripping wet, and I can't help but want to give her a blanket. But...her poem. I've got to find her poem secondly. That probably took a lot of work into it.

Lily suddenly runs in, carrying Jil. "Will!" she says. "Thank goodness you've found Amy. Jil's been knocked out cold, but she's breathing..." I slowly take Jil from Lily's arms. Her curls are still...curly. They're not flat or anything, but I can't focus on that now. What matters is that she's safe, and now we have to find Mary, safe and sound, luckily.

From faraway, I can hear someone screaming, "AH! JIL! LILY! WILL! AMY! ANYONE? PLEASE, RESPOND TO ME..." It sounds like Mary. I screech, "MARY, WE'RE HERE! WE ARE IN THE WEST WING OF THE SCHOOL! HURRY BEFORE SOMETHING-OR SOMEONE ELSE FALLS!" Mary leaps over a bunch of boards, and once she sees us she gives us a big hug. Like, a really giant and big one.

"Thank goodness you're safe," I say. "Let's go outside to see what's happened." When we do, the gym, and front parts of the school are all destroyed. One of the Wings is still up, but the bottom floor on it already looks very tarnished. "Oh...ohh..."I say as I gaze upon it all in despair. "This wreckage destroyed our school," Lily says. "I think...it's...it's gone!"

I know I should be horrified over the things we just went through, but then I realize-the Basement in the Wing. No...that couldn't have been destroyed...could it? I say, "Guys, remember the Basement Lily, Amy and I used to hang out at? After admins found out, we stopped using it, but...wanna check it?" Everyone sighs and says, "Will, what a question!"

I know that means "no" and I just drop the matter. Maybe we'll see it later, I think. We look at the sky, and it's no longer raining and drizzling. Everything is soaked, and help doesn't seem to be in our reach now. No helicopter would be here. And cars are just silly to be able to come up the hill. But now that we're all okay, I have to get Amy's poem.

"I'm going back in," I say. "You guys wait out here." When I get in, I try to search for the poem. I gather all the information my mind already knows about the binder-(and below is a list of what I've already remembered about it)

*It's pink.

*It has anime stickers on it.

*It has emojis on it.

*It has a bit of scribbles on it.

*It looks old, but not too old.

All right, now time to search!


12 minutes later, still nothing. I'm about to give up finding it when all of a sudden, through a piece of marble, I see...could it be? The binder with the poem! I squeal upon finding it, hold it close to my chest, and say, "Never give me this kind of trouble again, you stupid little-stupid little-limerick thing. C'mon, let's go outside and go to Amy."

When I do go outside, everyone is staring intently at me. "So, Will," Lily says, "ready to fess up and tell us what you were doing in the-" I interrupt, "I was searching for Amy's poem so I spent 12 minutes just trying to find it. I really liked it and didn't want you to have to rewrite it all over again after this is all over. So, so...here ya go, Amy." 

She takes one look, and says, "Ahh, Will! Thank you so much for getting the poem. But honestly...I would have rather you left in the wreckage." My face crumples up, and I say, "Heck no! You put a lot of work into it, take it." I pull it out from the wet binder, and she says, "No, keep it in the wreckage!" I blush, run behind a tree and secretly put it back into the binder.

At that moment, a letter flies from the sky. It has a little pendant for a seal, unlike any other I've seen before. "Guys!" I yell. "I found this strange letter from the sky!" Mary says, "Don't open it! It could probably unleash twelve million billion jillion demogorgons!" Lily gives her a death stare, and says, "Not a thing to joke about, Mary."

I unveil the seal, and it reads;

"Hello, WLAJM,

I cannot reveal my name to you. I do not even know who I am myself, but I am the flood that has destroyed your school.

I am not good, but you can put a stop to me.

There are 5 crystals scattered across the wreckage of this school. By the time you are reading this, they are already forming.

These 5 crystals can help you, and likely they will give each one of you powers.

However, you have a limit to doing so.

You will be given 2 weeks to find all these crystals. If not, the city will be destroyed, and I will move on to destroying other cities.

I doubt that you are able to stop it without any other help.

There are 5 other people you must need-a man, a woman, a scholar, a physically strong person, and a very kind person.

These people can help you get your powers.

Good luck.

You will need it.

Goodbye, ------"

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ooh so the "flood" can

ooh so the "flood" can write 

these girls have powers they need to find crystsls to activate

and they need to find 5 people with generic descriptions of thir personality that could fit basically anyone


Good Luck to them


Magically, Rose

Posted by Rose on Sat, 03/05/2022 - 22:28




Posted by Dust on Sun, 03/06/2022 - 12:07

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