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Posted February 17th, 2017 by TCGuest

by Rambouten101
in Hawaii(I can dream, right?)

I told myself not to trust
I didn't listen
I told myself to stay where I was
I didn't listen
I jumped into an abyss of trust
Of love
That it would catch me
That you would catch me
I told myself to be wary
Not to believe
In you
In anything
But I didn't listen
I put my faith in you
But I know now
Love is a stupid illusion
Designed to trick people into jumping
Trust is not enough to catch you
When you fall
But my heart is broken
Smashed to smithereens
And I'm on the ground
Gasping in choking breaths
Shaking in emptiness
Why didn't I listen?
Why don't I ever?
Why don't I learn from the countless falls and broken bodies?
The tears that disobey me?
But I won't let them fall
I'll get up
Move on
Because that's all I know how to do
But I will never jump again
Never trust

I should of listened

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